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  1. Hi all, since Im trying to stick as close to reality as possible with my 'Going Solo' series, here is a comparison of a photo from Roald Dahl and IL-2.
  2. I didnt even see the response from Jason until today, but I wanted to point out that since upgrading my PC and since the most recent update, the camera is MUCH smoother when using F11. The effect is still there admittedly, but it is a massive improvement.
  3. Yes. Still doesnt work. I will try this, what does it do though?
  4. No it is open while IL-2 is, and IL-2 doesnt recognise the head tracking
  5. Hi all, Ive just got a new PC and set up CL Driver and Opentrack but tracking is not working in IL-2. Opentrack is working, picking up the LED's and detecting IL-2 no problem, but when I press start to begin flying, no matter what settings I change, IL-2 will not detect any tracking movement. Please help as I am stuck and it is very frustrating!
  6. Thanks Tribal, its not my voice it is taken from an audiobook. Its my passion, thanks for your appreciation. I highly recommend it, very unique!
  7. Ahh, I didnt know that was you! Thanks for the support mate, I might need one of your skin hacks one day 😁
  8. Episode 3 added. This episode covers the Battle of Athens, enjoy!
  9. Thankyou so much guys, it brings joy to me that people like my creations! By the way, if you liked my older videos you might like my new series on Going Solo by Roald Dahl, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGXnGA68AEE
  10. Any info on when the paratroopers are coming to the C-47 in IL-2? Im really looking forward to them.
  11. The Battle of Athens - Greece, 20th April, 1941
  12. Clostermann's famous encounter with what was most likely Hans Dortenmann is shown in my new episode 'A lesson from an expert' (check OP). After a bit of a hiatus due to my old PC dying, Im back! Hope you like the better performance, enjoy! Lemsip
  13. Lemsip

    The big show

    Congratulations on finishing your series! Good effort on the 'The last trial', I imagine that took a lot of work.
  14. These are great I will definitely be using them. Also, as far as I know we are getting paras. We are waiting on the devs to say more on this.
  15. Wow this is fantastic! I love the shot at 1:45, perfect build up to that moment. The voice acting is also very cool. Keep it up!
  16. The only way quantity should become a thing with this generation of IL-2 is with AI bombers. If the gunner AI is changed so that bombers are feasible, large bombers should be added as AI planes. The current quality of the flyable aircraft should stay the same.
  17. Pat Pattle leads the last force of Hurricanes in Greece, 20th April, 1941.
  18. Thankyou, that was easy, just missed the cooperative start option!
  19. Thanks Cybermat, I always thought the Kuban map would lend itself well to his story. The term seems to have fallen out of use, but since Im the same age I feel old now looking back on the IL-2 1946 videos.
  20. Episode 2 added, 'The Ammunition Ship'
  21. Tried to make a skin that matched the model from original post. I've also done more research and found some Hurricanes were painted with Dark Green, Middle Stone and Azure Blue underside. Here is a test.
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