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  1. Thanx a lot Jim.😃 However the Bf109 G2/G4 behaving a bit tricky. The FW190A3 is taxiing liable. Tested the Bf109G2/4 at Kerch-1 now, but they refused to move 😣 The Bf109G2/4 just seem to take much more waiting time before moving along, compared to the FW190. Warmed engine is enabled, although I dont think the AI bothers about it.
  2. I was yesterday testing the Bf109G2 (SP) The chart was edited to the appropiated airstrip and taxi way. But for the love of god, i am not able to get "Mr.Hartmann" moving from his parking position to take off. At the same Airfield a Ju52 landed and was moving the correct taxi way to its park position. Are there any more steps needed, but those we know from Jim´s Tutorial? Am still at work, but I will update the post with a screenshot, how i arranged the MCUs,OL&TL. in short: - Kuban Spring - Kerch-3 - no wind/turbs - Bf109G2 - no taxiing from parking to take off - Ju52 - landing and successfully taxiing to parking Maybe someone could aswell upload a Group with a working AI routine, in which the AI plane is moving to the runway to takeoff please?
  3. Found it , by try&error. But tbh my solution is not very liable, as the checkzone trigger doesnt fires as desired. The mission is meant to be setup as dogfight on DS. Of course I am testing on my client as dogfight map of course. However , I still got the problem tha the check Zone TRigger, doesnt triggers the german tanks, when entering. I can dusty remember differences at complex trigger and check zone in DServer or Listen Server (native Coop) envirenment. Maybe the problem is caused here already?
  4. Thanx for your reply,Habu. I guess ifigured it out, awhile i was makin screesnhots of the properties. I changed the arifield possesion to USSR and retried it > worked.
  5. Hi folks, before my frustration level raises too much, I decided to ask for some help. The scenario I want to create is an airfield that changes sides, as soon as vehicles enter. In the attached screesnhot you can see my present attempt. A "Check Zone Trigger", activates a the Param Timer (10 sec), which activates a Text Debugger (working!) and aswell the MCU change behaviour (named German Control Taman here). The Debugger fires well, but the airfield doesnt change its behaviour. If I fire a test from Mission Begin to the Param Timer, the airfield aswell as the Debuiuger fire correct. Any suggestion what is going wrong here? 😃
  6. Did you check the motor temperature? I noticed that aswell but i guess its due enginge temps below 20°
  7. Shot into the dark - some Antivirus issues? Means the used antivirus tool values a certain file as threat? For what reason ever... Deactivate antivirus for testing and in the low chance the antivirus is responsible for the problem, you need a file exclusion for the generators folder/files.
  8. Hi folks, maybe you can point a blind dog to where in the editor I can find the NDB object. I am pretty sure it was an own object ,but I cant find it anymore 🙈. Is there any configuration to be made at the NBD, when set on the map, to work with related aircrafts? Thx .🙂
  9. I guess those negative comments in thread titles or topics come from a situational frustration and the forum is the valve for it. Doesnt matter if the problem sits in front of the monitor or it is maybe a game bug. However you got an EA game for less price than the future Release Candidate. Early Access purpose is to support the developer,provide constructive bug reporting and being a tester. The team prooves themselves as pro developers and great project management throughout the past years. Calling a wip development rediculus is just unfair and doesnt proove of having an eye for the whole imo. Instead of being constructive, some seem to need just a valve or just like to slam on already mentioned bugs, which is almost trolling. Try to take the PoV from devs side before posting in harsh vocabularies and compare it to your situation at work maybe. I really love what the team around Han and Jason just created the past years.We are all playing a niche game with just a small budget for the development.If i am bothered by a bug, i got enough faith it will be worn out, depending on its priority,it maybe takes a few updates - so what. Happy Eastern😃
  10. Big thumps up Vander ! As some already stated, this lifts coop missions to an easier level! Much appreciated. Next collector plane is on me 😉 Can you imagine to implement "ship attack" somehow? However I noticed driving ships in Kuban already.
  11. Hi folks, although I owe Bom since day one, i just tried the Ju-88 today for whatever reason. However I am strugglin to take off with the lady. I dont get her managed, to keep straight on the runway, awhile slowly pushing the hammer. The smallest correction leads into a catastrophy....and lately in flyin sth through my room....😤🤣 The Ju88 got no tailwheel lock - right?🧐 Any hints how to not trash her at take off would be much appreciated 🙂 ... yes i already studied vids like Requiems´tuts.
  12. Hi Pat, I try to get a mission generated, but I am receiving an error, incl log. Would mind to have a look please what is wrong on my end? PWCG is installed into the Il2BOS root folder. 🙂 I74930 /16GbRam PWCGErrorLog.txt
  13. I got the same bug, but alreadfy when I changed into the last attack (3rd part of Bom). The "wheel" keeps on turning, but I do not proceed to the next day. I do not suppose it depends on the date directly, but when you change to a new chapter maybe? I hope this can be fixed without loosing progress. edit: after attempting to reload the "next mission" several times, the campaign moved on to its next day.
  14. Thx a lot for your enduring support in PWCG. The Coop addition is a great feature, I/we will test is asap. 👍 Can you imagine to implement a sort of xml or html or csv export with all player data... in a later release? The reason behind is, to parse the exports and present it on a website ,l ike stats. I guess we cant make use of the (in)official stats parser, as coop uses different logs ?
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