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  1. Very Sad news RIP Monguse, I still feel honoured having flown and talked with him in SOV Teamspeak. I was impressed by the knowledge and the passion he had on wwII air combat.
  2. If you are searching for intermediate settings, also Skies of Valor is still alive. I am not flying lately, but I now that several old comrades do. These are the stats from october 1st...some have already flew 100 sorties.. http://il2.skiesoffire.org/sovstats/
  3. Compromises need to be accepted. The programmed planeset for 5.0 is above best expectations, considered the time needed and the commercial environment.
  4. Planeset all depends on the exact timeframe of the simulated theatre. Another point of view is to choose the planes that have flown over an area in different timeframes (this gives more freedom to mission builders)
  5. If the teather is around 1942/1943 Italy there are some must imho: - macchi 205 - fiat g55 - reggiane re 2005 and 2000. - Also Piaggio P 108 had an interesting role above Tunisia and Huski and can be an absolute noveaulty for any simulation. We still miss Macchi MC200, SM 79 and Cant z 1007 for MTO Teathers
  6. What about the online servers ? If a server is updated to Tobruk will it be impossible for those owning just Blitz to play in there ? Or will it happen simply that they will not be able to play the missions with Tobruk content (like it happened in 1946 when client and server hosted different maps and planes with same version of the game) ? I am going to buy Tobruk for sure, but I am worried about the split in players population...
  7. I agree Mike. That is one of the things I would like to see implemented in future versions.
  8. Do not know if I understood well, but basically you should accomplish the objectives of the mission.
  9. Just quick question. Has this something to do with the "StalinMapLegend" template that is found on the template folder ?
  10. When I use Stalingrad map I get overlapping names of the towns when I choose the plane. What am I doing wrong ?
  11. There's no need: if you want to enter the server just send me a pm and I'll give you the pass. BTW at the moment there's not so much interesting to see, because I am using the server to test missions I have builded: one by one. Settings are also oriented to testing (icons and externals help the mission builder understand what's happening...) and are not representative of the server idea we have in mind. When I'll have finished enough maps to have a basic rotation we'll start open testings. Unfortunately "when" depends on how much time my job will leave to me (gone are the times when we had three or four mission builders...). In any case since you are also setting up the server, feel free to exchange doubts and impressions at your wish. I'll be more than honoured and happy. You at SAS are part of the history of IL2 and we all owe something. Skies of Valor in particular is forever in debt for SAS modact and AI planes pack, since we have based our missions on it from years now.
  12. Hi, I have read somewhere (maybe in the manual) that missions should be saved in the same folder where they have been saved in the mission editor. If you have saved mission from editor in C:\flightsims\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight In the server you should store the mission in the same folder. Do not know if this is related with your issue btw. ~S~
  13. Hi Storebor ! glad to see you here from SAS first of all. Our test server has the same setup and it seems to me that you are right (there's always the possibility that I am making the same error). No CTRL F2 working. Checked right now. F5 works both for reds and blue ground units. ~S~
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