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  1. Yep...she is flawed...no doubt...but she is beautiful...i think the developers are doing a sterling job!
  2. You would have to have rocks in your head if you complained that you don’t get value for money out of the Devs...they are constantly trying to improve the product and hats off to them for that. And that’s just the improvements and not the addition of new content!. Love your work guys....yes she is a marginally flawed beast in some ways however we are still very lucky to have her as I imagine there isn’t a whole lot of money in WW2 flight sims these days...and damn she sure is pretty to look at
  3. Hi talon...that’s a shame...would be good if it could be done...we have the best, arguably, combat sim around and yet so many guys just want to turn the servers into WT or Air Quake...as in, bugger the objectives I just want to shoot shit down...sad...CLOD is a ghost town now but when it was jumping there seemed to be a lot more teamwork and objective based pilots...in my opinion of course...wish we had that here...nobody is ever on teamspeak and I can’t seem to find any discord server that have more than two or three guys...the whole thing seems to be a shambles at times...so I just take off, go bomb stuff...and land ( when I make it all the way to and from the target that is)...rinse and repeat...the lack of teamwork sometimes is astounding..for instance...just this morning there were 3 or 4 p51s all trying to shoot down the same Dora at low level and I just flew over them at 3000m...destroyed the munitions dump...and flew home again and not one of them even thought to try and cover the objective...they were all just trying to get an easy kill and not doing what they should do and protect their assets!...sad
  4. Hi all...been flying bombers of late as I am a rubbish fighter pilot ( though an excellent target drone it would appear!)... the biggest problem i have found is the lack of escorts as all the fighter jocks seem to want to free hunt. How hard do you think it would be to implement AI escorts that spawn in when one spawns in a bomber?. It would be excellent for MP if every time you flew a bomber two AI escorts appeared after you took off flying close air support, or after you crossed into enemy territory...or just before...then split as soon as you were back in friendly territory. If they got jumped and shot down then so be it but it would at least give the bomber boys a fighting chance?.....Thoughts?
  5. My specs according to ‘System’ in my computer are AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.40 GHz Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 Motherboard Win 7 64 bit 16Gb Ram GTX1070 8Gb 250Gb SSD And like I said, not cutting edge by any standard, and I’ve not noticed any stutters on MP. I don’t do SP...hope this helps someone
  6. I’m very lucky in that I notice no stuttering and I have my game on ultra settings. My PC and GPU are not cutting edge either. Bizarre how it doesn’t happen to everyone. I feel for the devs trying to nail it down but am confident they will sort it. Their tenacity in attempting to find problems is impressive. I’m sure it will be sorted sooner rather than later
  7. Looks pretty much the same to me...does it REALLY matter...I mean...REALLY???...just fly the damn thing for crise sake
  8. Let’s hope that when it drops it will result in a return to the full servers of yesteryear...then we will have two great products to enjoy...I do fear that the ‘Iron’ will have cooled too much, so to speak...but I have been wrong many times before....fingers crossed...CLOD in the glory days was just awesome...
  9. The developers are really on a hiding to nothing with this one...if they do what people ask, the complaints about AI being over simplified will be long and loud..the way it is we get the complaints we now have...no win really....this sim is very different to all sims past, in my opinion, in that it’s aimed at the type of low level tactical style combat that we have, and that was prevelant on the eastern front..rather than, say, CLOD, which has little to do with it so the AI requirements are somewhat different....in addition it is, also in my opinion, far more aimed at online MP style scenarios...we can’t have our cake and eat it too...PCs just aren’t fast enough to deal with it...Do you want a stunningly visually attractive girlfriend that can be unpredictable or perhaps disappointing in ways, or a plain Jane that ticks all the other boxes? Personally I am happy with what we have....she’s not perfect, but she’s ours...and damn she looks good!
  10. Hey guys...just upgraded thanks to the great specials...I now have all 4 in the BOX series however only BOBP shows up next to my name when I post something...anyway I can change that?
  11. Yep same for me here in Perth...got on this morning no WOL ( though lots of others)....so went into TAW...started AC and got booted before I could get rolling, then absolutely no servers in list...been like that for couple hours now...keep rebooting to no avail
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