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  1. Looks pretty much the same to me...does it REALLY matter...I mean...REALLY???...just fly the damn thing for crise sake
  2. Let’s hope that when it drops it will result in a return to the full servers of yesteryear...then we will have two great products to enjoy...I do fear that the ‘Iron’ will have cooled too much, so to speak...but I have been wrong many times before....fingers crossed...CLOD in the glory days was just awesome...
  3. The developers are really on a hiding to nothing with this one...if they do what people ask, the complaints about AI being over simplified will be long and loud..the way it is we get the complaints we now have...no win really....this sim is very different to all sims past, in my opinion, in that it’s aimed at the type of low level tactical style combat that we have, and that was prevelant on the eastern front..rather than, say, CLOD, which has little to do with it so the AI requirements are somewhat different....in addition it is, also in my opinion, far more aimed at online MP style scenarios...we can’t have our cake and eat it too...PCs just aren’t fast enough to deal with it...Do you want a stunningly visually attractive girlfriend that can be unpredictable or perhaps disappointing in ways, or a plain Jane that ticks all the other boxes? Personally I am happy with what we have....she’s not perfect, but she’s ours...and damn she looks good!
  4. Hey guys...just upgraded thanks to the great specials...I now have all 4 in the BOX series however only BOBP shows up next to my name when I post something...anyway I can change that?
  5. Yep same for me here in Perth...got on this morning no WOL ( though lots of others)....so went into TAW...started AC and got booted before I could get rolling, then absolutely no servers in list...been like that for couple hours now...keep rebooting to no avail
  6. Hey guys...my saitek throttle quadrant is able to have an axis assigned as keystrokes...I.E.in one direction it will spit out a number of key presses, and in reverse direction, different keystrokes...In other sims it makes it easy to assign something to an axis movement that doesnt recognise an axis....i.e...5 instances of R opens radiator gradually, and 5 of C closes it gradually for example (Not talking about this sim, just an example).... I set it up to control the oil and water rads in the 110 and outside the game its perfect...i tested it by assigning keystrokes and opening a blank text document and counting the keystrokes that appear when i move the axis...i get 8 each way for water rad and 4 each way for oil... Assign these keystrokes for open and close in game but it would appear the game doesnt see the keystrokes coming from the saitek software. If i hit the keystrokes on the keyboard it works fine...but if i move the axis the game doesnt see them even though i know that saitek software is spitting out the keytrokes...anyone else come up against this and find a way to make it work...I suspect that the game is reading the axis rather than the software generated keystrokes that come from that axis...and no that particular axis (Joy 3 Z and W in this case) is not assigned to anything else within the game so thats not the reason...really need help with this...I love this sim but i cant get over what a pain in the arse the key and axis assignment side of it is.. like not having separate key assignments for different aircraft available in game like COD...or trims not on Axis like most other sims...its the one part of this great sim that REALLY needs some work and thought
  7. Well this penis showing game is interesting...personally I fly as a target drone(well that’s what my stats say) and I challenge any of you to be as good at it as me!...sometimes I even kill myself! Beat that 😊
  8. Hi guys...wanted to know if any Aussies here have ordered the new throttle and what it cost in AUD with postage...also, if you have received it, how long it took? Thanks Guys
  9. Your job must be frustrating at times mate...my sympathies....I for one appreciate the help and advice, the ongoing attention to detail and obvious fastidious approach of the team to trying to make the sim be all things to all people...kudos
  10. Hi all...has anybody used Target or Foxy to program key presses to an axis for trim?? In other sims i have always used my antenna and range wheels for trimming but this only works on the 190...Yes i know axis for trims is supposed to only work on the 190 at this stage however i would like a workaround where my range/ant wheel spit out keystrokes when turned...I have figured out how to make an axis on my saitek throttle quadrant make separate key strokes going up and down to program the 5 position Spit Vb radiator, and would like to use a similar work around for the trim....anybody achieved this...i find the target/foxy editing hard to figure out...i can make it issue one key stroke going from centre to right on the wheel, and one alternate stroke to left...but not multiple key strokes over the range of the wheel when turning in different directions...I.E...when turning clockwise key strokes for trim left, and when counter clockwise key stokes for trim right...any help would be REALLY appreciated!!...Cheers
  11. Very active at simhq...never flew EAW online...I created the Nachtjager campaign ( with modelling help from Crashing Jack and artwork by Aussie Jim)...was a what if scenario with a lot of oddball aircraft ( Jet powered fw190 among others)...was lots of fun...man those were the days...miss EAW...no other sim has ever captured its atmosphere in my opinion
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