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  1. I tried to make sense of it... But it just jumps around too much and seems like a lot of disjointed thoughts streaming out.
  2. Where did you get steamvr out of that? You can use opencomposite with 3dmigoto and joy2key just fine.
  3. You can do exactly what you're talking about with the 3dmigoto mod and joy2key. It turns the End and Page Down keys into a left and right 20 degree modifier that can be used in VR. You can then bind them to your hat switch via Joy2Key - which if you use 3dmigoto, you probably already use for the VR zoom. https://joytokey.net/en/
  4. Is lowering Mixture till RPM starts to rise and backing it off to stabilize, how you find economy cruise in GA? I suspect CHT would be pretty toasty in that setup. Try it running more rich then that.
  5. Which makes sense - we've all been on a busy server starting up and watching the ground loop ballet. It can be frustrating in IL-2 or DCS to control a high performance taildragger if you've never done it before. People tend to be quick to offer help and hints on how to take off. The AI may just have been following OP if he was flight lead - I don't really play SP so I don't know how the AI would react to a failed take off roll.
  6. Could be. Not my aircraft! Just hanger talk. I've only heard it taking off on the 3 blade once from across the bay and it was noticeably different sounding ('76 A185F on floats). I only flew/PIC'ed it on the 2 blade.
  7. Different propellers can make very large sound differences. A friend changed his Cessna 185 from a 2 blade prop to a 3 blade. It got louder but the pitch changed a little too. The Rotol vs the Hamilton Standard props are pretty different profiles so it wouldn't surprise me that they sound different. Especially with changes to intakes, superchargers, exhaust designs etc.
  8. There is lots of options but I grabbed the Bomaker Sifi. Lightning deal on Amazon last week.
  9. Nice. Looks good, the heatshrink worked well. I was thinking about doing something to my Rift S - I was missing the old integrated headset of the CV1. But I found a decent set of bluetooth 5.0 aptx wireless earbuds for fairly cheap ($40) and have been incredibly impressed with their performance. No wires, just leave the charging case plugged into the usb hub on the desk and it's been good. I can't discern any latency with these new ones like I did with an old set of Bluetooth 4 earbuds I had from a few years ago.
  10. You should try OpenComposite. I used to use Steam edition but now I just use Standalone and OpenComposite. Better performance.
  11. Great mod. Loving it - Don't have to keep taking VR headset off to stare at 2nd monitor and stats or call up map page.
  12. When you spawn into a mission, on the map screen there is a pop out on the right side of the map with Mission briefing. Somewhere on that panel you will find aircraft specs for whatever you are in. Also this mod is a godsend when trying out new aircraft: It replaces the cockpit photos of ladies with a quick mini PoH and operating hints for the aircraft you are in.
  13. People aren't really mentioning it here but just like taxiing a taildragger in real life, using the elevator to assist the steering helps a lot too. When you want to go straight, keep the stick full back and it'll weight the tail more. Short bursts of throttle with the stick neutral or forward will help unweight the tailwheel and allow the airplane to steer fairly easy with rudder and brakes. I don't even both unlocking the 109 tailwheel ever. You can do this to get some reasonably tight turns around the airfield.
  14. SteamVR will launch despite running standalone BoX in VR. You don't NEED a steam copy of the game. Both versions hook into SteamVR without issue. Personally I use OpenComposite and don't launch Steam at all but I used to let Standalone BoX run via SteamVR.
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