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  1. 9 hours ago, SharpeXB said:


    Sharpe, those numbers were all taken by polling on GA or Airliner sim forums and groups. If you look at the numbers they polled, 80% of them never fly combat sims. VR doesn't make a ton of sense when you're fiddling knobs in a 737 at altitude.   On informal polls here and on ED's forums we have seen the numbers look higher then 12%.  Closer to 20-30%.   


    TL;DR - Saying 12% is not exactly true as it does not represent this community.

    It would be neat if 1CGS actually collected the data and posted it but I don't know if they do or not.

  2. 41 minutes ago, Mewt said:




    Oh stop getting your knickers in a twist chaps.

    New render engine = Luft's mod currently broken. Like it breaks with every update.

    Luft will scratch his head to work it out, like he always does.

    I agree that his (or any) 5x or 10x is essential for multiplayer VR users. But this wasn't an intentional sabotage by the devs.


    It wasn't intentional sabatoge, no. It broke due to deferred shaders and Lefuneste usually fixed these things within a week or two after a release; What IS different this time is the mixed messages that have been sent. After a small but vocal group of 2D users complained incessantly that 3dmigoto was a cheat/hack, Jason decided to remove the 3dmigoto thread and ban further discussion of it on the forums, dropping hints that it may break the EULA and thus not permitted (but if it does, then so does ReShade, as it uses similar techniques to hook into the game but the devs explicetly said it was fine). 

    In locking the request thread to improve VR zoom with a bit more magnification, and ideally adjustable convergence for different HMD's (I've read that Pimax5k are unuseable at all with the stock VR zoom).. Jason has left us with a message that could be read as "We aren't going to stop anyone from using a fixed version of 3dmigoto.. but don't talk about it".. So that will maybe give people a little more hope that it may be fixed. They can go fly DCS or play some other games for a couple weeks till a fix is made possibly.  No one wants to be stuck in a limbo of not knowing if we will get this fixed up. As others have mentioned simming can be a passion - and when you've gone deep down the VR road it's not really possible to see yourself going back.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, SCG_Wulfe said:

    I will say this. 


    The number of VR users right now who may not realize that Migoto is unlikely to be re-released for the upcoming patch is probably substantial. When they go to find the updated version and create threads asking where it is... I think maybe we should all make a concerted effort to have them redirected here?




    This has not been officially stated. The way I read Jason's post, discussion of the mod/no mod has been forbidden. Either way, it is a moot point when the update releases tomorrow with no zoom support and likely none on the way. 


    I'd concur about directing them here. And not debating people here in this thread.  Simply asking that zoom parity be included to the game for VR users and 2d users. We don't need this thread to devolve into the quagmire of crap the last couple have either. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, BraveSirRobin said:


    No one appears to be doing that.  Like I said, they just appear to be worried that their favorite server is going to shut off tech chat.  


    If this was any other thread, I'd agree - but due to being the 'Developers Diary Discussion' - I perceive it as belly aching at the devs. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, BraveSirRobin said:


    No one is arguing with that.  The problem is that lots of people don't want their favorite server to shut it off.    


    Yep, and they need to take that up with the server owners or move servers. It's not worth belly aching to the devs about. I think giving the end user and server owners more options is great. 

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  6. Some people seem worried about the pervcieved loss of technochat - As stated in the DD.. It is OPTIONAL BY THE SERVER HOST. If you don't like flying on a more realism based server, vote with your attendance and choose to play on the more arcade servers. It's as easy as that. 

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  7. 51 minutes ago, SharpeXB said:

    So is this why you need to run the engine at combat power for 10 minutes to repressurize it?


    I see what’s happening, the Technochat is saying “Low Pressure” as soon as you start it up because it’s taking time to build up. 


    Watch the gauge in the top left of the panel of the K4 - It's your MW50 pressure and you can get an idea of what it's doing. (The G-14 doesn't have a pressure gauge).  The G-14 and K-4 both used pressure from the supercharger to charge the system, while G-6's with retrofitted MW50 used pre-charged pressure bottles. 


    You can see the K4's pressure gauge circled here:



    Once you go over 1.7 ATA, the system will start to charge and begin injecting.  If you slam the throttle open, it doesn't have time to pressurize and you'll get a low pressure techno-chat warning until it builds up. 

