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  1. I had the same experience as =AW=drewm3i-VR, I started with a Rift S and was very happy. I grabbed a Quest 2 and found it to be a visual downgrade due to video compression artifacts, blurring and ghosting of other aircraft or objects that got close. I ended up getting a G2 and it has blown both the Rift S and Quest 2 out of the water in terms of visual experience. The G2 worked very good at 50% render resolution with a 1080Ti and still looked absolutely amazing compared to the Rift S/Q2. I got a 3070 and was able to crank the resolution up higher and I'm blown away every time I put on the HM
  2. Your IPD settings may be totally off resulting in a double image.
  3. It's an application that is on Steam.. you need to install it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/250820/SteamVR/
  4. Interesting. I also have a Reverb G2 and I've found it to be very good. At 50% resolution it still looks much better then the Rift S, tracks well (without factoring the controllers) and performs pretty much on par with the Rift S with the same config file.
  5. i had much better results with my Rift S then my Quest 2 for IL-2 and DCS. (8700k @ 5ghz, 32gb ram, 1080Ti). My PC isn't powerful enough to send video over USB for Quest Link or Wireless Virtual desktop without some latency and video artifacts... Thus despite the higher resolution in the Quest screens, the Rift S was a sharper image.
  6. Sounds like someone would prefer War Thunder maybe? 🤷‍♂️
  7. You could have also just installed SteamVR as the alternative. Stand-alone IL2 works just fine with SteamVR OR OpenComposite. The Quest 2 will likely cause frustration for some people who buy it to use as PCVR. You'll need to get Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop wireless streaming working and even then... the performance wasn't great for me. I found with my 8700k, 1080Ti and 32gb ram, that the Quest 2 performed and looked worse then my Rift S. There was blurring, smearing and video compression artifacts that simply do not occur with real PCVR. I still love my Quest 2 -
  8. =420=Syphen

    Future for VR

    No it won't. It's just a way the community can show support and anticipation. Telling people to not do that doesn't help either. Considering many die hard CLoD fliers think VR is a waste of time "because only 1% of gamers on steam even have VR" is common rhetoric around here, I don't see any issue with people being excited for VR to come to Tobruk / CloD.
  9. Yeah, I have both the G2 and Q2 sitting at home. I think if you can afford it - they pair nicely. The Q2 is better for Standalone use such as Virtual Desktop streaming of traditional VR games but also video/media like youtube etc. My wife and I have been enjoying "hotseat" playing a round of miniputt here and there - and playing puppet fever with our daughter. The G2 on the other hand is just amazing in my opinion for simming. It's my "goto" for MY games, while the Q2 is more for the family games.
  10. I got a G2 sitting here and have done some good back to back with the Rift S, Q2 and G2. It's a bit of a game changer for simming. That's for sure!! I'm not a fan of WMR software or the controllers - but I really only use my HMD's for simming so that doesn't matter to me.
  11. The Quest 2 doesn't run so good for me compared to the Rift S in IL2.. I always chocked it up to the video encoding / decoding and transmitting the signal over USB. I reserve it for standalone stuff. Hopefully you get it sorted. I got it running in both Virtual Desktop streaming and via Link with V23 update but the ghosting/stuttering and artifacts were too much for me.
  12. Quick Mission, choose a starting area and choose to start parked. Uncheck 'Warmed up Engine' under realism settings. Start mission. Cold & Dark.
  13. Are you running an older build of Windows 10 from an Enterprise build? If you are running a Windows 10 build prior to 1804 I think it was.. the Rift S will simply not work or have all sorts of errors.
  14. Nope. both of those suggestions are the same.. not opposite. I think you're confusing terms like Full, and Forward. In the Lagg, some of the controls are at 100% "Full", in the rear most position. You want: Mixture lever fully back in the virtual cockpit (100%, which is Full Rich) (This may be fully forward on your HOTAS...) Prop RPM lever fully forward in the virtual cockpit (100% RPM, this is full Fine pitch) Throttle lever cracked open a hair, which means ALMOST fully back in the virtual cockpit.. 10% or so forward only.
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