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  1. Yes. The main characteristics are indicated under the video on YouTube.
  2. The Internet site will begin work in January.
  3. Movement is the same in relation to the gladiator. Mechanically it's twins - children of one mother. But I would not like to stand on a side of someone. This is just my opinion.
  4. The game, find 10 differences in mechanics. Javelin Gladiator VKB Cobra V5 But if you listen to the manufacturers, the difference is big.
  5. "Gladiator greased dampened gimbal" - that you mean saying this?
  6. VKB Gladiator and OEM versions have the same MARS v5 sensors (except twist). Packaging has an error. https://www.ravcore.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/javelin_1.jpg Furthermore the location of HAT-switch erroneously indicated https://www.ravcore.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/javelin_4.jpg
  7. I know it. This is called a military minimalism. It is not done for the convenience, but for non-repudiation. Therefore, the original pedals do not have 30 bearings (in my pedals is for the smooth). And I think that the parallel movement of the pedals is more comfortable. (Especially for large angles of rotation of pedals)
  8. I know a lot of the electronics for the pedals. But I have never raised this matter. But the truth is the most important. 4096 counts - this is for the rotation angle of 180 degrees (one by one). Calibration Program stretches these values to a small angle of rotation. Therefore, you will not get 4096 points one by one, as in this video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oSbSgGDQe8 (Owner can check it) For reference, in the pedals on the video 13 bit sensor that corresponds to reference 8192 by 180 degrees or more than 45 points per degree of rotation. These pedals have a real 2730 position for 6
  9. I use these sensors in my devices. Very high quality sensors. I use them for 2 years - never had a problem with them. Simple and reliable as AK47.
  10. Hi. I like the hard center. On this my choice is clear. How are they different? BF109 has a constant load. BF109cam minimum at the center and increases toward the end position (not much, but comparing the pedals, it feels).
  11. Yes, number one, but number two is on the way to Norway now.
  12. I planned the ability to change 1 type of pedals. But it was not very easy. Therefore, if you want, I'll make kits for rework (but in March). Make a video how to do it. To remake pedal, you need to disassemble them. The quality of the pedals will depend on the quality of your assembly. So I can not guarantee the quality. If someone wants to order a kit for conversion to email me at the email address. I will gather orders and prepare the items.
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