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  1. Nice shot on me this afternoon Schuck I had not seen you...
  2. There's a problem with the skin link Gambit...I sent you a MP...
  3. Wow...I just realize that the skins are already available...! ...I had not seen it before...Thanks
  4. The link for the Skin Packs 3,4,5,6,7 doesn't work Pat......that give always the Pack 2...
  5. Exactly the same thing happened in 2001 in my city of Toulouse...It was terrible.....The same chemical : Ammonium Nitrate...Poor people...
  6. 1.0 is the final version ?
  7. Yes, i was also thinking about that Dutch2 ......I'll definitely buy it on the Site
  8. what is the benefit of buying it on Steam rather than the official website ?...Usually for good games, i prefer to give my money directly to the developers...
  9. Here, on the official thread of the campaign (same thing for the other official campaigns)
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