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  1. muchas gracias Lothar, se te agradece el trabajo.
  2. Buenas gente, alguno sabe como reportar a los Chetos??? Muchas gracias.
  3. buenas amigos, como se puede crear un servidor privado? muchas gracias y saludos de antemano.
  4. when the version in Spanish? thank you
  5. and sorted out, thanks for the efficiency
  6. to clarify the issue I will explain what happened to me was the following when I set out to prove the fault trakir me in midair and crash me, I spend the screen but with no point, now I am in the second mission but points to unlock weapons I need. and I tried to reistar simulator but nothing, you have any idea what I can do?
  7. can restart the campaign mode? thans.
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