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  1. 1. No, seems good. 2. Rift S 3. No file. 4. N/A Cheers!
  2. @Han @Jason_Williams Just tried out the new VR zoom. Looks great! Thanks for the hard work to get this change implimented. It'll make a lot of people happy. In the future, maybe a 2nd vr zoom bind for the previous VR zoom could be handy; giving a low and high. The low zoom was handy for reading those engine nacelle mounted gauges. Once again, cheers. Well done.
  3. @Andre hey! Just setup some bass transducers on my chair today and using simshaker wings! Wow what a great experience. Thanks for the software! In order to use it with DCS, I need a different license?
  4. Sharpe, those numbers were all taken by polling on GA or Airliner sim forums and groups. If you look at the numbers they polled, 80% of them never fly combat sims. VR doesn't make a ton of sense when you're fiddling knobs in a 737 at altitude. On informal polls here and on ED's forums we have seen the numbers look higher then 12%. Closer to 20-30%. TL;DR - Saying 12% is not exactly true as it does not represent this community. It would be neat if 1CGS actually collected the data and posted it but I don't know if they do or not.
  5. Nice comparisons @Talon_ 4x MSAA certainly looks much better if people have the horsepower in their rigs to run it.
  6. I think @SixGuns hasn't seen that post yet.
  7. It wasn't intentional sabatoge, no. It broke due to deferred shaders and Lefuneste usually fixed these things within a week or two after a release; What IS different this time is the mixed messages that have been sent. After a small but vocal group of 2D users complained incessantly that 3dmigoto was a cheat/hack, Jason decided to remove the 3dmigoto thread and ban further discussion of it on the forums, dropping hints that it may break the EULA and thus not permitted (but if it does, then so does ReShade, as it uses similar techniques to hook into the game but the devs explicetly said it was fine). In locking the request thread to improve VR zoom with a bit more magnification, and ideally adjustable convergence for different HMD's (I've read that Pimax5k are unuseable at all with the stock VR zoom).. Jason has left us with a message that could be read as "We aren't going to stop anyone from using a fixed version of 3dmigoto.. but don't talk about it".. So that will maybe give people a little more hope that it may be fixed. They can go fly DCS or play some other games for a couple weeks till a fix is made possibly. No one wants to be stuck in a limbo of not knowing if we will get this fixed up. As others have mentioned simming can be a passion - and when you've gone deep down the VR road it's not really possible to see yourself going back.
  8. I'd concur about directing them here. And not debating people here in this thread. Simply asking that zoom parity be included to the game for VR users and 2d users. We don't need this thread to devolve into the quagmire of crap the last couple have either.
  9. Nah, I still see it as belly aching by a select minority - and the vast majority being infavor. Just my opinion. I'm entitled to it.
  10. That means reading! I prefer glossing over and forming half baked opinions
  11. If this was any other thread, I'd agree - but due to being the 'Developers Diary Discussion' - I perceive it as belly aching at the devs.
  12. Yep, and they need to take that up with the server owners or move servers. It's not worth belly aching to the devs about. I think giving the end user and server owners more options is great.
  13. Some people seem worried about the pervcieved loss of technochat - As stated in the DD.. It is OPTIONAL BY THE SERVER HOST. If you don't like flying on a more realism based server, vote with your attendance and choose to play on the more arcade servers. It's as easy as that.
  14. There ya go. I've been too busy flying the Tempy on CB to spend much of any time in the G14.
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