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  1. Thank you very much sir, this community is amazing. Also, I too am a big fan of the grey VVS skins, even the LaGG looks pretty when she is dolled up like that.
  2. I'd take the yak1b if you please. I've been wondering how that one compares to the other yaks.
  3. Thanks for giving the community this opportunity Varibraun! My favorite recently read memoir of ww2 has to be Samurai! by Saburo Sakai (well kind of by him anyway). A recent scholarly book that I would highly recommend that talks about Sakai's unit, the Tainan Kokutai titled 'Eagles of the southern sky', on top of being excellent the book demolishes some bits of the narrative of Samurai!, for example the author calls the famous 'dance macabre ' performed over port moresby into question. Another great scholarly book is "Hunting Tito: A History of Nachtschlachtgruppe 7 in World War II" by Lovro Peršen about German night bombers in Yugoslavia, though in most cases the unit had the freedom to operate the hopelessly outdated machines during the day, at least until the allies pushed forward to the point where Yugoslav airspace was highly contested. I do wish I could find a similar book for night bombers on the eastern front or the late war western front. Anyway, I'd like to roll for Flying Circus with a '7'
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