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  1. My PC is fine...i have no trouble on ultra in VR...dont get me wrong, i love this sim and what the developers have given us over time...its been a stellar effort...i just think that this is a 'meh' addition...one that really isnt required as the sim looks great now...seems like an awful waste to me for very little return...are you really going to be worried about whether or not your bullet holes look realistic??...if so, well then i apologize, and at the same time feel sorry for you
  2. Why?..i mean its admirable wanting to get that level of detail but to what end...the sim does so much calculating already that we cant have four engined bombers or the game would grind to a halt, such is the multitude of calculations it has to make...then add this in and its all the more complicated, not to mention all the time and resources that will be wasted bringing this unnecessary addition to the game...resources that could be used on completing BON...i just think the company is being silly now...who needs this...why?...most of the damage that happens to your plane you wont see anyway, a
  3. ACG_Drace just shot me down friendly fire when i was on approach on the Finnish server...this was not mistaken identity as he knew damn well i was on his side due to my landing and formation lights being on...my flaps and gear being down, and i was anout 100 or so yards from touchdown...and from that close he could have read my instrument panel...is this standard procedure for your squadron?...disgusted
  4. Tonester

    Pilots notes

    Was going through some old archives from back around 2007 ish and found the below...forgot i even had them...i have P80,P47, P40,F6F,Spit and Hurricane...and others as well somewhere...its ama zing what we accumulate over time and forget we have
  5. Thanks mate so i fixed it by clearing cmos...once up and running i then flashed the Bios to 4.40 (from 1.30)...it will now accept XMP profile 1.0 which should be DDR4-3600...but i still see 1066.7 in CPU-Z no matter what i try...have tried Phantom Gaming Tuning utility but cant seem to make a change in there...have tried in the Bios in both EZ and Advanced mode to no avail..i tried intel XTU but that didnt help...i even rang the guy that built my PC but he is no help as he thinks OC is some kind of evil...he said Ripjaw 3600 16Gb is what i installed and if its only showing 1066.7 t
  6. I went into BIOS and had a look at XMP profile..it was set to ‘Auto’...whatever that means...the only other option was ‘Profile 1’..whatever that means...i changed it to Profile 1...saved and exited...and now my PC wont start up....FML...it tries to start but just shuts itself down, then starts again in this endless loop...doesnt even get to the point where the prompt comes up on the screen to go to BIOS, STARTUP etc...infact i get nothing in the screen at all...any ideas?
  7. Hi all...ran the benchmarking tests today in game version 4.505c All PC details should be in my sign below... For some reason when i do the Memory Latency test with AIDA64...i dont get a reading...all i get is the below (0.0ns) Results below with description Test 1 monitor using speaker 2021-01-10 09:30:35 - Il-2 Frames: 5255 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 87.583 - Min: 76 - Max: 120 Test 1 monitor using USB headphones 2021-01-10 09:34:40 - Il-2 Frames: 5096 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 84.933 - Min: 74 - Max: 113 VR1 Test u
  8. Dont hold your breath...even if TF announced tomorrow they were commencing work on it we wouldnt see it until at least Q4 2030 based on their previous output
  9. If only a dynamic campaign like the one EAW had were possible...in fact i would love to see a modern version of EAW right down to the music,UI and briefings....id gladly pay handsomely for that...ahhh the memories that menu music brings...they were fun times way back then
  10. Thanks so much Sheriff i truly appreciate it. About to fly back to work for a week so will have to wait until end of next week to give it a try. Thanks again mate.
  11. Id be keen...FIFO worker residing in Perth WA...i work an 8/6 roster so every second week im one, mainly mornings my time as thats when the servers tend to be busier. Open to other times though
  12. Thanks sheriff...tried a couple of versions of Gimp...what a nightmare! Best i could manage was drag/dropping the kill marking onto the skin but it was stuck right in the middle of the skin and try as i might i could not figure out how to move it...my only experience with painting software is MS Paint and things are easy to move around in that when you past them onto an existing image...Gimp just seemed so unbelievably complicated and not the least bit intuitive. Am downloading photoshop at the moment and hoping it is easier to do in that software...UPDATE...yep i suck at photoshop too...*sigh
  13. Thanks Ram..where do i find the decals layer and what software do you use? Where do you get the markings from or do you completely make them from scratch yourself?
  14. Hi can anyone recommend a tutorial, or give advice, on how to add kill markings to skins. i did a search but found nothing definitive...cheers
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