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  1. I finally had some time to see Military Aviations History's vídeo. Brilliant as always. The list of mechanics lost in transport at the back on those FW-190s makes for sobering reading... It would have been absoletely terrifying for those guys. I also did a small experiment in VR: Once you are on the 109 cockpit you can just stand up and walk towards the back until you go through the 3D model and find the space behind the fuel tank. The radios and control cables are missing (for obvious reasons) but the 3D model is still textured from the inside, and you get a pretty good idea of th
  2. I was re-reading Osprey's Bf 109 Aces of the Russian Front, and I stumbled upon this crazy passage, when the German troops started to evacuate Crimea: In May 1944 II/JG52 had withdrawn, retiring to Kherson, joined by III Gruppe brought back from Poland. At Kherson the two Gruppen were subjected to near-constant bombing raids and Russian artillery, but III Gruppe had prepared for this contingency: Having removed the armour plating and radio equipment , there was room in each Gustav (exact type not mentioned) for two extra bodies. Every pilot took off Zarnesti, in Romania, with two mec
  3. Well, I've only been playing flight Sims since 1985 so I clearly don't have as much experience as young people, but I'd say VR is the biggest leap forward for the genre since rudder pedals were invented. And before you ask, the joystick was there since day one, so it doesn't count.
  4. It's definitely a trade off, like the loss of resolution and accepting that I have to use icons on a toggle button if I want to see any enemies, but for me it's definitely worth it. It's the feeling of "being there"... things you usually read in books but are hard to see on a flat screen, like how big American cockpits are compared to German ones. The amazing visibility from the FW 190 cockpit... The mirrors on the P-38 engines to see the undercarriage. I'm still amazed by it all.
  5. You are absolutely right. The Rift is a dying platform. When my first Rift S broke the customer service was fantastic and they ended up sending me a replacement set once they saw it was clearly faulty. But since last January, when my new problems started, the response times are dreadful, and all you get is the usual list of basic checkups. You can clearly see their goal is to grow the Quest platform, not PC VR I'm also keeping an eye on the Reverb G2 as my next headset.
  6. I've had this problem a couple of times before. Somehow the rift suddenly stops tracking sideways movement and only tracks rotation. Unplugging and re-plugging the Rift's USB fixes it, but that means quitting the game. A pain when you are flying a long single player mission... My Rift S worked flawlessly for 6 months, but lately it has become a real pain, with random crashes, static noise, and general connection issues. I've manage to improve things by doing all these things, although it's not 100% stable: Connected the Rift S to a powered USB 3 hub Installed a PCI
  7. I've had this problem (sound stoping mind-game) and some more (Rift freezing and crashing), and I've tried it all, from full Oculus re-instals, tobuying powered USB hubs and PCI-E USB cards. In my case the solution has been to completely disable the Rift audio devices (on windows's device manager) and using bluetooth headphones. For some reason it's a lot more stable. When it works it's amazing, but I can't really enjoy long games as I'm in constant fear of the Oculus crashing on me. I'm shellshocked...
  8. My Rift S has become almost unusable, crashing after 5 to 10 minutes, with a high-pitch static noise, followed by a screen freeze. The sound has also become very unstable, with constant static noise coming through the Rift headphones. After many tests and going through all the usual steps from Oculus support (uninstall and reinstall everything, new drivers, buy powered USB sockets...) I've found that I can get a decent gameplay time without crashes by disabling both the Rift Headphones and Rift Microphone form the Audio Devices in Windows 10. I suspect it's a drivers issu
  9. Just flew the first one. Brilliant stuff. With very welcome short flights for people with little free time like myself. Thank you!
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