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  1. Thankyou, that sux o clock made me laugh! It's a good point you make though and I'll keep it in mind.
  2. Hello! I am currently making a short movie with IL-2 based on 486SQN (NZ) and I need a New Zealander voice for the main character. If you are interested in taking part in this awesome project, please contact me, I've made a forum post already: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70024-looking-for-voice-actors-for-short-il-2-movie/ Here is a trailer I've made to give you an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzurWzLfFJE
  3. Great job on finally completing this with voices! Though I must say, some of those Americans didnt sound very American 😄
  4. xD If you want to be involved I don't think it would stand out much at all. I can send through some radio calls tomorrow when its ready. (ps you would make a great voice for Clostermann since you are French!)
  5. Hello For my IL-2 movie I was looking for some volunteers to voice act. My main characters are New Zealander, but if you can do a convincing Kiwi accent I'm open to submissions. If I can't find any Kiwis, then Australians or British will have to do. If you would still like to be involved, I also need some background radio calls, etc. These can be British, Australian, Canadian, so on (anything within the RAF). Please message me if you're interested, as I have a first draft script ready to send out. My project needs to be completed by April 14th, so please if you're available contact
  6. Oh that's a shame! That's great that you'll have voice acting. How did you recruit the people though? Cause I'm looking to do the same thing with my video.
  7. Thankyou Redwing. You're not going to make anything?
  8. Follow the story of a New Zealander fighter pilot of 486 Squadron RNZAF during the last months of the war on the Western Front. A short film based on pilot memoirs and historical events, Fury in the Sky will blend the flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik and milsim ARMA III to create an immersive and historically authentic story about air combat in the Second World War. Made for the 'Art of War' film competition, the full movie will be about 17 minutes long and will be released before 14th April, 2021. Lemsip For my IL-2 movie I was looking for some volunteers to voic
  9. Episode 5 added, The Argos Fiasco. Enjoy guys, this is the last Going Solo video there will be for a while.
  10. I will definitely be participating in this. Great idea, there needs to be more of these!
  11. This video is a proof of concept for future paratroop cinematics using IL-2 and Post Scriptum. I hope the devs will release the paras for the C-47 soon as I'm itching to make these videos!
  12. The DZ at Heelsum, 17th September, 1944
  13. As much as I love the Battle of Crete, the RAF at Crete was almost non-existent after Greece. So not much of an air battle really happened. The Battle of Greece with Crete as part of the map would be better I think.
  14. Probably not, as my mission making skills are not good enough
  15. Part 2 of The Last Day But One added today
  16. Thankyou! Only do what you want of course
  17. Hey Beebop Ive got a request for you. Could you make a skin for the La-5, Lagg-3 and Pe-2 in Vichy French colours? Is it also possible that you make 1-2 of each with different numbers? These will be used for my Going Solo series and you will be given full credit. I hope you can make them, thanks! Heres some references into a Pe-2 s.35 into a Lagg-3 into a La-5 s.8
  18. The Last Day But One added to OP
  19. Hi all Here are some of my mulitplayer and singleplayer guncams edited to emulate WWII newsreels 31 Jan 21 17 Jan 20
  20. Is this 'supermod' of three authors available to download yet? Thankyou for your work!
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