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  1. Hmm. Still waiting for that first set. Looking forward to trying them still. I have some G-10 blanks sitting here and can possibly make up an adapter to lower the old style.
  2. You need to rebind the keys. The update changed the bindings and added 5 different VR zoom levels, each with a different bind.
  3. Clearly everyone in those videos is cheating! Look at all those labels. 💩
  4. I was just flipping through 'Winkle' Brown's "Wings of the Luftwaffe", and he mentions having to use the braking chute of the 234 only once in his test flights - but that it was equipped on both A & B models. It this going to be modeled into our representation and be user operable?
  5. I've had this one pre-ordered for a while. Very excited for it.
  6. They are different models of Bf110. E vs G models.
  7. Jean-Claude Mermet's book talks about it a little.. It's the best I've read and it seems to say Provisionally, early May.
  8. Well in that case.. Bump the German single-engine number up to include the V-1
  9. Some shown in the book I was going through.
  10. LOD isn't scaling.. I'm sorry that you don't understand that.
  11. Depends on what engine we get. A? AM? AS? 'Late' G6 is a pretty broad term as G6's were pretty much like lego DIY kits in late war.
  12. I think Sharpe didn't even bother reading Siddy's post. He's not suggesting that VR zoom magnification needs to be increased, rather that tweaking the VR LOD would give similar ID'ing abilities to a monitor at the current zoom levels.
  13. Love how people take sides and shout. /s You'd think that we'd all want the sim to improve and offer a great experience for both setups .. VR or Infrared tracking. Being divissive about this doesn't help the community.
  14. I'd be interested in a set. The green 'WW2' style look great.
  15. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    VR zoom

    It has been asked that they add the old VR zoom as a secondary bind so we can do either or. It sounds like Han was going to get it done in the next round of updates. Hang in there.
  16. Got one of these bases last week. Pretty awesome. The connector looks different now, it doesn't have the silver bracket around it so there has been some hardware changes. I am assuming we still need to remove the 2 little screws when using Thrustmaster grips? @VIRPILControls
  17. The irony here is your defensiveness about anyone voicing an opinion about TiR.. When you were specifically being spiteful towards VR users opinions in the 3dmigoto threads with beauty quotes followed up by: "You guys are just really defensive about any opinion on the subject." but then come into the VR section of the forum and do the exact same thing you accuse others of. Must be hard to let others speak their mind...
  18. It's cute, but also incredibly childish that you think all VR owners are "60 year olds in scuba masks". And you love to say that every time you post that pic too. Like a broken record or parrot. You really need to grow up with your debating abilities. You debate like you're working off a flow chart that always loops back on itself.
  19. @SharpeXB You don't own VR, don't use VR; you bring nothing to the conversation.. And when you do show up, you have all the tact of a 12 year old having ta tantrum and trying to argue something. Don't you have anything better to do then try to piss people off and making a fool of yourself? Haha yeah he would be. Sharpe likes to post that pic in every other thread.. Not realizing that it's missing it's armour and headrests. It's setup for airshow flying. 'Red 7'. Just ignore him. And see attached pics to see what they've done in Red 7.
  20. 1. No, seems good. 2. Rift S 3. No file. 4. N/A Cheers!
  21. @Han @Jason_Williams Just tried out the new VR zoom. Looks great! Thanks for the hard work to get this change implimented. It'll make a lot of people happy. In the future, maybe a 2nd vr zoom bind for the previous VR zoom could be handy; giving a low and high. The low zoom was handy for reading those engine nacelle mounted gauges. Once again, cheers. Well done.
  22. @Andre hey! Just setup some bass transducers on my chair today and using simshaker wings! Wow what a great experience. Thanks for the software! In order to use it with DCS, I need a different license?
  23. Sharpe, those numbers were all taken by polling on GA or Airliner sim forums and groups. If you look at the numbers they polled, 80% of them never fly combat sims. VR doesn't make a ton of sense when you're fiddling knobs in a 737 at altitude. On informal polls here and on ED's forums we have seen the numbers look higher then 12%. Closer to 20-30%. TL;DR - Saying 12% is not exactly true as it does not represent this community. It would be neat if 1CGS actually collected the data and posted it but I don't know if they do or not.
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