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  1. Practice? Yes we have to get used to this sim. It doesn't mean it's actually realistic? Realize Spitfire Pilots were up and flying Combat in 20 hours of training. Yes a Spitfire is a tail dragger. It's been mentioned by some RL guys this sims ground handling is realistic. It is to a degree because there some amount of modelling going on which I haven't really seen in other WWII sims however, It's over done IMO. The brakes can't stop a ground loop from happening even and very low speeds say 5-10 mph and this would be wrong. You should be able to LOCK up a wheel with the brakes and you can't in this sim from what I can tell. Lastly the ground loops are ridiculous regardless if you can practice to avoid them they are silly. A JU88 weighs what 15,000 pounds? It spins on a dime at 5 mph. The FW can literally do endless ground loops with about 30 percent power regardless of differential braking. Can folks figure it out? Yes with some understanding of the sim. Just because it's more difficult to taxi in some cases doesn't mean it's realistic.
  2. The Ground Handling is silly in this sim period. It's overly difficult for whatever reason. Brakes are anemic at best. Yes I have RL experience. You shouldn't have to lock the tail wheel in the FW to taxi. The locked tail wheel was meant for take off. Simple differential braking should be all that is required especially in the FW given is wide wheel base. If you use say 20-30 percent power you can easily groundloop it multiple times even when applying brakes. You should be able to overcome the torque and P-Factor without any problems especially if you're at very low speeds.
  3. +1 The ground handling regardless of speed is silly. With minimal power in the FW you can do seemingly endless groundloops. Hitting a break should have immediate effect and it doesn't in this sim.
  4. Wow yet another 190 thread... Why is this plane so much in debate? It's not only in this sim but in the original Il2 where the FM was tweaked multiple times. I think in this sim it's been changed 3 times by my count. Is it me or does it seem like the Devs really don't like this plane. My 2 pennies. I have to agree with some of the earlier comments. This version of the FW is pretty difficult to use and be successful regardless of the accuracies. I think anyone flying the thing can clearly see it doesn't have the typical characteristics which have been well documented. It doesn't handle very well at high speeds the Stalls are incredible deep as if the thing didn't have a vertical stab and she's not very fast. I know it's anecdotal but It's a lot harder to be successful in this plane given what we are up against in the sim. Yeah yeah what are my credentials? Flying the FW for over a decade in the last sim and why all the changes to the FW FM?
  5. Yes but anything else but BaZ in a FW means you will lose all things being equal. Her greatest strengths are firepower and in this version some speed.
  6. Everything in this thread is anecdotal anyways... Not that it gives me any better credibility but I did fly the FW 190 for over a decade in IL2 46 and many of it's incarnations. What I find very interesting about this particular plane is it gets the most scrutiny when it comes to FMs etc. Heck how many times did the FM change either through official patches or through the modding community. Interesting stuff anyways. Bottom line and back OT. This particular version we have in the game is quite challenging when it comes to fighting the current set of planes. It's not fast enough to really escape all that easy and she will overheat compared to other aircraft why trying to extend. Firepower aside it's still a good ride and if you are very careful you can do good things with it. You have to be very conservative and chose your fights wisely.
  7. It's been mentioned before in this thread but for whatever reason the Devs want to make taxing very difficult even with differential braking. Using 10-20 percent power causing multiple ground loops is silly. Braking above 5 mph can't stop a plane from ground looping. I'm not sure why they feel this is realistic modeling. Hence people get frustrated and hit the throttle once their engine has started. Also the silly off taxiway and runway terrain is only adding to the frustration.
  8. +1 not working for me and it seems to have reset all my settings for keyboard and joystick assignments
  9. It's somewhat implied that moving to 64 bit and supporting VR would be a newer DX version. Rift doesn't support DX9 or at least they aren't developing their software to work with it.
  10. I can assure you spotting aircraft in RL is also difficult as well. I fly in the SoCal area and I've been as close as a mile and a half looking in the right direction and still can't pick them up and I have the support of ATC using Radar. There are times when you don't pick up movement or they are in a certain highlight in the sun and they are invisible. It happens all the time. In terms of a sim what would help you is a bigger monitor at the same res. Very high Res monitors are great but when you're using a 22 inch they will be very small dots. Remember some guys are running on much bigger monitors and lower res so they can see them better. The challenge with any sim is to ID them and make sure you're not bouncing a friendly. Good luck with the sim
  11. Pre Ordered Mine... I certainly hope that IL2 will be upgraded over time to support newer versions of DX. I wish them a lot of luck with BOM and others.
