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  1. I’m thinking that you may be correct regarding the cause of the engine speed cycling. I’ve found that even idling while on the ground will initiate the engine cycling between positions 3 & 4. It seems that the best way to avoid this condition is to keep the switch in position 4 at all times while flying, and use the blip switch whenever it’s necessary to slow down (and if idling while on the ground or taxiing, I’d recommend revving the engine up to position 4 briefly, every few seconds). If the in-game engine speed cycling is a feature that the developers implemented
  2. I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this. While trying out the new Nieuport 28, I came across an issue where the engine speed will become stuck, repeatedly cycling between ignition mode position 4 and 3 (which means that the engine will be constantly switching between full speed and 3/4 speed every 3 - 5 seconds). For those who may not be aware, the Nieuport doesn’t have a throttle, rather the engine speed is controlled by a 4 position ignition mode switch - located on the left side wall of the cockpit - which is controlled by your throttle input device.
  3. I’m pretty confident that I’ve eliminated that possibility (checked the control responses - used the “-“ and “=“ buttons for throttle control - deleted the throttle control from my primary joystick (Logitech 3D Extreme Pro) and assigned the throttle from a different joystick (Thrustmaster T16000M)). Each and every time the cycling started up as I described in my original post.
  4. Hi Cynic_Al, I think you are correct - that the issue I described is a separate issue. I’ve submitted a bug report on the issue I described, and I’m thinking of starting a separate thread on this issue (I’m curious if others are experiencing this as well). My apologies if my post side-tracked the thread, or confused anyone about the issue that you’re trying to resolve. Rod
  5. The problem is that the Nieuport 28 throttle will suddenly start repeatedly cycling back and forth between ignition mode position 3 and 4 (the quoted section below is from a post I made on the “Phantom Blipping” thread in the Flying Circus - General Discussion forum, and explains the issue in considerable detail. This was in single player (QMB - Arras map). Also, I’m using simple engine management. (Quote) “After running some tests in the QMB, I believe that this “phantom blipping” is a bug with the Nieuport 28 “throttle” function (I know - the Nieuport doesn’t r
  6. After running some tests in the QMB, I believe that this “phantom blipping” is a bug with the Nieuport 28 “throttle” function (I know - the Nieuport doesn’t really have a throttle, the engine speed is regulated by an ignition mode switch on the left side of the cockpit, that is tied to the positioning of your throttle device). Normally, moving your throttle forward advances the ignition mode switch from position 1, to position 2, 3 and 4. Moving the throttle back reverses this (position 4, 3, 2, 1). I’ve found that if I fly with the ignition mode switch in position 3 f
  7. Hi Baller, Here’s a picture of my camera settings (they are all the default settings, I haven’t changed any of my camera settings). I think the actions you’re looking for are “Rotate camera up/down” and “Rotate camera left/right” (the 4th and 5th actions from the top) - not the “Move free camera left/right” & “Move free camera up/down” actions you mentioned (I could be wrong though). I hope this helps you out. Rod
  8. The “October 27, 2014” date is just the date that @BlackSix opened that particular section of the “Technical Issues and Bug Reports” forum. @Q_Walker posted his bug report on this issue on this December 17th (thank you @Q_Walker for taking the initiative and reporting it - I had seen the same issue and just passed it off as: “well, that’s just the way it is.”) 🙄 I was glad to see that @-DED-Rapidus acknowledged and accepted the bug report - hopefully that will lead to a fix in an upcoming update. Rod
  9. Hi Skywarp7, If you haven’t done so already, you may enjoy reading @ShamrockOneFive’s comparison of the G6, G6 Late and the G14, on his Stormbirds blog (“The sweet spot? How the Bf109 G6 Late fits into Il-2: Great Battles”). https://stormbirds.blog/2020/11/18/the-sweet-spot-how-bf109g-6-late-fits-into-il-2-great-battles/
  10. Hi Darkdiz14, I’m pretty sure those in-game distances are always displayed in kilometers, regardless of which aircraft you are flying. So 0.40 displayed would be 0.40 km (or 400 meters) - again, regardless of whether you’re flying a Spitfire, Tempest, P-51 - or Bf109, Fw190, Il-2, etc.. Another example would be the weapon’s convergence distance in the setup screen - the distance you set is always metric (i.e. 0.40 = 400 meters). I don’t believe there is any setting that would change that - but someone can correct me if that’s wrong. Hope this helps.
  11. I don’t mean to speak for pippa101, but I think there is some confusion on all sides here. The OP stated that he does have BOS So he is on the correct forum - Il-2 Great Battles (AKA: Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban, Battle of Bodenplatte and (WIP) Battle of Normandy). However those titles have never been available on DVD (only through online download), and they are not directly related to the earlier Il-2 series (specifically Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack, Pacific Fighters, Il-2 1946, or Cliffs of Dover). Hi again Phil
  12. Hi Phil, I’m going to assume that you only have the Battle of Stalingrad module - and according to the store page, purchasing the HS129 would allow you to fly it in a career in Stalingrad - or Kuban - (as well as in the Quick Mission Builder - QMB - and in any single mission made for it). However, if you would like to escort them in a Bf109 career mission, they should already be in the game (AI flown) - but you would have to select a Bf109 unit that was stationed near where the HS129’s operated. I don’t really know which units that would be (maybe someone else w
  13. I’m hopeful that the announced “Planned Future Improvements to DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK” will also improve airfield visibility at high sun angles. “- Addition of improvements to terrain graphics. These will include the adding of a third Level of Detail for the terrain... to allow the players to see more detail at medium altitudes, as well as the addition of improved textures for game tiles outside of the main areas, and the addition of desert grasses and possibly more desert rock formations. We also hope to improve the tessellation effects in the game as part of these imp
  14. Sokol1, Thank you for this solution - I doubt I would have been able to come up with that on my own! You really are a Sensei for this sim! 👍 Rod
  15. Hi Konate, No, you did nothing wrong. I recreated your mission, and got the same results. It seems that when you select to do a cold start (Spawn Parked), the FMB selects a default parking area for you. I tried moving the plane to the parking area that’s just to the right of the south end of the runway (position 91), but when I started the mission the plane was still located at the original start point (even though I had saved the new position). Sorry I couldn’t help you with this one - maybe someone else will have a solution. Rod
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