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  1. Such a thread in the suggestions sub-forum in a format comparable to the main suggestions thread can make sense.
  2. Question from somebody who doesn't know much about the P38: What's up with the reflecting surface on the inner face of the engine gondolas?
  3. First flight over the forest area where I used to live. Nice. Also saw the train bridge (i.e. its predecessor) over the river Wupper that I used last tuesday. Of course I notice or seem to perceive some aberrations and missing objects in this area, but I can live with that and not loose sleep over it. It's just so cool to be able to use this map for sightseeing.
  4. Wow, the things you learn: I never knew M.Gladbach wasn't spelled Mönchengladbach before 1950. Before that it was München-Gladbach. The word root is the same (derived from German word for "monk"). But I'm not so sure the spelling Wessel-Datten Canal on the ingame Rhineland map is correct: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesel-Datteln-Kanal
  5. Did you read how old she is? She still looks fabulous for her age and career!
  6. @OP: During Gamescom expo I could play a new build of IL-2 (link to forum thread). The photo option was already in there. You choose your image from a new tab in the aircraft setup options GUI before start.
  7. IL-BoX was always at Gamescom, but sometimes only in the Business Area or just as a game station among other shown titles. This year they had two devs with a new build and were approachable by any visitor. I went today to the booth again, looking at trailers, watching other visitors playing the shown games, tried out the Conglomerate demo myself (I think I will buy it - it's a cyberpunk dungeon crawler and that's enough for me). I want to express my thanks to Andrej(sp?) and Roman for talking to me and indulging my enthusiasm, my bad accent and my lack of expertise. Working at fairs and expos is tough. I guess in addition it is tough for them to guide all the people through the program who flew their last sim 15 years ago. (WORK IN PROGRESS) Today I could fly the P-51 in the shown build. The in-game models of P-38 and P-51 are beautiful and I spent some minutes admiring their metallic textures and cockpit details. For me it was fun watching the gear animation. At present the personal cockpit image can be selected in a third tab next to Setup and Paintschemes before flight. (WORK IN PROGRESS) When I remarked to Roman that the nitpicking threads on the forum will start as soon as the P-51 gets published, he just tellingly rolled his eyes. Guys, devs are humans with feelings, too! Treat them respectfully and with common courtesy even if it's not your first impulse! I will end this day with opening the Sturmovik lager can. Prost!
  8. Well, no promises, I haven't asked about their photography policy, didn't make any recordings and I think a DD can give us better quality. And yeah, there was beer.
  9. Hi guys. This week I'm spending my vacation in Cologne, Germany and I am visiting the computer and consoles game expo Gamescom which opens tomorrow for the general public. When you're a fan of all digital games mainstream, indie & retro you will find ample opportunity to reach blissful oversaturation. It's big. This year for the first time I went a day before it opens its door for the public and only a few thousand lucky wild card owners mingle with the business people and journalists. Totally different experience - I'm very happy about it. Entering the halls me and my brother went first directly to the 1C Publishing booth. There we were able to experience some of the new features of Bodenplatte that are still unpublished. My brother tried out BoX for the first time (he's a hard-core DCS pilot) and also for the first time VR - in a P-38 & and over Brussels. I was able to experience flying the Me 262 around Cologne Cathedral "Kölner Dom" surrounded by smoke (from a recent bombing). Please don't ask me for specific details, I wouldn't have recognized them in this situation. But I will vistit the booth again if possible. Also for the other 1C games shown. Many, many thanks to the friendly developer who guided us through the experience (I think it was Roman?). Also a thank you to your tip, Jason. Looks like I'll be running around Gamescom tomorrow and will be doing some advertisement This evening my brother said to me that he saw IL-2 on sale. Guess we have him come over to our side in the near future.
  10. I can confirm blitze's information: I transfered my IL-2 directory on its physical SSD from one computer to another and it worked. I only had to make a new link on the desktop of my new computer. Account information and passwords can be stored safely into a password manager. It's advisable to backup its encrypted datafile regularly to other physical storage media.
  11. How will the AI pilots react to the G-forces and adapt their tactics? Great DD!
  12. Thanks sokol, that's valuable information! Nice Johnny Red avatar btw.
  13. Type of improvement: Control Explanation of proposals: (is based on my experience shown in this thread inside Hardware & Controllers sub-forum) - Editable axis response curve I want to be able to edit the response curve of my pedals by changing values inside \data\input\current.map and keep those values. At present the file gets overwritten as soon as the .exe is started (or a little bit later) and restored to the default. This is an issue for my situation: My left brake pedal only works and gives values inside a range of 44% to 100%. This is mostly no problem. But it leads to bad side effects when flying the Ju52. Constant left brake input leaves the left engine at low throttle and take-offs with this controller configuration are very difficult bordering on impossible. My current workaround edits the wheelbrake entry in current.map from this to this To make it work I have to make the file read-only. But this leads to many pop-up messages about files not being able to be written. Therefore I propose a setting that makes selected axises(pl?) read-only without error messages. Benefits: Without a proper axis editor in Setting this change enables experienced users to customize axis response to their controllers. Type of improvement: Gameplay - Quicksave for SP missions Explanation of proposals: Time constraints let me refrain from flying IL-2 as often as I'd like. A quicksave option for SP missions with long flying involved (f.e. scripted campaigns, Career) would enable me to slip in a part of a mission into my daily schedule and continue next day with the rest. Quicksave option doesn't have to be active during me and my wingman in a dogfight. But maybe mission status can be saved during a quiet interval. Benefits: Shorter mission parts mean more flying in the long term. Type of improvement: Gameplay / Historical Accuracy - Usable bomb sight and female pilot models for U-2 Explanation of proposals: IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946/Daidalos patch has it. We should have it too. Benefits: Fighting and flying like the Night Witches
  14. ok, I got it working by editing the curve reponse in current.map and making the file read-only with one remaining issue: Now I get constantly message pop-ups about files unable to write. But at least I can now use a combination of pedal and throttle input to steer the Ju52. As for my pedal behavior mentioned in the first posting (working left brake only from 44% to 100% range) I found this response curve setting in current.map file suitable: I guess I have to ask some testers or the devs about an enhanced solution to my issue. Chances are that there need to be made some changes to the settings algorithms/data. [edit] oh, I see I left out a couple of minuses in data_row7. must be:
  15. thx niner! yes I tried that with input.map first, but i guess this isn't the right file that has to be changed and then made read-only. And now I know a little fact more: inside the file current.actions you have to enter the name of your axis, if you want to do it manually. current.map doesn't work for this purpose: I've only successful added an entry for my chosen axis to the visible key mappings when editing current.actions.
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