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  1. This weekend is Victory day on May 9th, last weekend was May 1st and orthodox Easter on May 2nd, it's a holiday week. So I guess the absence of new DDs is caused by this.
  2. @Jason_Williams and others in the know: Question out of curiosity regarding Steam and promo codes: You informed us in the announcement that Steam doesn't allow promo codes like this, so it's webstore only. I seem to remember that this was possible in the past, but in recent time I cannot remember them (Steam) giving out new promo vouchers that get applied when you bought it in Steam.. In the past I used time limited promo vouchers on Steam for games and DLC that were connected with the games I already owned and have in my Steam library. So did they stop this?
  3. It also wasn't posted in the NEWS section of the Steam GUI. Games updates and Dev Diaries get posted. Given the amount of good news in the posting it still should posted on Steam.
  4. Whenever I return to IL-2 I get to see the last aircraft I flew with in the hangar screen. Wouldn't it be cool to show the damage sustained during your last flight and succesful landing? Just thinking. I'm not sure if the model shown in the hangar is the same computational graphic used in-game. If yes damage could maybe made visible. If you don't like it make visible all the time make it a toggable option.
  5. That's the Early access/Pre-order process for you: The career mode and the map für Normandy will be released later. Just now you have only access to Normandy aircraft already released. This is also how it was handled in the past when the other modules were in Early Access: You get the finished work as soon as it is ready to present to the public, the more labor-intensive parts get released later (because they need more time to finish).
  6. So I finally found the time to start a SP career. I chose the 763rd NBAP at Severskaya, Kuban map. Now I have to ask abouit what happened on my first try at night bombing career: The first AI U-2VS (fully loaded) starting in front of me didn't clear the tree line behind the end of the runway. All other AI U-2 pilots seemed so frightened that they didn't start at all. Bug or feature? (seems to be reproducible, tracks can be provided for three different take-offs). OK, I couldn't clear the tree line either, but I made a turn after take-off immediately to reach the first gap in the tree line
  7. Damn! His columns were among the most interesting stuff on RPS and had a huge impact on games I purchased. Truly sad event. Thanks, 2020.
  8. His involvement in early flight simming made him a household name for me. RIP!
  9. One writer at Kotaku.com does something comparable: Writing about the "best" flight sims, taking very good but old sims and DCS, years later updating the article with MSFS2020 so that it goes on the frontpage again but never mentioning the GB series. Instead this: source: https://thebests.kotaku.com/the-best-flight-sims-1820662210
  10. I imagine people from this and other sim-related forums traveling back in time not to do the obvious but trying to convince German aircraft designers to build other types but 109s.
  11. Last month I learned for the first time about "Hurricane burns" (graphic depiction of its surviving victims in Garth Ennis' comic "Out Of The Blue"). Are those fuel fires in the cockpit an issue in the depiction of the plane in this sim?
  12. German WWII gunsights are made for only one eye. And the optics of gunsights only allow the reticle to be visible in the elongation of the gun/cannon trajectories/axis. You move your head too far away from the axis and the reticle wanders of the screen. Is this what you mean?
  13. Type of improvement: auto-trim function for trimmable planes, mappable, activated by user's Realism setting Explanation of proposals: Given the aircrafts current speed, weight. power setting and joystick input an auto-trim function sets all trim tabs for straight and level flight or current flight path. Auto-trim works instantly when activated, but is only a one-time trim changing input. Activating auto-trim before take-off sets trim to recommended take-off specs. Activation of auto-trim function is overridden by server/mission parameters. A
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