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  1. Finale added to the original post
  2. Chapter 'Clouds, snow and Focke-Wulfs' added. OP also edited to be more on topic. Thanks to @DFLion for the great mission (which I edited ever so slightly for the video) and thanks @rowdyb00t for the amazing clouds mod.
  3. Wow, I am intrigued now to hear that story. Thanks for watching!
  4. Final video added. OP changed slightly aswell. This brings to an end my adaptation of Going Solo by Roald Dahl. Please enjoy!
  5. Hi as stated, I've done a fair amount of research into the Grecian and Cretan Hurricanes (which was a nightmare). It is a similar situation with the Malta Hurricanes, but with more consensus. It is most likely that the batch of Hurricanes Tom Neil's squadron flew off the carrier were painted Dark Green/Dark Brown/Sky blue underside. This thread gives you all the details you will need, and this photo is pretty much accurate except for the aircraft serial no. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50654-malta-hurricanes/
  6. Roald Dahl shoots down a Ju-88. Syria, 1941.
  7. Episode 'Survival' added to OP. Moderators, please dont move this topic, as it is majority IL-2 GB!
  8. Hi all, As part of my adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'Going Solo', I will be using IL-2 CloD Tobruk for a few videos. Here is the first, which will be followed by Dahl's experience in Palestine and Syria. You can see Dahl's experience of the Grecian Campaign here, which I have already completed in IL-2 GB: Survival added 12 April 2021 Palestine and Syria, and Home added 3 May 2021
  9. Cant wait to use those paras, hope there's UK ones in the plans
  10. Great information thank you. After researching to make my videos as accurate as possible, I am well aware of the historical discrepancies in The Big Show (and it has gotten very confusing at times!). However, I did not know there were such massive differences in each edition. For example in my 2004 English edition, Clostermann flies with Ian Blair in 'Tussel in the Stratosphere'. Similarly, it has been a nightmare trying to work out what markings his planes had in each chapter, as JF-E seems to be inserted earlier in the book than records show ('Train Busting' will be remade because I am unhap
  11. I know enough to understand a lot of what he says in his audio records. However, before making any plans for any new series, I will be finishing The Big Show first. Then Ill be able to think of other things.
  12. Some of my videos should fit the bill, @JG4_NOW99's are the best of any multi player videos imo.
  13. Im intersted Bonnot, but I dont know how I would do it even with ARMA III?
  14. Yes, the jet attack and anti-rat operation is based on this account.
  15. Thankyou Al, you allowed me to include the German perspective which was never planned. I will almost definitely need you and the others for more videos. Thanks Obelix, great skins by the way
  16. A New Zealander fighter pilot of 486 Squadron RNZAF fights for survival during the last months of the war on the Western Front. A short film based on pilot memoirs and historical events, ‘Fury in the Sky’ blends the flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik and milsim ARMA III to create an immersive and historically authentic story about air combat in the Second World War. Made for the 'Art of War' film competition. @Jason_Williams, @ShamrockOneFive I’m sure you’ll like this! Well done to the voice actors @Bluekiwi42, @AceVenturi, @6FG_Big_Al, @=RS=SirModernisation, @von_Tom, @[Pb]Cybermat47
  17. Thanks Bonnot, I am safe where I am :). ARMA III helps with the ground part, but Ill comment more on that when I post the video.
  18. Dont worry, I will make it epic
  19. I made post on steam complaining about how ridiculously rare it is to paradrop. Its honestly such a cool feature that should be a main part of the game, not a 1 in 100 matches event, especially since it only lasts about 5 mins! I literally had to compile the jump footage over a year or more. Thats ok it seems like a hassle! Thank you for the kind words, Im glad you appreciate my efforts. I have 2-3 more Tempest chapters to make. After those, I must wait for the new aircraft and Normandy map to continue the story.
  20. Hello, thankyou! It was made with Post Scriptum as it says in the OP. If you liked the, when the Allied paras are released into IL-2 I will make several longer cinematics on those famous operations.
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