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  1. Just posted updated campaign files. Sorry about the delay. Thanks @Off_Winters for posting the DIY solution!
  2. Hi All, sorry I've been away for the last couple of weeks and didn't see the IL2 update until now. I'll update the campaign and post a current version for download soon. Best.
  3. Sorry guys. Don't know how that happened!! It should work now.
  4. Just uploaded a new version of the campaign using AEthelraedUnraed's autum map today.
  5. Just flew mission 3 with your Autumn Arras Map and it looks amazing! Thanks! Can't wait to get it rolled into all the missions.
  6. Thanks for the tip! The ME does have its quirks.
  7. Excellent! If you don't mind, I would like to incorporate this map into the next version. I've been going back over the missions adding more navigational call-outs, making key events less dependent on following waypoints, optimizing performance, keeping travel to the target under 15 min and adding squadron skins for 6 Brisfits and 6 SE5.a's. among other fixes. It would be great to have the right season showing! I will of course give you credit for the map MOD etc. Might be another couple of weeks before all is ready to release.
  8. Is there any way to add the Autumn Arras map to the game in addition to the spring map? I'm going back over the Cambrai missions to fix/improve several issues as well as adding more skins for the Brisfit and SE5a. I could easily point them all to an autumn map. Just thinking it would be nice to be able to choose autumn v spring maps like with other regions.
  9. Without giving anything away, you might be a bit too far from Waypoint 5 to trigger a key objective. You are the second person to have this problem, so I'll work on an update. I've just always used autopilot to navigate to/from targets but I am aware that there are folks who, like you, fly without the "cheat" of seeing your plane on the map. I also need to update most of the mission files to register a successful landing at mission end rather than a forced landing. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Sounds like you have the HUD on. That's important because you will often get important messages during the flight. It's possible if you are too far off the flight path for the mission you are missing triggers for certain events. I tried to make the detectors fairly large so that you don't have to be right on the flight path, but if you stray too far, you might miss them. Finally, I added this to the readme file, but it is worth repeating. None of the missions require you to land at your airbase to succeed. Once you see a "Mission Success" message, you are good to go. This leave flyi
  11. Ok. Got it. I see how the localizations each require names for translator icons, translator subtitles, etc. in that language. I think I can just duplicate the **.eng file, for each language and it should work - meaning that the user will see the english language subtitles, labels, mission title, etc. regardless of their native language. Let me do some testing... Success! I'll upload the fix in a little while. If you have the interest/time to provide a German translation, it can be done relatively easily in a text editor for the **.g
  12. I'm not seeing the "translator icon" labels on any of the frontline waypoints for any of the missions. Here's what I see for Mission 1. Can you share a screenshot to show me where they are appearing?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. The "Translator Icon" labels must have slipped past me - easy to fix. Regarding descriptions in other languages - I just checked another campaign and I see what you mean. I'm guessing that when you identify your language in the settings, it will load the description for that language so better to at least have an english version rather than nothing at all! Didn't realize that until now. Let me know if you see anything else. I'll try to release a fix for these issues soon. Best Greg I don't have any experience b
  14. Yes, that upper wing really gets in the way! Takes a while get used to when transitioning from WW2 fighters. The Brisfit is a surprisingly nimble fighter and having a rear gunner helps to swat away pesky fighters that get on your tail. Good luck in your next attempt.
  15. Try using either the "Attack Area" or "Attack Targets" MCU's to put them in attack mode (note you have to trigger or activate these for them to work). If enemy planes are just flying waypoints they tend to be less aggressive unless you get close and open fire (even at low or medium priority). Also note that the default duration for these attack MCU's is 10 minutes.
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