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  1. LOL the trick will be to get her away from her laptop, she got new games for Christmas !
  2. Hmmmm, interesting, I'll look into implementing it. Been pretty busy with holidays and a 20 year wedding anniversary coming up this week as well, but I will look into it soon. Thanks
  3. LOL Ken's running on my old book.... I've looked into getting a static IP from my ISP, but it runs about $25.00 more per month. From what I see, not many players interested in the limited offerings from the ST servers at this point anyway. When I get more time, I will sit down with the editor and try to come up with some original "new maps" and revamp some server settings. So far, I have been using mostly Z Fly's creations with different server settings. As you know, air quake type maps. Will be looking into a redirect when I get the basics dialed in.
  4. Sorry folks, about 70,000 people without power here in the north woods this morning. My house is on genny power atm. When we get back on the grid, I will reconfigure and fire the up the server. "sorry about that"
  5. Very high winds in the woods tonight..... TS = Reconfiguring server ip now, please stand by..
  6. Ahhh D.B. Hope you are well ! Had a fellow Troll mention that the server was locking / freezing his rig to where he has to reboot to get out. Just wondering if this had anything to do with his message. It hasn't seemed to affect anything as far as I've seen so far.....
  7. Have any server operators out there seen this message in the server window ? I have been unable to find anything about it. 🤔
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