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  1. Yeah, it will come handy when we get flyable B-17 or other multi-crew plane and we will be able to issue commands over comms using voice. Add a nice 'banter' voice pack by half decent voice actors and we are set.
  2. I recently finished Lone Echo , what a blast. Now installed Elite:Dangerous and Voice Attack plus HCS ASTRA pack. I can issue all the commands by voice and the ship's 'AI' responds in a lovely voice. Visuals are acceptable but my GTX 1080 struggles a bit in dense asteroid belts or big space stations. As soon as I get stronger GPU I will be quite happy. I would like to say 'the future is now' but it's almost here, just around the corner. Just keep healthy and don't die and we will live to see Virtual Reality.
  3. I am afraid that at the moment it's all about trade-offs. Large FOV or better resolution. Inside out tracking or high refresh rate etc. I am happy with my Rift S for now but Index looks very interesting, especially 120hz refresh rate and new controllers. The price is a bit steep though if you buy first time and don't have tracking cameras from Vive or something. Also the wait now is a bit disappointing. September or later if you want to buy one. I am waiting to see new GPU's from Nvidia and check out benchmarks so I can retire my GTX 1080 but I am not overly optimistic that the gains will be that big. The whole RTX line was a bit of a let down. I need more power without paying through the nose for Titan.
  4. As much as I like IL-GB and support it, the engine is really in a need of serious upgrade. We need four engine bombers and large formations of AI. New contect is cool but can only keep your interest for so long if the gameplay is stale.
  5. Check this one out also: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-series/predatorx34 My squadmate has it and is very happy with it. I have this one but earlier version, without the fancy stand: https://www.komplett.ie/acer-predator-xb271hu/20798148/product?channable=e38727.MjA3OTgxNDg&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6cHoBRDdARIsADiTTzaIB6JUGgGfPI5-3oKcpHBMoefubbg2OgUlA6YPGUhJFgYs-HsidgwaAnXzEALw_wcB It's great alternative to ASUS. Cheaper and better , not visible anti-glare coating.
  6. they are both 27" and 1440p. I believe they have the same FOV. G-SYNC is great but you need Nvidia GPU for it. For AMD you need Freesync. Nvidia was to support Freesync but I don't know if it happened yet.
  7. Both monitors have good specs for gaming and flightsims. LG one seems a bit better with nano IPS and better response. HDR is a nice addition. I don't use it myself in games (IL-2 doesn't support it anyway) but it's nice to have it for future proofing. Last ASUS I bought went back because of very heavy anti-glare coating. Research it before you buy. I would also consider ACER Predator as alternative to ASUS , same specs and cheaper. Ultrawide options are worth considering for sims.
  8. I am currently using Rift S on I7 9700K stock speeds , so around 4.6 Ghz and GTX 1080 also stock. IL-2 is playable and looks good. It all depends on the scenario you will be playing. Same graphics settings give me for example: 80fps in quick mission with around 8 planes. 80fps on Berloga dogfight. 40fps on Wings of Liberty 40fps on scripted campaigns, but these are quite heavy. I still have more tinkering to do to get the best visuals/performance balance. You would have to tell us how you play your IL-2, multi or single. If single how complex missions etc. 1080 will work with Rift S , with graphics that are acceptable for me but I can't get steady 80fps in a busy online or single map. So for it's worth, you will I am able to fly around and have some fun in quick missions and Berloga but that's it. Rift S is great first VR headset and there is more fun to have with it than playing IL-2. I am happy i bought it and now I will start saving for new GPU to get most out of it.
  9. I am still waiting for the big news that were promised in one of the DD's way back. News that would amuse (amaze) us. I wonder if it's still coming.
  10. Yes. Currently too far away. Also 30% fuel on all FC planes should be enough for dogfight and duel. Back in RoF days 15% fuel for Camel or DR1 was plenty for duels and even for dogfighting.
  11. Aaah No. Western propaganda tarnishing achievements of Soviet Union and it's people. I am waiting for russian movie explaining it was CIA who were responsible for the disaster.
  12. You can also fly it online in TAW campaign. It's used to re-supply airfields. It's fun and helps other players. It's a thrill to fly very low to avoid being intercepted.
  13. Not a formation flying suggestion but I would like to see bombardier position included so I could go full Catch-22 in VR. Only 5 missions to go. 😉
  14. I am currently playing Gambit's excellent Havoc over Kuban campaign. I really enjoy flying A-20 in low level ground attack and anti-shipping roles. I would love to see A-20G variant in game. 6 cal.50's in the nose and 2 mg's in the rear turret. What a beast 😍. Any love for A-20G guys? Would you like to see it in game?
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