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  1. Thank you for buying BOX. There will be sales in the future with high probability, so more opportunities to complete your collection at a discount. The grinding for unlocks was an interesting concept to keep a certain type of player interested in the single player campaign, but all the other players weren't able to immediately access their favorite plane in their favorite configuration or were hindered to experiment with different configs as you have experienced, too. IIRC when the producer's hat changed, they also changed that concept very fast and it hasn't reappeared since. If you are interested in what development happened when then I may direct you to the Developer Diary in the Announcements sub-forum. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/7-announcements/ They kept the "every friday" format like Oleg Maddox did it for the first Sturmovik series, but since then it has beautifully evolved.
  2. littoral comes from the latin word litoris for coast and means something like "concerning the coast". Maybe you literally meant "literally"?
  3. Well, the devs talked about calculating damage for airplanes and vehicles. Did they also promise a new DM for buildings? If not then who knows how the new damage calculations affects those other objects?
  4. Wild guess: Not all 3 engines are slaved to the same throttle movement and at least one works as a brake when below a certain threshold (as was intended in real life).
  5. Track or it didn't happen
  6. Also interested if I can give my code to another user?
  7. The car was nicknamed "Schneewittchensarg" (Snow White's coffin) because of its bubble canopy and thin waistline.
  8. "Maybe someday." means there must be enough customers in the meanwhile. You know, revenue for the company. The devs themselves are open to all and any improvements to IL-2:GB, but they need time and money and not everything can be a priority .
  9. Here's a little light reading on a serious topic: https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/JAN191460 https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAY191310
  10. Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr! Viele Geschenke! (Many gifts to all!)
  11. I really appreciate this nice little detail! 👍
  12. Not a tip, but my pedals share some behavioral antics of yours. This is what I wrote in the suggestions thread (and the devs at least are aware of my problem as I found out when talking to them in person at gamescom): based on my original question:
  13. Thanks for your inspirational post. I don't want to participate in the give-away since I already own all products from the devs (though maybe my brother could want one - in this case I would throw my name in the hat for a FW190-A3). Nevertheless I want to share my book recommendation. First something about my personal reasons for this recommendation (disclaimer): Besides simulation games I have some other hobbys that occupy a huge part of my free time. One is comics (I even found myself a side job in comics distribution). There are many comics dealing with WWII, and enough comics dealing with WWII aviation, both fictional and historical, f.e. many books by Garth Ennis (writer of Preacher, The Boys, Hellblazer), like "Night Witches" or the War Stories series. Another hobby of mine is Japanes culture and history. Therefore here in this thread I'd like to give you this manga as recommendation: SHOWA HISTORY OF JAPAN 1926 -1989 by SHIGERU MIZUKI Written and drawn by Shigeru Mizuki. His comics biography intertwines his own life story with the history and society of the Showa era of Emperor Hirohito with Japan's participation in WWII as centerpiece. Mizuki is best known in Japan for re-introducing Yokai fables in a modern context to today's society ( Yōkai = supernatural entities in Japanes folktales, oftentimes mischievous creatures). His later work became more and more autobiographical like his story about a group of doomed Japanese soldiers in the jungles of SE asia (""Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths""). His art style needs getting used to if you're coming from a more mainstream western audience - use of photocopied historical photos as background for the overall setting is complemented with an almost naive style for his drawn protagonists in the trenches. His personal part in the story is a description of his early life with his relatives, how he got in the army as a young man, the war in the jungle, how he got wounded and lost an arm, how he got a job as an artist in post-war Japan and still lived in poverty and how he experienced the transformation of his country into what it is now. Its english translation is published by Drawn & Quarterly ( website ) in four volumes. If you want to buy it in a comic shop and they have to re-order it, you need the product codes shown here: https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/SEP131142 https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAR141133 https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/AUG141429 https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/APR151419
  14. (Correct me if I'm wrong:) The team that's developing the "Great Battles" series originated (among other sources) from the Rise of Flight team 777 Studios. ROF is a WW1 combat flight sim, still available here on this web presence and on Steam. At present the devs are integrating reworked ROF content and new content into Flying Circus: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/117-il-2-sturmovik-flying-circus/ Oleg Maddox and his team developed the BoB combat flight sim IL-2: Cliffs of Dover after IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 and had a very rough start with this program. (It's a story for another time.) Cliffs of Dover is still actively developed by Team Fusion, who are working with the publisher 1C. Info about their upcoming version v5.0 and everything else COD-related can be found here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/104-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-of-dover/ So at present it's all under one roof.
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