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  1. Good luck with the venture gents, nice to see the name getting some use again.
  2. So I assume that the .50 AP round can penetrate the top of our Panzer III in game then with its 10-15mm of roof protection? Likely within 1km and a steep angle? I know it was not largely used by late '44, but I'm sure we will still see it around for MP and such. I can't imagine getting raked by the guns would be a comfortable experience. I have fond memories of ground pounding in previous IL-2 games, so I'm getting very excited for our BoBodenplatte P-47
  3. BoM is definitely an interest, and it's better value per aircraft for sure. The I-16 and Bf-110 are the main pull for me, I'm just not sure if I would use much else though. I guess since there is only limited SP functions for the FN and MkVb for me then BoM seems to be the clear choice here..
  4. Is the Spitfire MkVb a worthy grab? I've basically only got BoS + P-40 + Yak-1B right now. Might just get all of BoM, but the Spit or the La-5FN interests me just as much.
  5. It was up to the pilots in some cases as far as I know, but the 366th FG I mentioned had mix and matched because they didn't have enough bubble canopy models at the time. Besides that, squadrons definitely stuck with razorback/malcolm hood canopies later on based on preference. Off topic but I had no idea this thread was still going! I should visit these forums more often 😛
  6. Not a realistic matchup but the YP-80 (essentially a P/F-80A) was deployed to Europe, and the Brits have their Meteors. I would imagine the Meteor might be planned as a special plane at some point at the very least.
  7. The "Tomahawk MkIIb" (the P-40 variant that the AVG got from British slated lines) is closest to the USAAF P-40C. The speed difference is within 10mph between the C and E, however the P-40E was heavier and could be loaded heavier. I'm not saying its easy to model things, especially with in depth flight models but I don't think they are "different beasts". Even then, there are still plenty of "missions" during the period when the AVG and Chinese forces used P-40Es.
  8. I'm cautiously excited, I hope DMs are expanded on with the expansion. Can't wait for that M4A2
  9. Well I figure if we have a late 1944 109 it may as well have its RAF counterpart The way things are, the Spit should just get its experimental 25lb boost for DCS. As for the Mustang vs K4 stuff in the other replies, I'm just going off of how it usually goes for me in MP. The lower P:W balances with the better wing loading, but I haven't touched DCS WW2 recently besides fiddling with the LF MK9.
  10. The K-4 should only have an acceleration advantage, overall top speed should be in the Mustangs favour or near identical unless at some point they gimped the P-51D. The issue with the Mustang in DCS is that they are not clear what block it is, and under what engine settings they are intending it to be flying with, fuel quality, etc. Not familiar with the different WEP times though. The Mustang can definitely turn with the K-4 though thanks to the better wing loading. The K-4 for sure has the advantage with its cannon though thanks to EDs lack of care for the fifty.
  11. Mustang and K-4 seem to be on par, but the K-4 is just ungodly fast in the straight line thanks to being all engine. If they made a MkXIVe Spit instead of LF Mk9 the Spit would actually be competitive to the K-4.
  12. Yes but a good broad side from the 8 fiddies are gonna bring down any luftwaffe fighter or disable any heer truck. I think that's the most important bit here. The US wasn't having to deal with German bombers, so the advantage of large caliber cannons (>20mm) are a bit lost. The Navy did adopt many cannon equipped fighters in the war, and the USAAF did have its P-38. But dealing with small fighters, the fifty did fine. The AN/M2 outdoes the mk 108 by about 150rpm as well, but that isn't much of a difference.
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