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  1. Yeah, something about the textures. I had the same feeling in NY. It looks like something from The Walking Dead. Thanks for the link. I grabbed couple of scenery packs. Simple to install. I am worried that Google will step in soon, a lot of the stuff is lifted from Google data and it's against their Terms of Service, so even though it's non-profit stuff I think we will see Google putting an end to it.
  2. Not my screenshots. From a Reddit post. It's a mod I believe, not official. Plane model imported from FSX possibly. I am looking forward to fly this beauty when she is officialy in the sim and with decent flight model I hope.
  3. Could be something to do with streaming data and servers being overloaded. Much less players in beta, servers ran better I imagine. I cached whole of Rome in high details and had from 70 to 50 fps depending on altitude above the city. That's on Ultra settings , 1080p. I have i7 9700k at 4.6 ghz and RTX2080ti. There are stutters in areas that are not cached but overall I can live with some stutters in a game that renders that many objects. There is obviously room for improvement but still this is the most impressive software I have se
  4. I was wondering if combat sim would be possible in the new engine. As far as the ground details go, skybox, weather and clouds etc. Flight Sim 2020 is unmatched but there is a long way to add combat. Currently there is no visual damage model at all in the sim. Make a tight turn and suddenly screen goes black and there is a message that you overstressed the frame. If they managed to do modern jets or even cold war era stuff and have it in decent detail it would finish DCS off.
  5. How much for the Flying Carpet? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. It's rare for hardware to get me excited, especially throttle units but your gear looks fantastic. I really like that it is 1:1 scale. I will certainly be interested in P-47 and P-51 units. I wish you all the luck with your company especially during these uncertain times. I will be there to support you with purchase as soon as you are ready to sell these beauties. Btw. This is a first meme I ever created. I hope it expresses my excitement. Is this how the kids do it these days?
  7. That was me. I was shot up by another player before you, he got a nice burst into my wings. I didn't want to pull hard turns and then you bounced me and finished the job. It was a legit kill, I was surprised but it was believable. S!
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick question. What is the radius of airfields? Pfalz in the screenshots crashed on the front but according to parser it 'landed on airfield'. Is 'No Man's Land' a giant landing strip for Central pilots? ๐Ÿ˜œ For comparison a screenshot of my emergency landing. Close enough to the airfield.
  9. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ wow. what the hell man, what sorcery is this , 34 planes? May I ask which plane was that with? Btw. congrats! I don't think I can beat that. S!
  10. Good score Zoo, 22 kills, nice. Landing really helps with scoring more points for kills but the key I believe is making every bullet count. I average 8 kills in one sortie with Camel. AI can't fly for sh#t but it will still try to avoid being shot. My best sortie so far was 11 kills. Land when out of ammo , finish flight to collect points. Rinse and repeat. Now what's interesting is that highest score can be achieved on Arras map with ground targets, tanks etc. I destroyed 6 tanks in less than 15 minutes, sco
  11. 56. All Flying Circus airplanes: hitting at the central section of the top wing now also leads to breaking the top wing (its left or right part); This is interesting. I always aim for the pilot but depending on the angle and deflection I do hit centre of top wing a lot. Previously these 'missed' shots that went into the top wing instead of the pilot or engine were more less wasted, doing no damage to the wing. I only run some quick tests yesterday but I noticed couple of AI planes (Albs and DVIIs) loosing wings after getting shot in the centre of top wing.
  12. My bad , I thought number of kills was the challenge , not the score. Here's one on new DM. Three sorties. This should get the competition going. Four points shy of 200 points score , my OCD is killing me right now. Will get there next time.
  13. I admit I was late to the party with RoF. Joined in 2012, but even then there would be one big server going with 60 people most nights and a dogfight server (Fast Food and later Flying Circus) that would have a solid fanbase of people playing every night. So , in my opinion FC with current MP numbers is dead on arrival. If not for Jasta 5 and your efforts to maintain MP server there would be no decent MP at all.
  14. "Somewhere I'm willing to accept that wingshedding is seldom caused by the actual bullet damage, but by overstressing an already damaged wing, and that's why we see "too much" structural failure compared to historical reports." This is exactly what I realised recently after doing some testing. Wing shedding is certainly a result of both, damage and then stress on the now weakened wings. I think we were a bit spoiled when it was possible to receive a lot of damage to wings and continue to fight as normal. It might be a bit overdone currently and I
  15. Yep, and then the angels carry you safely to the ground I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  16. He should really get a mention in Aviators Chronicles. It's not fair it mentions and tracks aces only. No love for ground pounders. Lopnow is a machine and he keeps you on first position in squad rankings month after month. Can we clone him for 1PL? S!
  17. Hi Andre, Is there a way to reduce frequency of vibrations in wings software. I am currently flying a lot of Flying Circus. Machine guns fire at around 650 rpm in the game but vibrations I am getting are like if I was firing from A-20 Warthog. A bit too constant, with no breaks. I tried to figure it out myself but I can't find an option to do it. Same for the engine, they run at 1600 to 2200 rpm but there is no difference in feeling. Same frequency of vibrations, no matter how many rpms. Also I can't feel any difference when my engine is damaged
  18. More important question is how much you pay Lopnow and does he ever sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  19. Agreed. I have a lot of respect for all who took part in BAX. Just some friendly banter. I for sure felt safer in SeV. Takes a lot of dedication to fly Halbs under current DM. They did a great job destroying many targets.
  20. This video is a cruelty to our Central friends. You will give them flashbacks to Bloody April X. It was raining Halbs, Allelujah...๐Ÿ˜‹
  21. 'That's just like your opinion,man.' ๐Ÿ˜‰
  22. In my opinion current DM model is suitable for single player and casual players. For MP it removes skill gap. Random lucky spray in the wings , cheeky prop hang and suddenly you can lose a fight because your wings fall off. What is also worrying that cosmetic/visual DM does not correspond with actual damage received. You might thinks that couple of bullet holes in canvas should be OK and next thing you are spirraling towards the ground without wings. For MP it's simply too random and removes all the skill gap there was. It should be m
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