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  1. 307_Banzai

    Pros & Cons of these 1440p monitors?

    My TrackIR camera is not mounted on the TV. I have a small table for my joystick, throttle and keyboard. That's where I have my TrackIR camera. It's attached to the table on a ruler , this way it's high enough.
  2. 307_Banzai

    Pros & Cons of these 1440p monitors?

    No ghosting, no blur. Oled has a great response times. Colors are great. Not much banding when you look at the sky. There is temporary image retention but it goes away once you start looking around. I seem to have some burn in or other panel defect. It looks like dirty patch in the middle of the screen and there are horizontal lines going through the screen. They are only visible in bright scenes, like looking at the sky and moving your head in-game. I don't know if they were always there because I only started to notice them when I started to play BoX on that telly. I had it for six months before that and never noticed it when watching movies or playing games on my PS4. This is the only issue I have with this TV, I am not sure how it happened because I would never leave it on for more than 10 minutes if I was not using/watching it.
  3. 307_Banzai

    Pros & Cons of these 1440p monitors?

    I use a LG OLED C7. It has decent input lag for a TV and it has an option to run 1080p at 120hz. I use 1080p 120hz instead of 4K in 60hz. It's smooth and looks OK , there is a bit of shimmering but I am used to it now. Overall I am able to fly on Berloga for example and get 20-30 kills ,I don't think input lag makes me less competetive.
  4. 307_Banzai

    Pros & Cons of these 1440p monitors?

    I would go with this one from Acer instead of the TN panel one. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/MONACN92700/Acer-Predator-XB271HU-27-WQHD-Nvidia-G-SYNC-Gaming I Went from 1080p TN to 1440p IPS and I could not go back to TN panel, no matter how fast it is. When I was in the market for G-Sync monitor I bought Asus one with TN panel , I sent it back after one day. I just couldn't accept washed out colors and havy grain coating (anti-glare). I went for Acer Predator with IPS panel and I am vert happy with it, only problem was early batches build quality. I had to return two monitors before I was sent a perfect unit. I now fly on a 55" TV but that monitor gave me many years of great gaming.
  5. 307_Banzai

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip. I will take two Spits. For 307_Tomcat and for myself. Thank you.
  6. 307_Banzai


    I recently purchased G-6 collector plane. Paid with PayPal. No problems.
  7. 307_Banzai

    IL2 BOX FNBF - A Russian Massacre

    Great video Drifter. You did good last night. No shame to feel proud about it. Tomio , nothing is ever easy in flight sims.
  8. 307_Banzai

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I am sorry NN guys. You are absolutely right about a problem with communication on VVS side. This is what happens when you change Friday Night Bomber Flights into Friday Night Drunken Flights. Our comms officer Tomcat went missing after first sortie and we had no whispers set up to communicate with you. We heard your call about LW planes in sector 1006 heading east. We were up north at that time and decided to intercept the bombers, thinking they are going for our target in sector 0812. We wasted at least five minutes circling in the target area and then we decided to go west. We arrived late and saw what was the last moments of the fight you had with SCG guys. We were too high and too late. We made another bad decision and dove down on 109's that were too far and too fast for our I-16's. The rest you can see in Drifter's video. If we were on comms with you and arrived in time this fight could end very differently. Apologies NN's. BTW , Ishak is a tricky beast and very easy to go into a spin. Experienced 109 pilot will have no problem with outturning an I-16. Good job SCG guys , you had a really great night. We in 307 were not the most organised last night and the fact two of us had drinks before mission didn't help . We promise to try harder next time, we understand your frustration Razor. Happened to us couple of times before , on the previous mission I was defending against two SCG guys for what felt like eternity, hoping help would come. It didn't. I am really hopeful that when Air Marshall feature arrives we will be able to coordinate better. Thanks to Tip for organising the event and thanks to all players who participated. S!
  9. 307_Banzai

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    With addition of some nice looking russian female pilot for PO-2.
  10. 307_Banzai

    Tactical Air War

    Thanks for reply Kathon.
  11. 307_Banzai

    Tactical Air War

    I wish there was a chance to rescue yourself. Let say you crashed behind enemy lines. You now have a chance to hop into Po-2 and fly to the sector where you previously crashed. Land near the downed plane or pilot and take them/yourself back to your base. Avoiding captivity.
  12. 307_Banzai

    Tactical Air War

    Last night I was captured when I crash landed in friendly territory. Is this a glitch or a feature? I was at least one full sector south of the frontline. Frontline was around sector 1208 and 1308 and I ditched in 1408. I was very surprised when I checked stats and found out I was captured. Was it partisans? I did crash in a forest , maybe some guerilla fighters caught me ;). By the way I really like TAW , we were flying out from Ghatzk last night and the traffic was crazy. At one stage there was a flight of five Ju-52's coming back to land when another four were getting ready to taxi. Incredible sight. VVS really needs a dedicated transport plane, fingers crossed for Li-2 making it to the game.
  13. 307_Banzai

    EA digs the battlefield V grave just a little deeper

    We'll see , I heard about customization of your character but will have to wait to find out if it's adding designer shades and funky sneakers or will we be able to select gender and race. You can spot women in game at the moment plus they are shouting annoyingly.