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  1. This all sounds super interesting! When you say that the pilot nationality will be up to the ‘author’ of the mission, does that the option to choose the pilot nationality in the QMB and career modes? I don’t overly mind either way, but I am intrigued. 😁
  2. Does anyone know if the 1943 Kursk variant of the Ferdinand/ Elephant have a telescopic or periscopic gunsight? On the images of Ferdinands I’ve seen none of them seem to have a gunsight directly next to the gun like on the Panzers III IV and VI but nor I can see any periscope on the top like on the Stug or Panzerjäger IV either. Does anyone have an idea what kind of sight, when it comes into the game, the Ferdinand will have?
  3. This begs a truly philosophical question though, what’s easier to heard? Cats or Rivet Counters? Its like the unstoppable vs unmovable object conundrum 😛
  4. What to you think chaps? Will the update drop tomorrow or next week? I’m not being impatient by asking this, just really excited for the update! 😁
  5. I’ve been able to fire through a number of wooden buildings at enemy tanks in the Tiger, Sherman,T-34 and (maybe) Pz III sure if that’s modelled or just an unexpected quirk though.
  6. It happens in single player too, that’s where I discovered this bug. I would try and reinstall but seeing as my internet is not great so I don’t want to risk it.
  7. Well I’m glad it’s not just me 😁 Hopefully it’ll be fixed sometime soon, considering the devs only one hot-fix suggests to me that they’ll be fixing it in a bigger update (perhaps with more content too?) Either way it’s not game-breaking so I guess it’s not too major an issue...
  8. Oh yeah the radio chatter! Forgot about that!
  9. Has anyone been having troubles with the sound since the update this Monday? For me certain sounds frequently cut in and out no matter what I do. This issue isn't just limited to the new map, aircraft or tanks either. Needless to say its somewhat irritating. Does anyone else who has this issue know of a fix or is it something that the Devs will be having to do a hotfix for?
  10. Well seeing as that’s next week or so, I’m okay with this!
  11. Does anyone know when the tanks and Prokhorovka map will be realesed? The devs say it’s release is ‘soon’ and ‘by the end of winter’. Time be a marchin’ however and I was just wondering if anyone has a more precise idea of when they’ll be released? This isn’t a bitching post in the slightest I love the devs work, and I fully appreciated that it’s a giant task for them to undertake. Just want to know when I can get my hands on the Panzer IV and fight it out in Prokhorovka 😁
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