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  1. The Typhoon...It was the Japan Team...! ...Impressive...
  2. Hi Ghostrider44 Szelljr has already done this skin look at his thread.
  3. Raptoattacker has already done this skin Asgar look at his thread.
  4. Jasta11ace there's a little mistake in your skin links, the name are different but that"s the same skins (old crow x2)
  5. you are right Yogi, the vertical convergence still need to be adjusted ...but i don't know the value of that...and how apply that in game...
  6. Because of their location, clustered at the front, the convergence did not need to be set on the P38 ...The pilots seemed able to deliver group shots from 0 to 900 meters as well.
  7. "Le Crunch" may be "crunchy" for the French......The English Team is clearly of a higher level right now...
  8. Superb vidéos...
  9. Fatigué de ces screenshots qui ne servent à rien sinon te faire mousser...et nous faire perdre notre temps à faire défiler la page...dernière fois que je viens sur ce post...les skinneurs du site anglophone sont plus cools et partageurs......bye
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