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  1. Hello all I've been having trouble creating a custom mission that my friend and I can fly in at the same time. Could someone tell me how to do this? I've looked through manuals, but when I load up the mission in coop or multiplayer the spawns do not appear. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, any help is appreciated. Lemsip
  2. That just made my day, thanks Melonfish.
  3. YESSS! I'm so excited for this!
  4. On other forums Ive found info saying that because 33SQN had been in the desert longer, many of their planes were painted in desert camo and used Vokes filter in Greece, while 80SQN was not so homogeneous. Add in that the Greek campaign was a hastily organised operation, with many replacement Hurricanes flown in asap and without proper paintschemes or markings, it is understandable that there was an inconsistency in the paintschemes there. So Ive taken my best informed guess.
  5. Hello, if you complete your skin pack, could I have access to it? I was hoping someone would make a 1 SQN France 1940 pack so that I might make some videos.
  6. Thanks for the advice. In all my research the closest thing to a consensus on paintschemes in Greece was 'temperate camouflage, regardless of the unit - which is not always clear.' So Im just going off the most likely scenario that the majority of Hurricanes were painted Temperate Land Scheme with Azure Blue underside. Take Pat Pattle's plane for example, painted in Temperate at the time he was shot down https://live.warthunder.com/post/596534/en/. It seems you contributed to this skin aswell?
  7. For sure, Ill definitely let you know in the future.
  8. Thankyou! I've been waiting to make this series for a long time, so I'm glad you liked it. Next episode will be out later next week. To everyone else, I added Ep. 1, 'First Encounter with a Bandit'. Next episode will be out next week. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks to Raptor for his work, but I just needed a few more skins and didn't want to annoy him So I've made a couple of skins for 80SQN during the Greek Campaign 1941, including a best guess of Dahl's Hurricane. Not perfect by any standard, but good enough for my video series. If you want any of these please reply to this post. At the moment I have made 2 historical skins (YK-D and YK-Q) and 1 semi historical skin (YK-A). Lemsip
  10. Hello all Here is my completed video series based on the book by Roald Dahl. The book covers some of Roald Dahl's experience as a fighter pilot mainly during the Greek Campaign in 1941, with some flying also done in the Western Desert and Syria and Palestine. Thanks for everyone who followed and supported my efforts with this series, it was great bringing this story to life! Lemsip Edit: Thanks @Raptorattacker for the great skin!: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42650-raptorattackers-skinhouse/?do=findComment&comment=1026221 And thanks @
  11. @ShamrockOneFive Ah so its BoS that it began to show up. Yes, Ive been trying to use locked/padlock camera more, but sometimes I would prefer to use freecam.
  12. Hello all While making some cinematics I've noticed that compared to Rise of Flight or early iterations of IL-2 Great Battles, the game stutters a lot with flyby shots whether in cinematic camera mode or not. I will mention here that my PC is becoming too old to play IL-2 very smoothly, but the effect is still there in other videos I've seen. This happens especially when panning quickly. For example, notice in Rise of Flight, the game is smooth as butter and is free of stutters. https://youtu.be/kcxKC9CZYPg?t=227 At 2:18 However,
  13. Pilot Officer Dahl flies past the Acropolis of Athens, 1941.
  14. @Raptorattacker woohoo, thanks for the skin Raptor! Much appreciated.
  15. @RaptorattackerOk thats sound fair enough if its YK-D. And are you saying V7826 should be used even if we dont have the actual number? If so I think thats fine aswell. Again thankyou for helping out here!
  16. So I did some decent digging and found out that the most likely answer is that Dahl used aircraft V7826, with standard temperate camouflage with sky colour underwing as per August 1940 orders, possibly with Vokes filter, and likely with markings of 80SQN 'YK-?'. If you were to make a skin of this description, with say SQN markings of simply 'YK- ', I would be more than satisfied. Just as an aside, any olive camos in Greece 1941 were probably only used by 33SQN, while any desert camos were left over from redeploying from North Africa, probably repainted to olive (33SQN) or temperat
  17. What theatre of war were these plane skins used in? From what I know the filter and this camouflage was only used in Greece?
  18. Any progress on this front Rap? I'm really excited to get my hands on this one!
  19. New video released! 'The Rhine' takes place the day of Operation Varsity Plunder. Enjoy! P.S. check out the new video thumbnails, looks much better now
  20. Thank you so much Marco, I appreciate the effort.
  21. I will wait patiently while you work then , your skins are great!
  22. I found this earlier in the mission editor. Must mean things have progressed?
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