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  1. Nice Chili. We read a lot of criticism from you in relation to Rift S and you were right in many aspects but it's nice to read now that you are willing to admit it's not all bad. It takes a man to admit a 'mistake' or change his opinion based on new facts or experiences.
  2. Good choice. Can't go wrong with cheap Rift S for this generation of VR. See what happens next year and then upgrade if you enjoy VR.
  3. Most likely because people are still trying to pick their jaws up from the floor. Great stuff.
  4. Try OpenComposite anyway. Much better experience without being sent to Steam VR every time there is a loading screen in IL-2. No stutters on map etc...
  5. Index is €539 in Europe (steam website). Add a base station and it's €660. Minor gripe is that you would have to now wait till sometime in September to get Index. Sims are nice in VR but you really need controllers to get the most out of your VR headset. There are some nice VR games out there , for example Lone Echo and some more on the way. I know a lot of them are quite boring, it's either shooting robots or zombies but hopefully this will change. I agree with the rest of your statement. I believe Rift S is a nice entry level VR headset that works out of the box. I really appreciate inside out tracking and that it's just one USB and Displayport and you are good to go. I have no desire to add more cables and 'junk' like basestations to my setup. Between Hotas and Trackir and my PC there is enough cables and 'junk' in my living room already :).
  6. Apparently if you are not willing to pay €1000 for Valve's headset that is better but not miles ahead of Rift S or you are not willing to pay to be a beta tester for Pimax or HP Reverb then you are settling. Pimax might be decent but having to 3D print new parts to be able to use it comfortably is just silly. It's like a buying a prototype. Same with HP , great specs but disatrous launch. I think Rift S is pretty decent at it's price and a better choice for new VR users. You can always upgrade down the road if you decide that VR is viable. I would never buy Pimax , it has nice specs but production quality and design is quite poor. Same with Reverb currently, not worth the hassle. Maybe when revised model comes out. So in my opinion there are currently only two viable/working options ,Rift S and Index. One is €440 the other is €1040, roughly. I will gladly settle for Rift S for now. VR is still a side dish for me and I still play on monitor/TV more than VR.
  7. Leaving immersion aside, there is only one advantage of VR I could find. Deflection shooting. I have spent many hours in the game and my aim on a monitor would be decent at times but could be pretty bad if I had a longer break. In VR I was shocked how easy deflection shooting was. Most of the time first trigger squeeze would be on the target. Correcting by tracers works great. View over the nose of the plane is much better in VR and it's easier to judge the distance and get correct deflection.
  8. It is possible to get 144fps in 1440p resolution with GTX1080 with 'Ultra' graphics. What are your specs? What fps are you getting?
  9. I believe it's about time we see what's inside the Mustang. Some cockpit shots would satisfy me.
  10. It's worth every penny and a lot of work went into it. I am playing IL-2 since very first beta back in 2014 (i think) and never cared for singleplayer. Gambit's Campaign really got me hooked. It's the best showcase of how immersive a well scripted campaign can be. A-20 is great bomber/ground attacker, and this type of experience is much better than flying fighter planes in SP since you don't loose immersion by dealing with rather dumb enemy fighter AI. On top of that Gambit's missions take you on some very scenic flights in Kuban map. Combination of time of the day (light on the map) , clouds and mission area , make for some of the best sights in the game. Ground and air activity is high, airfields are full of static and active planes. I really get an impression of being a part of large conflict. I don't get that in MP where the amount of objects is usually quite low. Also i find Havoc over Kuban a great benchmarking tool to measure your rig's performance. I upgraded my PC recently and Gambit's campaign was what I used to test my new rig. Long story short, get Havoc over Kuban. Support content creators and have a blast in your A-20.
  11. I am in the same boat. I have Rift S. I am quite happy with it. Price was very reasonable. I like that it's simple to use , no extra sensors needed for tracking. Inside out tracking works and even if it's not as good as Index with base stations it does it's job well enough that it doesn't bother me. Resolution and clarity is much better than CV1 which I also have and which has been gathering dust for nearly three years now. Touch controllers are decent. Again , not as fancy as Index but adequate. I finished Lone Echo in one day and never had any issues. It's light and comfortable. Doesn't get too hot and doesn't reek of plastic like DK2 did and CV1 to some extent. That smell made me sick and added to me getting nausea. I am fine with how IL-2 looks but I am even more satisfied with Elite Dangerous. So overall, yes I think Index is great, 120hz and slightly increased resolution sounds great but it's more than twice the price of Rift S. Is it two times better or will it last twice as long? Who knows. Maybe we will not see another consumer headset for two years but maybe there will be for example a consumer XTAL which will be superior to Rift , Index and Pimax. I have my reservation done for Index, but comes September i might change my mind. Even now with IL-2 being playable with Rift S , I am not going to switch from my 55" 4K Oled LG TV. TV for everyday multiplayer use and Rift S for some casual SP flying and for some Elite and other VR games. I don't know if I can justify spending €1000 for HMD that will be most likely obsolete in a year or two. I am a VR early enthusiast. I had DK2 and CV1 and used them less in 4 years than I used Rift S in a month. So overall I am happy for now knowing no headset on the market will replace my Flatscreen for now.
  12. I wish. My FFB2 is going strong and I have a nice modded one with with extension and different grip also but I wouldn't mind a new version.
  13. I believe you have to run the open composite app before launching IL-2. You might need to leave it open but I am not sure. Start Oculus App before launching IL-2 also. Sometimes IL-2 doesn't display in Rift if you try to launch it first. It will open Oculus Home but nothing is displayed in Rift. I would keep the Oculus Home running and restart IL-2 then and it should work. I hope it helps. Open composite is great.
  14. Yeah, it will come handy when we get flyable B-17 or other multi-crew plane and we will be able to issue commands over comms using voice. Add a nice 'banter' voice pack by half decent voice actors and we are set.
  15. I recently finished Lone Echo , what a blast. Now installed Elite:Dangerous and Voice Attack plus HCS ASTRA pack. I can issue all the commands by voice and the ship's 'AI' responds in a lovely voice. Visuals are acceptable but my GTX 1080 struggles a bit in dense asteroid belts or big space stations. As soon as I get stronger GPU I will be quite happy. I would like to say 'the future is now' but it's almost here, just around the corner. Just keep healthy and don't die and we will live to see Virtual Reality.
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