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  1. I can assure you spotting aircraft in RL is also difficult as well. I fly in the SoCal area and I've been as close as a mile and a half looking in the right direction and still can't pick them up and I have the support of ATC using Radar. There are times when you don't pick up movement or they are in a certain highlight in the sun and they are invisible. It happens all the time. In terms of a sim what would help you is a bigger monitor at the same res. Very high Res monitors are great but when you're using a 22 inch they will be very small dots. Remember some guys are running on much bigger monitors and lower res so they can see them better. The challenge with any sim is to ID them and make sure you're not bouncing a friendly. Good luck with the sim
  2. Pre Ordered Mine... I certainly hope that IL2 will be upgraded over time to support newer versions of DX. I wish them a lot of luck with BOM and others.
  3. This is a pretty interesting thread… Elf I know why you would like to see a Pacific theater added and I too to a degree however, it was mentioned before… after about 43 the Japanese planes can’t really keep up with their American counterparts. This is what killed the population on most Pacific focused servers in the original IL2. Early to about mid war it’s a great matchup. As much as like to see historically accurate setups the reality is this is entertainment software. Nobody wants to take 2 hours of flying to mix it up. It also has to be popular for people to want to show up on a server. What I have learned over the years from the map makers is it’s a delicate balance hence why some of these aren’t historical setups. What was nice about the Original modded versions of the games was the addition of AI aircraft which really helped flesh out the size and nature of these battles. Even with 70 guys on yesterday it’s pretty sparse over Stalingrad. I hope the devs can continue to improve upon what we have. Also with Oculus Rift around the corner I may be focused on titles which can support the technology.
  4. I'm not totally disagreeing with everything you wrote but I can assure as a real pilot with "Tail Dragger Time" what we have in the game is a bit over done. I've noticed it's gotten better over time. I don't mind having some sort of learning curve but if it's modelled incorrectly then it should be fixed. Also you do realize Hurricane and Spitfire Pilots only had about 20 hours of instruction before being turned lose.
  5. Yes both the regular flavor of IL2 and the modded versions. The latest incarnations were a bit odd. HSFX and UP
  6. I’m going to start this off with a big caveat because my observation is purely anecdotal. I’ve only played this sim for a limited number of hours and being a dedicated FW pilot for many years I suspect the Yak is performing much better than expected. Even with entering a fight with a good 2000M Alt advantage and diving on a Yak they are able to pull off some impressive maneuvers. Last week I entered the fight with a solid positional advantage and because of his turning ability even with this height and speed advantage he was able to complete a 180 climbing turn and close to shoot at me even in my 700+ KPH dive. Even while extending I ended up in a prolonged overheated condition within the first few minutes of the encounter. I understand we have the A3 FW but it seems our differences in speed combined with the Yaks amazing turning ability with little loss in E gives most advantages to the Yak. Certainly BnZ is the main tactic for the FW but it’s quite difficult prosecute unless your opponent doesn’t see you coming. Again my opinion but the Yak seems a little too fast and it doesn’t bleed much speed in their over the top maneuvers.
  7. Changing from 32 to 64 bit is not as big of a deal as going to DX12. I haven't looked at what the game uses in terms of memory but having access to more memory does help with performance over all. I don't know what this engine is capable of in terms of objects AI and map size. I don't think we are seeing that limit pushed as of yet. I don't really care about the performance you get with DX12 what I do care about is support for Oculus Rift.
  8. I used the wrong word... When I mentioned outgunned I meant out performed... Certainly some of the later aircraft were better but late war stuff is no fun to fly for the Japanese is why servers empty. I do miss the times we flew the Pacific in IL2 but it's just not as popular with some folks.
  9. The problem with going with the later years is the Japanese were totally out gunned... Early War stuff was on par for the most part.
  10. I ended up going to just the Saturday Show which I normally go to both. Chino was great this year as usual. It has to be one of the best in the nation for WWII aircraft. I will take a look for you guys this evening. I've been playing since the new patch and looks as though the FW got some love which it needed. I've been talking with a lot of retired IL2 regulars to get them going again. Most of my former squad mates have the game but don't play because they were waiting for it to flesh out a bit more before taking the plunge. Talk to you soon
  11. Hey Elf, What times are you normally on? I will try and make it one of these days. Capt.Stubing
  12. He may want to look at his gun convergence settings.
  13. Also know that it runs on Friday as well Sorry you can't make it Jason... I would normally fly in myself but I'm drinking beer lol...
  14. How would you know? you never played it. You never played with Mods did you? And it's obvious you have no clue what you're talking about. Have a great day
  15. You can't answer can you? Your list was 2 things and you were incorrect they were corrected some time ago. Waste of time. You missed out playing CF3 while everyone else played Il2 for a decade.
