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  1. [CPT]HawkeyeP


    When I was running a 980 Sli setup the launcher option doesn't matter.. check the settings in game. And as a side note, SLI is dead these days. I say that as a long time SLI lover and user. 2018 marked the year I went back to a single card. It was a good run.
  2. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Good old Canadian vowel shift and mergers. Mind you, people in Ontario mostly all speak with the same accent as Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Parts of Michigan and New York.. "Inland Northern American English"
  3. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Wow! There is literally dozens of us! ๐Ÿ
  4. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    I just got a rift about 3 weeks ago.. Same experience. I've been playing IL-2, DCS and XP-11 for a while with TrackIR but the transition to the Rift is great. First thought hoping into a 109 - "DAMN that gunsight juts out far towards me... Man this is cramped.." Then I jumped into the P-47 and it was the opposite "I'm driving a Mack Truck!! Wahhoo!!" I'd agree with the gunnery. I've always been 'Meh' and midpack at best online. Gunnery has certainly improved. I may not be aerobatic cert but do have my PPL and own a plane. I love the U-2VS because it performs pretty close to my plane - If I ignore the lower wing and open cockpit. I'm a bit faster though. ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. [CPT]HawkeyeP


    And 100% of my time in DCS WW2 aircraft! Circuit flying is so much fun. ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    My ownership badges arenโ€™t showing in forum

    I feel like this gets asked on a regular basis. Seems to have been an area of confusion
  7. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Con/Smoke trails and 9.5km view range

    I dunno - I'm usually flying around 4000-6000ft in my plane and I can't see planes half the time unless I hear position reports. Maybe I need to talk to my AME for another eye exam.
  8. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Me 262 Questions

    It was in Ottawa, Canada for a couple years and is currently back in UK at RAF Coningsby.
  9. [CPT]HawkeyeP


    Steel Armor?? It's a pretty good sim of some 1970-1980's tanks. I think that Il-2 Tanks will be the defacto WW2 tank sim though.
  10. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    I'd be so down for Carrier Ops and Flying boats!!! Blue planes are just beautiful ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    Hey! 7EC Flier here myself! It's crazy to me to think that a Citabria / Champ would only have mid-war 'meh' performance in comparison. Like you said, more forgiving. But yeah, OP! Amazing aircraft.
  12. Hoping that they will eventually.
  13. I'd love for these to be separated as well. Motion blur is the first thing I turn off in all games.
  14. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    Fw 190 engine management system

    The Americans certainly tested the heck out of it. Here is the NACA Report on the Kommandogerat https://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=19930093290 It's a very technical description of the whole system. Worth a read if you nerd out on this tech stuff like I do.
  15. [CPT]HawkeyeP

    The iconic p39 tail low landing?

    Yes, conventional gear (taildraggers) can be "wheel landed" on the mains and then let the tail come down or "3-pointed" which is more ideal typically. Tricycle gear ALWAYS want the mains first. You never want the nose to touch down first nose first leads to 'wheelburoughing'.. any wind correction with the rudder while on the nose alone would be pretty dicey. So you say mains first then nose is preferable - it's the only proper way to land a tricycle gear. There really isn't an option. How come they are similar? Well, they are and aren't. They are similar that, by the 1940's almost every aircraft prior had been a taildragger so it was what pilots were used to. They didn't want to change the formula too much. The nose wheel gave them better ground handling and also prevented ground loops by moving the CoG ahead of the mains when on the ground, rather then behind. A tricycle gear plane, once the nose comes down wants to track straight and inline with nosewheel. A taildragger with its rear CoG wants to swing the tail around whenever it can, if it gets the inertia or wind gust. Also, I've never flown a GA aircraft with tricycle gear that I had to 'hold down the nose gear intentionally'.. ALL tricycle gear will want to drop the nose - its the CoG. It's built into the design. Quite the opposite actually, most Cessna's need the pilot to pullback and get weight off the nose gear when taxiing or rolling down the runway to prevent the nose gear from shimmying.