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  1. I'm sure the Jetseat works better then a few bass shakers but I agree. Any and all tactile/haptic feedback improves the flight experience and can help us with situational awareness of what the airframe is doing. Now if only we'd see Thrustmaster/VKB/VPC introducing force feedback into their hotas setups.
  2. This is a big game changer!! I added some bass shakers to my seat and am running SimShaker Wings software. You can start to feel the wing buffet of the stall and high AoA maneuvers and have a better idea of what the aircraft is doing instead of a straight visual / audio cue. I used to G-Loc in Spits fairly often but find I can fly the edge better with actual tactile feel from the bass shakers. Well worth the cost of entry. Combined with VR, oh man. What a great experience.
  3. Yeah, something is not working right if you have double vision or stuttering. Try reducing the graphics preset to medium or low to see if that changes anything. Are you using SteamVR? OpenComposite? What is your supersampling set to? Do you have OculusTrayTools installed?
  4. Very strange. I bought BoS on steam originally and all subsequent modules, standalone. I have 2x installs of IL-2, one steam, and one standalone as a result. Both launch and run just fine with OpenComposite and a Rift S. You have a local issue that I don't think is license related - unless the linking didn't work. If that is the case then you need to deal with 1C's tech support. No one on the forums can help you.
  5. Finally had the old design show up. Flew a couple quick missions in IL-2 with them set to the 2nd weakest hole. They feel nice, more normal to me being able to keep my heels on the ground.
  6. Hmm. Still waiting for that first set. Looking forward to trying them still. I have some G-10 blanks sitting here and can possibly make up an adapter to lower the old style.
  7. You need to rebind the keys. The update changed the bindings and added 5 different VR zoom levels, each with a different bind.
  8. Clearly everyone in those videos is cheating! Look at all those labels. 💩
  9. I was just flipping through 'Winkle' Brown's "Wings of the Luftwaffe", and he mentions having to use the braking chute of the 234 only once in his test flights - but that it was equipped on both A & B models. It this going to be modeled into our representation and be user operable?
  10. I've had this one pre-ordered for a while. Very excited for it.
  11. They are different models of Bf110. E vs G models.
  12. Jean-Claude Mermet's book talks about it a little.. It's the best I've read and it seems to say Provisionally, early May.
  13. Well in that case.. Bump the German single-engine number up to include the V-1
  14. Some shown in the book I was going through.
  15. LOD isn't scaling.. I'm sorry that you don't understand that.
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