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  1. I'd love for these to be separated as well. Motion blur is the first thing I turn off in all games.
  2. The Americans certainly tested the heck out of it. Here is the NACA Report on the Kommandogerat https://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=19930093290 It's a very technical description of the whole system. Worth a read if you nerd out on this tech stuff like I do.
  3. Yes, conventional gear (taildraggers) can be "wheel landed" on the mains and then let the tail come down or "3-pointed" which is more ideal typically. Tricycle gear ALWAYS want the mains first. You never want the nose to touch down first nose first leads to 'wheelburoughing'.. any wind correction with the rudder while on the nose alone would be pretty dicey. So you say mains first then nose is preferable - it's the only proper way to land a tricycle gear. There really isn't an option. How come they are similar? Well, they are and aren't. They are similar that, by the 1940's almost every aircraft prior had been a taildragger so it was what pilots were used to. They didn't want to change the formula too much. The nose wheel gave them better ground handling and also prevented ground loops by moving the CoG ahead of the mains when on the ground, rather then behind. A tricycle gear plane, once the nose comes down wants to track straight and inline with nosewheel. A taildragger with its rear CoG wants to swing the tail around whenever it can, if it gets the inertia or wind gust. Also, I've never flown a GA aircraft with tricycle gear that I had to 'hold down the nose gear intentionally'.. ALL tricycle gear will want to drop the nose - its the CoG. It's built into the design. Quite the opposite actually, most Cessna's need the pilot to pullback and get weight off the nose gear when taxiing or rolling down the runway to prevent the nose gear from shimmying.
  4. To be fair, most people tend to land tricycle gear aircraft a little flat. Just hang out around an airport that has a flight school long enough, and you will get the treat of watching 152's and 172's wheelburoughing down the runway on the nose wheel alone. A C172 can be landed at darn near the same attitude as a Cub/Champ/Citabria/(insert other trainer taildragger here). So it doesn't surprise me to see the literature of the time telling pilots to treat it the same as conventional taildraggers of the time.
  5. A tail low landing like this in a tricycle gear aircraft would be considered a 'soft field landing' and that technique should give you the best results for what you are looking for. Basically it'll be full flap, slow, a ton of nose up trim and once the mains touch down adding a tiny bit of power, and full back pressure on the stick. This should be enough to float the nose wheel and you want to coast, using the first 1/3 of the runway to allow the nose wheel to softly come down. (Caveat: I'm a low hour private pilot and I normally fly a taildragger but I did have to demonstrate this type of landing in a C172 - it may be a little different in a sim of an aircraft that grosses a little more and has just a wee bit more power but the fundamentals should be the same)
  6. I'm sorry if this sounds brash but... Have you never taxied a taildragger while being strapped into a harness before in real life? You absolutely roll your head, usually out the open window (or cockpit if in an open air biplane). Also, while being strapped pretty tightly into a cockpit harness of a WW2 fighter aircraft, and trying to look hard over your shoulder - I guarantee you that will use some degree of headroll because as Darryl mentioned, we are not owls.
  7. Known issue. Feel free to add your voice to the thread about it here:
  8. We know that TrackIR/OpenTrack works for X,Y,Z, Pitch and Yaw. The only thing that has broken is the roll axis.
  9. So... you set your roll axis to 1:1 ratio. Record and post a video demonstrating that this is working for you - because I can assure you it does not work in TrackIR or OpenTrack.
  10. Got my canned support ticket reply "we didn't do it" message. Hope they still fix it. It's so disorienting and I like to have a little roll.
  11. It's been discussed a bunch here in the tech support section of the forums:
  12. Great demo! Kept watching just to see how many sims you were gonna show Was waiting for Aerofly and P3D to show up as well hah! Hope this gets to the Devs and they can hotfix this silly bug.
  13. Exactly.. and some of us use roll to orient - so they should fix the new bug that causes massive disorientation to those that use roll axis when looking behind. No matter how little.
  14. I use roll a lot when taxiing, canopy open on the ground. I also find I use a little roll in 109's, looking rearward. It's personal and I realize not everyone does - which is why some don't notice the bug because they DON'T roll.. But different strokes for different folks. I'm not a RL fighter pilot and I DO use roll. Hell, I roll my head around in my RL plane when I'm flying. It's how i get good looks around and down to the ground half the time.
  15. TrackIR and OpenTrack software have relative view modes built in that translated the reverse roll into relative roll. It can be enabled or disabled. It's called TrueView in TrackIR software.
  16. Tried changing from a standard TrackIR Trackclip to a TrackClipPro today. No change. Still inverted.
  17. I've noticed some people say that their TrackIR/OpenTrack is just fine - I suspect these people don't use the roll axis in the first place. If they turn the roll axis on or up they will easily be able to replicate the problem.
  18. Others are seeing the same issue and we have a post about it here. It isn't limited to TrackIR, it occurs with all OpenTrack as well. Windows 7 and Windows 10... Standalone and Steam versions. Also, fresh installs of both TrackIR and BoX do not seem to fix it. A few people have been discussing the issue in this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34655-opentrack-issues-after-update-30001/ Best solution so far is to disable the roll axis in TrackIR/OpenTrack and submit a support ticket.
  19. Yeah, and Jason / Mods keep deleting my replies to comments that point out they have said 'no changes and that its our own fault for messing up the profile.' Not sure why they feel this censorship is required when I've recorded the problem and I'm just trying to help them by providing as much evidence as possible.. I suspect your post here may get deleted too.
  20. TrackIR has a similar function called TrueView - I've tried it both on and off and neither option works. BoX seems to ignore this option selection and just inverts the roll axis when looking rearward. CloD / XP11 / P3Dv4 / 1946 all function correctly however and do respond to the trueview option. Something in BoX's implementation of face tracking has changed.
  21. It seems plenty of people with both TrackIR and OpenTrack are running into this issue with 3.0. Add a post here so we can keep the conversation going about this issue: Jason, It looks like I am far from the only person experiencing this issue. Not the only 'complainer'. Can this issue be looked at some point? Disabling Roll axis seems to be a semi-okay fix but it does limit the view some depending on what cockpit you are in. It puts players in a severe competitive disadvantage when going defensive in a dogfight.
  22. I tried uninstalling BoX, removed all files related to the install and user settings. Fresh install - still no go. Disabling roll axis in TrackIr helps but you lose a fair bit of visibility in various aircraft. It is pretty much the only way to play without the extreme disorientation when dogfighting. Jason said they didn't change how TrackIR was implemented into the game but something has obviously changed to cause this.
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