  8. Sharpe, I commend you on ACTUALLY trying Multiplayer out - it appears you managed to put in an hour and a half in the last week - which is about the only MP you've played in the last year on any of the populated servers (Thank goodness for stats tracking).  You complain of massive maps with spread out objectives yet you seem to usually get bounced and shot down within 10 minutes. You're hardly flying on an empty map and it appears you tend to meet enemy contact quite quickly. The way you describe it makes it sound like you fly for an hour at a time without contact. 


     Also, congrats on the JU-87 kill - but you tailed him for several minutes. That's why you got shot down. Don't park behind aircraft with turrents. It's suicide. 


    Try making some friends and flying with a wingman on voice comms. You may actually enjoy yourself and make it through a sortie. 


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  9. I find a lot of it is just experience - You start to understand the tactics of where people approach targets from and the altitudes they come in at. Flying with wingmen to increase your situational awareness as a group is huge - as is having good clear and concise communication with each other.  Spotting isn't easy, everyone struggles with it regardless of VR, Monitor, TiR etc.

    I find that it begins to become rewarding. I started out getting better at spotting but found at that point I'd have a hard time tracking. So I'd catch a glimpse or two of an enemy aircraft and engage, only to lose them in the ground clutter. As I got more experience, you start getting a feel for where they will "pop out" of certain manuevers and get looking there ahead of time. 

    If you've already followed the guides then my best advice is to stick with it and keep flying. It is a learned skill for sure.


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  10. 20 minutes ago, SharpeXB said:

    Someone asked why I don’t play online very much, there’s your answer. 

    So that's about what I see here, this is prime time weekend US under stay at home orders game time. Maximum attendance situation.

    This shows only two servers worth playing on (meeting my preferences and nearly full) The servers with 8 or 16 players aren't worth joining.




    And you just showed that your own statement about there 'Only one server, not even full' is a crock.  You talk in stubborn hyperbole which is why you butt heads with so many and end up in drawn out forum arguments. And when people just point things out you go on the hard defense. Grow up - learn to accept that everyone is entitled to an opinion and you don't need to argue them all to a standstill and have final words.

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  11. 2 hours ago, 6./ZG26_Custard said:

    @unreasonable did extensive testing on the characteristics of AAA many months back in game the AI gunners are about 10 times more effective as the real-world equivalent. Many servers have them set to maximum difficulty which in some cases is overkill. 



    Even at the most difficult setting, it's easy for a few guys in 110's or PE-2's to sterilize an airfield of it's AAA before mopping up other targets... so long as no fighter cover bounces them.  As @CountZero mentioned, it's meant to be challenging because that's what people want.  I'm sure some people would prefer more realism but the vast majority would prepfer the challenge.

  12. Just from tonight alone ..  And it's been like this frequently for a month or two.  It's not just one server full like you postulate. The community has grown. Maybe you should come online, join some discords and teamspeaks and play with others instead of just playing singleplayer. 


  13. 11 hours ago, Talon_ said:

    Edit: for somebody so obsessed with fairness in multiplayer @SharpeXB I find it interesting that you've only logged a total of two flight hours between our server and WoL since September 2019.


    Yeah, I looked into it a while back too. Never flies online, and also hates VR with a passion despite never flying in VR and constantly trolls around in the VR section of the forums.  Mostly Sharpe is just a goofy troll, best ignored.  We often get a good laugh out of what he says. Ignorance to the max & just likes to fight or force his uniformed opionion on people. 


    In almost every single thread he dips his head into, if you review his post history, he is fighting with people.  As they say: 

    "If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole." -Raylan Givens, Justified


  14. 2 minutes ago, 69th_Panp said:

    I disagree here 

    I have a 55 inch Qled and have NEVER been able to spot anything like what was shown by E69_geramos109 video.

    Even at 55 inch playing at 1920 x 1080 you wont see contacts like with the Mod zoom, I have flown wing to a person using the VR mod and he consistently sees contact 2 to 4 minutes before I see a dot.



    Install the mod and see if all of the sudden your spotting is 1000x better..

  15. That ultra-zoom mode that OP is showing is stacking the baked in 2d zoom with 3dmigoto mod. It's not feasible to use it like that in VR.. It becomes a jittery nightmare and makes my eyes go funny.  Find a way to make 3dmigoto style zoom work for VR users and not work for 2D users and the issue is solved. 


    Or we can just ban TiR, and VR and all happily go back to hat switches so it's fair for everyone 😄 

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