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  1. The new promo vidéo for Flying Circus is stunning...!!! 😵
  2. Bravo Italian Friends ....be strong and keep courage, we will shot down this fucking virus...Viva Italia, Viva España...Viva Europa...!!!
  3. thanks devs many good things here.
  4. Hi Busdriver there is two version of java, one for 32 bit system and one for 64 bit system....did you have the right version for your computer ?
  5. As a musician "sweet music" is for me 🎵🎶...Merci beaucoup Pat
  6. conspiracy theory is an even more dangerous virus than covid-19 ... highly contagious ... and present everywhere on the planet ...
  7. Salut Pat quelques soucis sur "black panther" nouvelle version: les extrémités des hélices et une partie des flaps sont transparents.
  8. Still same problem in mission 6 Jade......The A20s make circles and don't attack ships....
  9. First of all, it is necessary to understand a very important thing about the engine management of this aircraft: When the management of the propeller pitch is set to Automatic, the revolutions / minutes are blocked on 2750 and the intake pressure limited to 1.25 ata . (combat mode). The only way to obtain other settings is to switch to manual propeller pitch management. Last thing, the admission pressure necessary for takeoff (1.5 ata) is obtained only through the boost. To summarize: the automatic mode is only intended for ascent and combat, in any other circumstance, the pilot is supposed to manually adjust the propeller pitch. For takeoff your checklist is as follow: 1. Set prop pitch to manual and adjust it to 40% (for 3030 rpm) 2. Set mixture to 'Reich' / rich (100% is for startup only) 3. Enable boost (ctrl+b by default) to unlock takeoff power (1.5 ata / 1 min) 4. Trim it halfway to full tailheavy depending on load 5. Rudder trim should be neutral 6. Set flaps to takeoff with a single press of the flaps button (they extend automaticly to takeoff position) When you're ready to go quickly apply full throttle to increase the rudder efficiency. Its sometimes required to counteract any breakout tendencies with quick brake action and differential throttle. Holding the brakes to let the engines rev up before rolling can also help to keep the aircraft straight on takeoff. For climbing after Takeoff: 1. Enable auto Prop Pitch to maintain combat and climb power RPM (2750) 2. Disable boost 3. Full throttle (1.25 ata) For Cruise: 1. Disable auto Prop Pitch and adjust it to 2350 (at this point it's a manually adjusted variable pitch prop) 2. Reduce power to 1.1 ata 3. Reduce Mixture to Normal For Combat: 1. Enable auto Prop Pitch 2. Full throttle (1.25 ata) 3. Set Mixture to 'Reich' / Rich Some info on the aircraft systems: The constant speed propellor unit: It's intendet only for climb and combat whereas under all other circumstances the pilot is supposed to manually adjust the propellor pitch himself. The mixture unit works the same as in the P40 meaning that the pilot does not adjust the mixture manually but selects the mixture mode (Lean - Normal - Rich - Extra Rich). The procedure for single engined flight is 1. Feather the dead engine prop (enable manual prop pitch control before feathering the prop) 2. Trim the rudder max to the side of the running engine 3. Run the working engine at not less than combat power The manual recommends keeping an airspeed of 190 km/h for single engined flight to maintain a shallow climb. From what I tested so far this also works ingame.
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