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  1. Hello again, is this skin available to download?
  2. I actually take inspiration from many of those great old il2, so its an honour to be compared to them. My favorites are Twilight of the gods by Doktorkop and North Africa and Pulse by Ph0b0s95.
  3. I think more sophisticated radio calls are sorely needed in BoX. I believe it is one of the last things this sim needs to make the world feel truly 'alive'.
  4. Hello Ive been making a video series with IL-2 on Clostermann's book, and Im so confused which paint schemes he had just in the time period just before your skins were used. In chapter 'A day like the others', he already seems to have been with 56 SQN in late February 1945. In chapter 'Rat catching', he also states in late February 1945 he was flying with 3 SQN and plane JF-E, but then in chapter 'The Rhine', he states on 24th March, 'stick JJ-B on the board', squadron markings from 274 SQN. He then states on 30th March he was OC of 'A' Flight 3 SQN. The only thing I
  5. This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the Hurri in Soviet winter paint! Thanks for making this. 24th March, 1945. Clostermann flies escort to 6th Airborne Division as they jump into over the Rhine into Germany.
  6. Great job on Clowes skin, looks great. I wonder, when the template comes out, if you could make another No.1 Squadron plane skin, Paul Richey's plane from France 1939-1940? Or some skins from 1SQN during the invasion of France?
  7. If they are added officialy by the devs, they will probably come when the Pacific arrives.
  8. Awesome, its definitely worth it! Seperate mod, works for more than the He-111 I think.
  9. This is a North Africa video made in IL-2 GB with a mod for the Kuban map made by @topgearuk98. It covers the desert air war in 1942. Hope you enjoy! Lemsip
  10. Hahaha, thank you Raptor! Im sure what youll make is the best anyone can hope for.
  11. Well, if you or someone else were to make a skin representative of the plane he flew in Greece, such as best guess SQN markings, identification letters, I would be content with something like that. Edit: Added picture of model of his plane with what is probably his serial no. in Greece.
  12. Hi I'm hoping someone can create Dahl's Hurricane paint scheme from 80SQN during the Battle of Greece in 1941. Edit: Raptorattacker created his interpretation of this paintscheme here I AI colourised this photo of a plane from 80SQN from Dahl's book, and it seems the paintscheme is desert or is at least using Middle Stone.
  13. I noticed that too, looks like some improved effects are on the way aswell.
  14. I still available I would like the U2 for a friend who has just bought the game.
  15. DF Lion thankyou, I was planning on creating this chapter myself but you have already done it! By the way, how did you get permission to use 'The Big Show' title with your 1946 skinpack? I ask as I hope to respect the content of the publisher and I do not want to unintentionally steal the author's content with my videos. Lemsip
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