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  1. Hi, is there a way to disable the notification sound for chat messages?
  2. Sorry for a maybe alreay answered topic, but is SRS activated on the TAW Server?
  3. Depending on how it was developed, the recommendations of the origiginal plane manuals are valid. That means you can check/search www for Luftwaffe manuals and follow the recommendations depending on the situation you got to dela with. E.g. ingame you can squeeze a bit more from the FW190 A5 in "Steigflug" by using manual mode with values from the org. manual. However in combat, you dont want to deal with prop pitch as you got other prio topics in that situations, like checking six and/or your oponents´ maneuvers
  4. Well a lot of guys are either long sim veterans or at least Il:GB expierienced. Practice means routine after time, which leads to success. Dont expect it to learn within days. This is a process that may lasts much longer than a few days. Keep on practicing, no different way to earn success.Turning down difficulties is like fooling yourself imho.
  5. It would be interesting to know the games giving error code, like #10072. However for testing sake i suggest to turn off firewall and antivirus to get it running at first. After beeing successful you set he restiction one after the other to high again. Is your buddy maybe behind a complete restricted system?Like Firewall raised completely? Doublecheck - Software Firewall down, - Router Firewall down, if it has - ports 28000 & 28100 open and routed to same ingoing/outgoing ports - noting error code
  6. Is there a way to increase the "ground war" beside the variables the advanced config? Basically our team likes the missions generated by pwcg, however the ground war could be expanded for ground hogs. Is there a way already now or future plans to - increase ground activities , like moving columns etc - to make columns keep on road and not let it drive into water/forrest? Maybe with predefined coordinates for start and end waypoints ? Thx and greetz
  7. I am no Il2 expierienced virtual pilot, but i guess I would dive to ground and begin conture flight for not presenting the weakiest part of the Il2. A straight six will be managed by Ivan the gunner....i hope
  8. I am the same opinion as Patrick Wilson. The angle is important at a low six attack, as i try to go for the tailpart direct behind the wing with canons. However several ways lead to success here. The way Kestrel explained is the most common i guess. If you are outta big calibers, go for the cooler..the .classic Hpt. Lipfert style. But with a 110 you shouldnt have Probs to down 3x Il2. How close are you to the target when firing? I like the girlz close, as the energy decreases by distance , and thus the damage the bullet creates. This 😉
  9. Guys you got seriously too much of freetime 🤣 Hope you deal with you girlz and remaining real life probs with the same passion you invest for a ... game.🤓
  10. Maybe you want to check the Requiem Air Tutorials. In this case the "How To fly the Stuka" Indeed you cant compare e.g. Iron Front Stuka flight model with BoX,maybe with the prequel Il2 1946...not really. Simplified controls compares to "regular" in Arma... So take a look at the video(s) and things getting clear very quick without wasting time in frustration 😉 However keep in mind if you start a mission as airstart, the plane will be controlled by default in "auto level" (not "auto pilot") as long as you give it rudder input. This is moment you start controlling the aircraft. However autolevel is a key mapping to enable a comfortable feature for every difficulty setting...leaving the hardcore simulation aspect beside here. Maybe keep an eye on trims and automatic dive in the settings, or in one of Requiem Videos, if your plane still keeps diving. I presume your axes are correct assigned....to be tested best on runway start.
  11. Well you are right, but if my grandma would have 2 balls, he should be my grandma 😉. Maybe be someone still got the doc offline for upload.
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