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  1. Sound like a difficulty setting ,as FeuerFliegen already mentioned. Disable Throttling Assistance , or check if the trottling assistance is enabled. However keep in mind you got to configure an own key to enable MW50 Boost.
  2. Great Update! Still very satisfied with my invests i made for preOrder BoBP,BoM,BoS &Bok. Keep up the good work!
  3. Great anouncement! There are seriously guys discussing about the price and choice of next theatre... I am glad our niche genre keeps staying alive and we get steady new content. In my opinion great agile project management. Keep it comin you have me support!
  4. Imho the development curve of BoX is steady pointing upwards, since more than 7 yrs. I respect if some are not happy with certain aspects, but the team is doing a great job in development and communication to their customers. G forces got introduced since a few weeks. Features/products move produtive after pilot phases and will then be fine adjusted by time. So be fair, give this feature its time to find its way into this great sim.
  5. Manually copied the image into the mission folder. Means the location where you the save and load your mission from
  6. The mission file doesnt contain the picture, In my mission I use a .png file and the path leads to the mission folder. Maybe you can try that.
  7. Nice Idea. I didnt played around with the mcu server imput. I guess it works on a DServer only? Well am pretty sure it is documentated in Jim`s great Tutorial. Thx.
  8. Yes guess you are right. I hoped for some lua script solutions. So you just can trigger it on an event. Thx.
  9. Hi, is it possible to map a key to trigger the media? An example use case would be to present a target on a detailed image . Thx & greetz 🙂
  10. Kudos to your minds for next scenarios, but Battle of Berlin is as each european 1945 szenario.. a boring setting tbh, compared to what is still left. Allied Planes and Flak Explosions, beside that it could be more interesting for TC. And compared to the Moscow Map, why should Berlin be able to get bombed if the city of Moscow isnt. Means Berlin would be the west border of the map. Northern Africa Italy Pacific ...are scenarios that would probably generate money, which should be the main prio for a company.
  11. Just take your time to get used to the editor and you will find the MCU chains a logic process. I prefer it compared to the old Il2-1946 click & push Editor, which was very limited in each belongs. However you got to take your time and i nbest cases you documentate your own successfull steps. Am very happy the editor got released, as I guess it wasnt planned in one of their project sprints. So pls rethink of calling the editor a joke, as it falls back on your ability to use it. Great missions out there ,are proove enough.😀
  12. Thanx a lot Jim.😃 However the Bf109 G2/G4 behaving a bit tricky. The FW190A3 is taxiing liable. Tested the Bf109G2/4 at Kerch-1 now, but they refused to move 😣 The Bf109G2/4 just seem to take much more waiting time before moving along, compared to the FW190. Warmed engine is enabled, although I dont think the AI bothers about it.
  13. I was yesterday testing the Bf109G2 (SP) The chart was edited to the appropiated airstrip and taxi way. But for the love of god, i am not able to get "Mr.Hartmann" moving from his parking position to take off. At the same Airfield a Ju52 landed and was moving the correct taxi way to its park position. Are there any more steps needed, but those we know from Jim´s Tutorial? Am still at work, but I will update the post with a screenshot, how i arranged the MCUs,OL&TL. in short: - Kuban Spring - Kerch-3 - no wind/turbs - Bf109G2 - no taxiing from parking to take off - Ju52 - landing and successfully taxiing to parking Maybe someone could aswell upload a Group with a working AI routine, in which the AI plane is moving to the runway to takeoff please?
  14. Found it , by try&error. But tbh my solution is not very liable, as the checkzone trigger doesnt fires as desired. The mission is meant to be setup as dogfight on DS. Of course I am testing on my client as dogfight map of course. However , I still got the problem tha the check Zone TRigger, doesnt triggers the german tanks, when entering. I can dusty remember differences at complex trigger and check zone in DServer or Listen Server (native Coop) envirenment. Maybe the problem is caused here already?
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