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  1. If you haven't played around and seen some of the more extreme viewing angles you can get with TiR, then maybe you should. Maybe you're simply unaware of what is possible and thus think people are arguing for no reason. Either way, that's a moot point. As stated earlier in this thread - the dev appears to have previously mentioned the possibility of human spine physiology - and it's very likely it would be a toggle that server owners or SP players could toggle. No need to vehemently argue against people asking for that functionality as a suggestion.
  2. Most are totally aware of the g-level they are about to be 'spun-up' to, and are performing hook maneuvers in order to withstand them. There is plenty good videos on Youtube from inside the centrifuges to see what GLOC does.
  3. You're using a strawman argument here - I think the point being made by others is that the camera view should be able to be moved around, but limit it to the capabilities of a virtual spine. It would prevent people from using the 6dof freedom available to move the camera to unrealistic and extreme angles that are not possible in real life. This would also impact VR and hat switch users. You've turned this into a argument about advantage, disadvantage, fairness etc.
  4. You must not know how to setup 6dof in TrackIR software very well - you can easily it up to move your head up, and to the side in order to look around these headrests.Yet you seem to come back around to it as the basis for your argument in every post. Hung up on this one?
  5. Yep. Flying Circus is best enjoyed in VR. Hands down, a great experience!!
  6. Owning both VR and TrackIR, there is 100% an advantage to rearward visibility with TrackIR over VR. You can snap from side to side and all angles rearward with speed you cannot match in VR. That said, VR is still a billion times more immersive and I stick with it despite the disadvantages while playing online.
  7. I alternate flying aircraft in real life that are left and right handed sticks. You get used to it quick. It will always feel a little unnatural at first but once you get into the swing of it, it's fine.
  8. Very nice!! I felt the same way once I treated myself the CV1. It was a bit of an eye opener and I can't bring myself to play with IR tracking anymore - unless it's in an older sim (RoF, CloD). I had the same experience for a 2nd time when I upgraded to the Rift S. Sat in the Cockpit of a 109G-6 on Kuban map and just stared at all the gauges for minutes. It was all so much clearer. VR rocks and I hope they keep up supporting it in any way possible. Love feeling like I'm in the aircraft.
  9. If it's the sale, fine - Great deals for those looking to get into IL-2... And a chance to pre-order that Yak 9/9T and Hurricane... But was still hoping for something more.
  10. True to real life - taxiing and landing on grass runways in a taildragger is always easier. Asphalt / tarmac can REALLY grip the tires, so any sideways momentum can quickly lead to a ground loop. Grass fields are much much more forgiving to this.
  11. Not sure what you mean by 'binoculars effect' but FOV is about the same as the CV1.
  12. There will forever and always be a "new and improved" on the horizon. But I don't think a Rift 2 is going to be a thing any time soon. VR HMD's seem to have a life span longer then some consumer goods like, Cellphones. They seem to go 2 to 3 years. The Rift S only hit the market this spring. It's only 6 months old. Still has plenty of life and is well priced.
  13. I upgraded from the CV1 to Rift S. In the context of simming, it's a great upgrade in my opinion. The visual clarity compared to the CV1 is massive - it was a whole new "Whow" moment, jumping into a cockpit with the S. The audio sucks and the touch controllers aren't as nice as the CV1 - Neither of which are concerns for me as I'm seated and use a nice set of IEM's and a HOTAS instead. If you currently play other VR stuff like Echo VR or Onward then the CV1 tracking is better and the upgrade might not be as worth it. The Quest is still an unknown variable. No one knows what the PC Tethering will be like at this point. As others have pointed out, I don't think it'll be as good as the Rift S. We will get firm answers about this in November.
  14. I've been using CH pedals for a while now and don't have any major issues... The only gripe may be the spacing is a little narrow.
  15. The zooming we have is to accommodate for the FOV we fly at, which is not realistic for normal human eye sight. It is supposed to give a more accurate FOV for normal eyesight as a temporary thing, while still being able to back out the FOV to allow us to see more of the cockpit.
  16. I think most people here want the most realistic flight models, damage models, terrain, weather and spotting as possible. When it comes to scenarios - we have to work with what we have. Comparing spotting and visibility to a "bomber" like the P38 flying over Kuban is a totally different discussion.
  17. I believe you set a desired outlet temp and it self adjusts to maintain. Someone smarter will give ya a better answer though.
  18. And yet there has been ~16000 posts about VR on these forums and only ~6000 posts about CloD. I'd say there is more global interest in VR then CloD. Just because you don't like it..... Anyway it'll come one day. No need to debate. When that day finally comes, we can see if CloD's population and userbase increases.
  19. Same. And after a couple updates to the firmware, I've sold my CV1 and 3rd sensor setup. Recouped 3/4 of the cost spend upgrading to the Rift S. The Rift S is a GREAT upgrade for simming from the Vive or CV1. I know there is still some tracking concerns, but if you're using a HOTAS, all the downsides go away.
  20. This statement implies you are assuming that I refuse to play Blitz (due to no VR) and am selfish for it. But I do play it in it's current state, with TrackIR. I will also be buying 5.0 whenever it drops.
  21. And once again, in my first post - I said I am aware it will be coming, post 5.0 as per Team Fusion updates on the topic. I think a lot of the long term Blitz / Team Fusion fans are likely tired of trying to explain this topic and get their hackles up when the topic is brought up. My point from the beginning was simply that, there seems to be a post/comment/question about VR in this forum on a weekly basis... It is a desirable feature that will ultimately bring more customers in the long run. You don't have to agree - that is fine. It is simply my opinion. No need to call me selfish over that.
  22. You're assuming I haven't already bought Blitz, and am refusing to buy 5.0. Sorry, wrong on both counts. I support Team Fusion and hope they keep development up, and if you read my post, I did state that I understand why VR isn't coming. I was simply stating my point of view. I don't appreciate being told I'm being selfish when that isn't the case at all.
  23. The die hard CLoD fans often appear to be vehemently against VR for some reason.. To each their own. While I fully realize as per the TF updates on the subject, that VR isn't coming to 5.0, they are going to be losing a not insignificant amount of people who ARE happy with VR... How many threads and discussions do we see on a near weekly basis about potential 5.0 buyers, asking about VR?
  24. Gyroscopic procession only affects instruments that rely on a gyro in order for them to run. So that means it'll affect Turn / Slip, Directional Gyro (DG), Attitude indicator (if equipped). There is no magnetic procession, that isn't a thing. Magnetic compasses only work when they are flat and level. They will read wrong if you are accelerating, decelerating, climbing, diving, or turning. There is a reason why most of these aircraft come with a DG AND a magnetic compass. The compass is used to set the DG initially as it is unaffected by all maneuvers of flight. This likely explains why you are seeing bad readings on the magnetic compass, as you are looking at it during turns and such. That said, magnetic compasses aren't always correct due to magnetic variance, so usually during an aircraft's annual, they will take the plane out to the tarmac somewhere at an airfield where they have a compass rose painted on the ground. They will line the plane up with all the headings and "swing the compass". Measure how accurate the compass is, and fill out a card with this information. Regarding caging, I have not seen a magnetic compass that has a caging function. Caging is usually for gyro instruments to prevent them from tumbling during certain stages of flight. Aggressive maneuvers such as spins and such can cause a gyro to 'tumble' and the gauge will become totally inaccurate. Your attitude indicator (artificial horizon) was possibly off due to gyro tumbling. You should be able to adjust your altimeter setting in CloD, as it was available in real life. In BoX series, you either get standard pressure or setting at closest field.
  25. I don't know - a big beauty 2000hp double wasp radial is pretty sweet looking to me.
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