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  1. Recently, I have found a love for the Hawker Tempest. The amount of raw power in the engine and armament in such a sleek design is just awesome. I must say though, my all time favourite has to be the Hawker Hurricane. A workhorse, well liked aircraft that looks great and was so versatile in so many theatres.
  2. Personally, I dont see the point in the saying 'if I never fly long enough to use up a full fuel load Ill never use droptanks'. What I would appreciate with droptanks is the recognition of their historic significance to the battles portrayed in IL-2. As they were widely used by all sides, they deserve to be included for functionality and historical authenticity. I also look forward to the added fuel system benefits that will likely arrive with drop tanks.
  3. According to Clostermann's book The Big Show it is along the Dortmund-Ems Canal in Germany.
  4. If not then, it should have been released for Bodenplatte as pretty much all German aircraft used droptanks in that operation, and it was also widely used by the Allies at that time.
  5. WIll there be British or American paratroops, or both? I hope both the US and Britain are represented, especially if Operation Market Garden is part of the campaign. Looking forward to the C47 and Hurricane!
  6. Check this out if you haven't already, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/65384-autobahn-rijksweg-–-adding-the-most-modern-road-design-to-the-rheinland-map/
  7. The dam mod: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/14803-the-groups-sharing-corner/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-950949
  8. Hi, I really like your ideas (motorways, dams, etc), please keep making more! Could you please make a thread where all of your mods are easily found to download, it is hard to find all your work as it is in different places at the moment. Lemsip
  9. Hello everyone Here is my newest Fallschirmjager video on the final German airborne operation of WWII. Operation Stosser was a total failure and reflected the dire situation Germany was in by end of 1944. Please enjoy and leave feedback if you wish! Lemsip
  10. Such a good DD! Im excited for everything mentioned
  11. There are some single missions that include this air battle. You'll find them in the 'Missions' section of the menu.
  12. I love the g-tolerance as it is now, it was a great improvement to the game. I agree with others about abuse of negative g's and Requiem's comment about reduced onset of blackout.
  13. Almost certainly no :(. He's just talking about what they are doing to make the Normandy map themselves.
  14. Hi I think the P-39 is the only fighter in IL-2 with this external animation, but the bombers like the A-20, Pe-2, Ju-52 and He-111 have this too. The reason they did this? I dont have the answer, but they probably had some extra time a while ago and tested what these animations would be like.
  15. That vegetation looks really good! Is it just a texture?
  16. Wow so many thanks guys. Will definitely look into these
  17. Hi guys, Im looking for recommendations on classic or revered WWII air combat books for either side of the war (ie pilot memoirs) Let me know which ones you like best, thanks! Lemsip
  18. German bombers over England 1940
  19. Yes! Thankyou for finally correcting the paratroopers jump animation! Loving the rest of the update aswell.
  20. Before you ask, no this is not Desert Wings Tobruk
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