  12. This is a pretty interesting thread… Elf I know why you would like to see a Pacific theater added and I too to a degree however, it was mentioned before… after about 43 the Japanese planes can’t really keep up with their American counterparts. This is what killed the population on most Pacific focused servers in the original IL2. Early to about mid war it’s a great matchup. As much as like to see historically accurate setups the reality is this is entertainment software. Nobody wants to take 2 hours of flying to mix it up. It also has to be popular for people to want to show up on a server. What I have learned over the years from the map makers is it’s a delicate balance hence why some of these aren’t historical setups. What was nice about the Original modded versions of the games was the addition of AI aircraft which really helped flesh out the size and nature of these battles. Even with 70 guys on yesterday it’s pretty sparse over Stalingrad. I hope the devs can continue to improve upon what we have. Also with Oculus Rift around the corner I may be focused on titles which can support the technology.
  13. I'm not totally disagreeing with everything you wrote but I can assure as a real pilot with "Tail Dragger Time" what we have in the game is a bit over done. I've noticed it's gotten better over time. I don't mind having some sort of learning curve but if it's modelled incorrectly then it should be fixed. Also you do realize Hurricane and Spitfire Pilots only had about 20 hours of instruction before being turned lose.
  14. Yes both the regular flavor of IL2 and the modded versions. The latest incarnations were a bit odd. HSFX and UP
  15. I’m going to start this off with a big caveat because my observation is purely anecdotal. I’ve only played this sim for a limited number of hours and being a dedicated FW pilot for many years I suspect the Yak is performing much better than expected. Even with entering a fight with a good 2000M Alt advantage and diving on a Yak they are able to pull off some impressive maneuvers. Last week I entered the fight with a solid positional advantage and because of his turning ability even with this height and speed advantage he was able to complete a 180 climbing turn and close to shoot at me even in my 700+ KPH dive. Even while extending I ended up in a prolonged overheated condition within the first few minutes of the encounter. I understand we have the A3 FW but it seems our differences in speed combined with the Yaks amazing turning ability with little loss in E gives most advantages to the Yak. Certainly BnZ is the main tactic for the FW but it’s quite difficult prosecute unless your opponent doesn’t see you coming. Again my opinion but the Yak seems a little too fast and it doesn’t bleed much speed in their over the top maneuvers.
  16. Changing from 32 to 64 bit is not as big of a deal as going to DX12. I haven't looked at what the game uses in terms of memory but having access to more memory does help with performance over all. I don't know what this engine is capable of in terms of objects AI and map size. I don't think we are seeing that limit pushed as of yet. I don't really care about the performance you get with DX12 what I do care about is support for Oculus Rift.
  17. I used the wrong word... When I mentioned outgunned I meant out performed... Certainly some of the later aircraft were better but late war stuff is no fun to fly for the Japanese is why servers empty. I do miss the times we flew the Pacific in IL2 but it's just not as popular with some folks.
  18. The problem with going with the later years is the Japanese were totally out gunned... Early War stuff was on par for the most part.
  19. I ended up going to just the Saturday Show which I normally go to both. Chino was great this year as usual. It has to be one of the best in the nation for WWII aircraft. I will take a look for you guys this evening. I've been playing since the new patch and looks as though the FW got some love which it needed. I've been talking with a lot of retired IL2 regulars to get them going again. Most of my former squad mates have the game but don't play because they were waiting for it to flesh out a bit more before taking the plunge. Talk to you soon
  20. Hey Elf, What times are you normally on? I will try and make it one of these days. Capt.Stubing
  21. He may want to look at his gun convergence settings.
  22. Also know that it runs on Friday as well Sorry you can't make it Jason... I would normally fly in myself but I'm drinking beer lol...
  23. How would you know? you never played it. You never played with Mods did you? And it's obvious you have no clue what you're talking about. Have a great day
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