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  1. Also beyond just bumping the res they are working on many other technologies such as eye tracking and adding depth of focus on multiple plains. As it was suggested we won't see this right away. I expect late 2018 at best
  2. Getting Hand Controllers is a Must for VR dedicated games. Well worth the purchase price. As more and more titles will take use of them in the future. Also what good is a mouse and keyboard in a VR title? You need hands
  3. I did some more testing yesterday... My Rig 3570k 4.5ghz 16GB Ram EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 no oced yet Rift CV1 The above information is correct. First you must make sure ASW is turned off or you will be throttled for the most part at 45 fps regardless. Super Sampling 1.5 via Oculus debugging tool. Tested no visual difference @ 2.0 Running the game in Ultra with everything on. I wanted to push the card 4X SSAO Sharpening 4X Distant Grass No HDR With the Dynamic Texture setting at .5 you will get a big hit in terms of visual appearance regardless of the above settings. Turning it back to full it does look a lot better with a bigger load on the CPU but who cares really. On the ground in MP my average FPS was between 45 and 60. After take off it bumps up to 90 and runs between that and around 60. My GPU is hardly taxed at this point and it really has nothing to do with CPU load either which is around 40-60 percent. There is some sort of internal throttling going on. On these settings it's much nicer looking and it runs very well.
  4. Read my post 2 above... You might have your answer....
  5. I think coconut is on to something... This comes from a thread poor performance 1080 Ti. " Actually, there is a difference between flat mode and VR. In flat mode I can reach over 40% CPU utilization, if I leave frame rates unlocked. It's also rather unpleasant and stuttery when I do that, despite high FPS well above 100. In VR with dynamic textures disabled (full), I tend to get stuck at 45 FPS with 60% GPU utilization and at most 30% CPU utilization. In VR with dynamic textures enabled (0.5), CPU utilization goes up a bit. Not all the way up to flat mode, but between 30 and 40%. FPS stays up at 90. Until it can't keep up (flying low over the outskirts of Moscow), in which case it goes down to 45 and lower CPU utilization. What I think is going on is that the devs have implemented a throttling mechanism in VR to keep stutters away at all costs. There is one we know of, the dynamic resolution thing, and maybe others we don't know of"
  6. So some perspective... If I have things wrong please let me know. Running... Intel i5 3570K 4.4ghz EVGA 1080Ti FTW 3 16 GB Ram DDR3 1080P When I run benchmarks VR and Regular from Futurmark I get really great scores Run Il2 after replacing my aging 780 GTX factory overclock I'm still getting 45 solid no change even with AWS on off. Game settings 4X AS Filter Ultra Settings Sharpening full 4X Terrain 0 SS I would think I could do better perhaps I have bad settings
  7. A question for you 4K people. My 1080 Ti will be here on Monday and I really want to upgrade to 4K but for flight simming this might not be ideal. At 4k wouldn't you need a pretty large monitor to see the dots? Meaning the new HDR panels due out soon are 27 inch but my concern is that isn't a big enough monitor. Wouldn't you need 32 or bigger? My thought was to go 27 inch but 1440 rez not 4K. i5 3570k @ 4.5 ghz 16 GB Ram Currently running 1080p 24 inch monitor I also have the RIFT CV1 which I love
  8. Pretty much agree with all the comments in this thread. I took the plunge about a month ago knowing any 2 gen HMD is about 2 years away. I was waiting for gen 2 now that we have 1080 Tis which can actually run 4k but by the time they show up there will be a new Gen GPU Volta perhaps. Anyways VR is pretty incredible for many of the reasons stated above.
  9. More are coming... DCS supports it and Team Fusion will support VR once they move Cliffs of Dover to DX11. More titles on the way. Also beyond Flight Simming there are some amazing applications. It will be interesting to see what happens once more people jump on to VR. The one gotcha is you do need horsepower to run these things properly
  10. Make sure you get the hand controllers... You will miss out on a lot of other great titles.
  11. You make a good point. I think in the current form it could offer better performance but given the FOV I don't think it makes much sense until 2nd gen
  12. Wait until we get a P-47 then you will see a size difference
  13. Going from my 780 GTX to a 1080ti when EVGA comes out with their better cooling solution. Has anyone tried the new drivers as of yesterday?
  14. It mentions nothing about IL2 in the notes so I'm not holding my breath. Upgrading anyways just to see if by magic it was fixed
  15. Hmmm just how much coding effort is involved with changing the color of tracers... I would say not much so put it in. It's historically accurate.
  16. From what I was able to find out... The drivers are stalling hence the crash. It's mentioned in the newest driver release notes for other titles but not IL2. So we wait.
  17. The classic arguments keep coming back. If you complain the FW is not where it needs to be you're a luftwhinner and you need proof. Well proof was given hence a change in the FM. The argument is over period. Stop saying anything bad about folks that have an issue with the current FM. Having flown the FW for the last decade and numerous changes to the FM via mods and official patches in IL2 1946 this A3 we have is a lot more of a handful to fly successfully. Anecdotally speaking when I merge co-e with a Yak or worst yet an LA5 you have a very tough time on your hands because you just don't have the real advantage the FW had in match. It's main advantage was the ability to extend and superior roll rate. My gut tells me the acceleration is a bit off as well but take that with a grain of salt as I haven't tested anything. If you're careful and patient in the current version you can at least make it a neutral fight. Try climbing you will die. Try diving and you will die eventually. Try turning you will die. Make a mistake and spin you will die. Does that make it impossible to be successful? Of course not come into a fight with superior E and positional advantage you can be successful. But all things being equal we are not able to use the normal tactics the plane did provide in RL to be successful. The A3 was built to be a Dog Fighter. Jabo came later because the war had shifted to different priorities as things progressed. Just look at the transformation of the 109. It was not the pure fighter later in it's life cycle. Oh and my credentials... I'm a RL Pilot and Airplane Owner. These observations are just from flying the sim Online. I haven't done testing.
  18. I have an EVGA Factory Overclocked 780 GTX and this game crashes. Went to the older drivers and it seemingly it makes it more stable. I didn't test extensively but it didn't crash either. Unfortunately I can't run other games with the older driver so I will have to wait. I have never had an issue with this Card and that includes flying other sims.
  19. The FW 190 is a great plane but in it's current form it has some issues as some have noted. Is it worth it? Well given the two main fighters for the Axis are the 109s and FW I would say yes. We will see what it's like after the fix.
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