  16. What imperfections and compared to what? This is a test of your vast Il2 knowledge. The topic at hand is why do we not have that many people playing BOS. It's natural for folks to compare IL2 given what this game is named after. Also Il2 for more than a decade was the top WWII sim. TW is nothing but a flying game.
  17. Last post with you... Your opinion is in the minority and your problems with IL2 are irrelevant anymore because most of them have been fixed for almost a decade.
  18. Proof? Your comments are the proof. Your list of grievances with Il2 were address years ago and clearly you didn't play it long enough to see those things change. You did miss out.
  19. Old lame sim... Again it shows you never put any time into it. You shouldn't comment about a sim you never flew. If you knew anything about how sims work they are always being worked on. Name a sim that isn't getting corrected. Even BOS this week released fixes. BTW what better sim were you flying with IL2 was in it's prime? This is just a waste of time... You should check out Team Fusion and also look at HSFX or now CUP for old Il2 and get back to me.
  20. Too bad because you missed out on about 10 years of one of the best WWII combat sims of all time. When 1946 and the Mods came out there wasn't any other WWII sim that could challenge it in terms of planes and graphics.
  21. Who here is going this year... It's May 2 and 3rd and if you have never been do your self a favor and go. It's now the largest WWII event in the US. http://planesoffame.org/index.php?page=general-info Capt. Stubing
  22. Remember IL2 came out over the years. The first release was called IL2... The second was Il2 Forgotten Battles next was Ace Expansion Pack which added Western Front Aircraft... Pacific Fighters a few other releases which ended up in IL2 1946. All throughout that time Oleg and Company kept improving the game albeit he was reluctant but some bugs were finally fixed. Not a bad run for a commercial WWII Combat Sim. Funny enough TD is still enhancing the game even as of today. Okay so you were impatient with the fixes but again given your previous statements I don't think you played the game very much. I'm certainly not saying the sim didn't have it's faults they all do including BOS hence the latest patch release notes. I don't know what you mean by the words "true sim". Make no mistake Il2 is very much a sim compared to other flying games such as WT. Perhaps the numbers weren't perfect for every aircraft or that the High Alt model was off it still required you to use the general tactics of the aircraft you were flying to be successful. This was one of the first WWII sims to do this. It did take some time to refine the sim with a lot of prodding from the community. Eventually it fell into the hands of the modders which I felt brought the sim to a whole new level for the better. Some would argue that it split the community but I would argue it addressed a lot of issues by creating their own aircraft and FMs while leaving the stock alone. I also take it you never touched the Mods. I highly recommend you go back and revisit the sim with the HSFX mods. They did a great job IMO. There is NO other sim that compares to IL2 when it comes to the different era's theaters and aircraft the IL2 covered over the years. Back OT. It's going to be interesting if the folks here can keep the ball rolling. I think the only way this venture will work is by continuing to make new content and continue to enhance the sim. Right now BOS is pretty limited. I like what they have done and I too have my complaints about the sim but I'm hoping in time things will be addressed. FW taxi is totally silly. How do I know... I have 100s of hours in real Tail Draggers. I would love to see the WT crowd start to move over to BOS BOM and CLOD. I just don't know how possible it is. Some folks don't want to take the time to become proficient and learn something complex.
  23. Just given this post it seems that you haven't really played il2 much especially when it came to the mods. If you had gone with UP 3.0 the 109s were a bit spectacular and at one point is was the most popular Mod Pack available. Stock IL2 had a ton of left over Oleg FMs DMs then the new TD folks got a hold of it and did some really strange stuff. Also the Mods opened up a lot in terms of flyable aircraft along with Maps that were in some cases better than what we have in BOS. The high Alt stuff is pretty decent for it's time and some fixes were added later on but they never accounted for fights at 27K+ . CF3 was a joke in terms of FMs and it was nothing but a cheat fest. HSFX has picked up the slack in terms of Il2 but the popularity is dying off because we have some new stuff to play with. I certainly hope that BOS and BOM are successful to keep this genre moving forward but it's going to be a long while before you see something as complete as IL2 with Mods. In fact there is a good chance we will never see that again. The model has changed. Flight sims take a lot of development which means high cost with a very tiny group of people that are interested in them. High risk from a business perspective.
  24. Remember BOS is using the ROF engine and just like DCS in it's current engine it has some limitations in terms of scaling. I'm sure over time things can improve in terms of scaling even with the current engines. To Oleg's credit CLOD is very scalable but again I'm not a mission designer and I suspect you still have to be thoughtful when it comes to the number of objects in a mission. DCS will be moving to a DX11 engine which helps with the scaling issues. Off the cuff some of the best Combat Sims that scale are Falcon 4 (BMS) Il2-1946 and CLOD. Perhaps this will be addressed in later releases of this series. I certainly hope so. Again what is being kicked around here is getting people to actually play this sim. It's a challenge given how small our genre is and with so many options it doesn't help either.
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