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  1. So long as there is weight on your tailwheel, the rudder is minimally efficient. With the tailwheel on the ground we use either a) A steerable tailwheel or b) braking to provide the bulk of the steering. If this is not sufficient, a quick, strong shot of throttle with forward elevator to unweight the tailwheel and give flow over the rudder will help steering. I'd say it's a healthy mix of rudder & braking. I don't think a general blanket statement of "Brakes are only for pivoting in place & rudder steers the rest of the time!!" is correct.
  2. Technically it is a toggle in the 190, albeit enabled by holding the stick in the full back position. The 109's have a toggle on the left hand side of the cockpit, behind and above the throttle that you can see moving. Same spot it would have been in CloD. I rarely taxi with with the tailwheel unlocked in any aircraft. Most aircraft you can keep it locked, give a generous shot of throttle and push the stick forward to unweight the tailwheel. This will give you steering authority with the rudder and brakes instead.
  3. Well... I fly irl and without position reports, I have problems spotting other aircraft within a few km of me. People whining here about not being able to spot enemy aircraft beyond 10km have likely never been in a real GA aircraft before, trying to spot other traffic (unaided / no ADS-B).
  4. What if I told you, that wasn't a Fokker? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Good news. I suspect online servers will now be Camel vs D.VII furballs then.
  6. It would be nice to see a Central Powers aircraft with a little more get-up and go to keep up with the Spad and "Super" Camel. Flying online I felt like the teams were massively skewed towards a server full of Camel pilots with only a couple of us stupid souls braving to take out a DR1 or Pfalz. Going vertical, I managed to get the Camels to overshoot plenty, giving me a chance to rake them with a single pass... but otherwise they were mopping the floor with us - Often 2 or 3 Camels per Central Power player.
  7. I have CloD but like many others, I've stuck with BoX family for the VR. I'll be back over the Channel and Africa as soon as VR is here. I love the Emils, Hurricanes and Spits.. All the early war stuff is great.
  8. I think it was a typo on OP's part. The deluxe version they talk about includes (BoS) includes the La-5 and FW190A3.. not the A8 as OP typed.
  9. Why was Cliffs of Dover a disappointment to you? You did get the latest v4.55 Blitz edition? Team Fusion have done a lot with it and it's actually pretty good right now - I'd play it more if VR support was there already.
  10. Well... Some people in this thread have said all the systems are already modeled and included. The switches and knobs are currently operated automatically instead of a manual bind or click. Would this really lower game performance if I was doing it instead of the simulation? I 100% doubt it. Would it interfere with other priorities such as further content? Yes I will concede to that one. I'm neither for its inclusion or against. I enjoy the clickpits in XP11 and DCS as it makes me feel more immersed in the operation of the aircraft but it isn't needed in BoX series as I already feel more immersed in the combat and flying to begin with... I guess I'm just confused by some replies simply stating "If there was clickpits, I wouldn't play".. Those seem like childish "head-in-the-sand" statements as we all know that if they WERE included, there would still be a cheat button.
  11. Despite some posts here being militantly against clickpits - I don't think OP was suggesting that be the only way to run an aircraft. Even in DCS there is a one button push start option. Why debate it anyway? Devs have already said no. Womp womp.
  12. In real life, they would have used "Winter kit" on the engine. Cowling to specifically block off the cooling fins of the engine. We do this today with aircooled engines.. Cubs, Champs, Chiefs, Taylor Craft etc.. My plane uses sheet metal covers to reduce airflow into the engine compartment, and then insulated jackets over the intake runners and also on the oil sump. I did find pictures of PO-2 that appear to have sheet metal covers for the cylinder jugs to prevent excessive airflow over them:
  13. When I was running a 980 Sli setup the launcher option doesn't matter.. check the settings in game. And as a side note, SLI is dead these days. I say that as a long time SLI lover and user. 2018 marked the year I went back to a single card. It was a good run.
  14. Good old Canadian vowel shift and mergers. Mind you, people in Ontario mostly all speak with the same accent as Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Parts of Michigan and New York.. "Inland Northern American English"
  15. Wow! There is literally dozens of us! ๐Ÿ
  16. I just got a rift about 3 weeks ago.. Same experience. I've been playing IL-2, DCS and XP-11 for a while with TrackIR but the transition to the Rift is great. First thought hoping into a 109 - "DAMN that gunsight juts out far towards me... Man this is cramped.." Then I jumped into the P-47 and it was the opposite "I'm driving a Mack Truck!! Wahhoo!!" I'd agree with the gunnery. I've always been 'Meh' and midpack at best online. Gunnery has certainly improved. I may not be aerobatic cert but do have my PPL and own a plane. I love the U-2VS because it performs pretty close to my plane - If I ignore the lower wing and open cockpit. I'm a bit faster though. ๐Ÿ˜„
  17. And 100% of my time in DCS WW2 aircraft! Circuit flying is so much fun. ๐Ÿ˜„
  18. I feel like this gets asked on a regular basis. Seems to have been an area of confusion
  19. I dunno - I'm usually flying around 4000-6000ft in my plane and I can't see planes half the time unless I hear position reports. Maybe I need to talk to my AME for another eye exam.
  20. It was in Ottawa, Canada for a couple years and is currently back in UK at RAF Coningsby.
  21. Steel Armor?? It's a pretty good sim of some 1970-1980's tanks. I think that Il-2 Tanks will be the defacto WW2 tank sim though.
  22. I'd be so down for Carrier Ops and Flying boats!!! Blue planes are just beautiful ๐Ÿ˜„
  23. Hey! 7EC Flier here myself! It's crazy to me to think that a Citabria / Champ would only have mid-war 'meh' performance in comparison. Like you said, more forgiving. But yeah, OP! Amazing aircraft.
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