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  1. Some people thinks that the game only need "intel ,high cingle core CPU" to run the game smooth with high fps with no slow downs in carrer...,thats wrong. I run the game with the new r5 2600 ,gtx 1060 6 GB , 8gb ram and a Asus 144mhz screen. My fps is between 70-140 fps, 1080, high, ultra shadows ect....
  2. After the update i dont have 1/2 speed anymore. Only when i have map open, then it realy slows down.
  3. Yes, this is strange...,but my new amd ryzen can be the reason that i dont have slow down in moscow..., I had a lot og slow play in Stalingrad with my old intel. I Will see now with the upgrade ( CPU, motherboard, ram )
  4. It seams like each missions in carrer are made different, in a "heavy load bomber intercept mission " in moscow it can run smooth..but with the same load of bombers in Stalingrad or kuban the game runs at 1/2 speed....
  5. The same her, in career the game is running in slowmotion when coming to the action point. This is realy bad. In quick mission i have smooth gameplay
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