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  1. I do not see either the "AAA object" I see their tracer bullets but not the object on the ground.
  2. Hello, is this a new thing? On the map "bodenplatte" when I was killed a second time the game is completely off with an immediate back office ... Thank you Alonzo for having so quickly put this map online. Buzz
  3. Hello, beautiful Update I have a question but I do not know if it's the right place ... This is not a complaint, but a simple question. Can we hope to have "Camo" base skins for P38 and P51? Best regard Buzz
  4. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/82969/?tour=12 for the 2nd I was wrong. It was a 110, a hunter then a 110. The first 2 planes were counted ... Sorry for this error. The 2nd 110 crashed after the end of the flight. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/82941/?tour=12 Voilà. Have a nice week end
  5. Hello, first, thanks for your answers. Then I'm sorry but my knowledge of the English language is insufficient for me to express myself directly in English. I use Google translate but alas it remains a "pretty much". I will try to make my explanation more precise. Excuse me for the length of this message. -I take off in A20, just after takeoff I cross a FW A8, I take it in hunt, I shoot him he smokes black. I leave it and continue my flight to the ground targets. After 1 or 2 'at the bottom of the screen on the left appears the message: 615sqn_Buzz destroyed FW A8. Or something like that. - I destroy the ground targets and I go back to my base, I land and I do "end the flight" I arrive on the stats screen and see the number of destroyed target grounds and 1 plane. At the end of the "map" I will see the stats and there, the plane shot is not present. There is nothing in the log of the part concerning this FWA8.I can see the damage done to the ground targets in percentage etc ... but there is nothing about the shots on the enemy plane. While in the party I got the message "615sqn_Buzz destroyed FW A8". If I ask this question it is because in my recent experience it is not an isolated case. One or two days before, I made a flight in "MK IX". During this flight I meet a 110, I destroyed it and I have the message "615sqn_buzz destroyed etc ..." I cross a second 110, I destroy it and I have the message ... Then a third, I touch it but short ammunition I have to go back to the base. I'm finishing the flight. In the game stats I have 2 planes destroyed. Then while I am on this stats page I have a third plane destroyed. He crashed while I finished the flight. But in the Combat Box stats "only one" of those 110 is taken into account. There ... there were other cases during my flights. I will repeat, this is not a criticism, I seek to understand. These statistics are important for me, they serve me to locate me, to see my progress, my efficiency ... μ Is the problem coming from my connection? From my game? Thank you for your understanding. 615sqn_Buzz
  6. Since the few months that I spend time on CB, it is the first time that I meet this problem. I now have a question for Alonzo. It's not a criticism, just a question. Why do not all AI Kills appear in the statistics? Example, just now with the A20 I destroyed a FW A8, it appeared in my statistics in the game but it does not appear in the statistics of the player on CB. Is there a reason for that? Buzz
  7. Haaa thank you for your answer RedKestel, in a way I'm a little reassured. I fly mainly on Combat Box, this month I did not have much time to grant to TAW, unfortunately. In principle I have one of the best connections here in Belgium. I repeat myself, thank you for your answer. Buzz
  8. Hello are there people who have encountered connection problems more or less 10 hours ago? Last night I was disconnected from the game twice. The first time after being disconnected the list of servers was completely empty (after a quick check my internet was not cut). I left the game completely. But there, when I restarted it, I had during 2 or 3 'the message "Verification of the current version" (I told myself "nice", an update, which plane ?: D). Then the message: Error updating ... So I'll see on the forum IL2: nothing about it. I go to the Combat Box page and there is no map of the current game. I said again that my connection worked very well. I'm trying to relaunch the game and there again "Checking the current version" and then finally: PLAY- ENTER- DOGFIGHT- MULTIPLAYER .... Nothing in the list At the third restart it worked ... but not long, a flight OK and the second I was disconnected soon after takeoff. And then everything to start again as I just explained here above. If it had happened 10 times my fairplay index would have fallen to 0%. Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem yesterday or another time? http://combatbox.net/fr/sorties/409/615sqn_Buzz/?tour=12 Best regards Buzz
  9. Ok thank you. I do not have "Discord" yet. I will see that.
  10. Maybe, but the server is still down 😭
  11. Sorry, They only have to go to practice on Berloga, they will quickly learn the difference ...
  12. Ils n'ont qu'à aller s'entrainer sur Berloga, ils apprendront vite la différence...
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