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  1. I saw that email as well and I'm looking forward to it. Makes me happy that work is still being put into this, even though its very much a side project. Lots of potential for FC. Any ideas when the next update is roughly scheduled to be?
  2. It took 7 or 8 years for them to flesh out the plane set of RoF. If it gets made at all, expect the same time frame for Flying Circus to get fleshed out too unless there's some wild resurgence of interest in WWI flight sims that drives current FC sales through the roof. While that would be wonderful, I have somewhere close to zero expectations of that happening.
  3. I admit I have no idea what it would take for FC to be successful enough to add a FC Vol 2. More planes, maps, SP campaign, more MP features, organized events, youtube videos, etc. Whatever magic needs to happen, I do expect it's going to require time - and lots of it - because as we are all well aware FC isn't the primary money maker for the devs. What I do know is FC vol 1 and the Digital Warfare engine has a lot of potential and I genuinely hope, somehow, it becomes wildly successful. I plan to buy whatever add-ons and other volumes they produce. That's about the limit of what I can do. Hopefully enough other people do that so it's worth 1Cs time and money to produce more. If it's not, then it's not 1Cs fault. It's just that the market is tiny and that's life. I really hope it doesn't work out that way though. I'd love to see FC brought to it's maximum potential over time.
  4. Now that all 10 aircraft for FC Vol 1 are out and the Arras map has been released, has their been any official word on if FC Vol 2 will be a go and what it might include?
  5. Epic screenshots guys. Truly a beautiful looking sim. I have been enjoying the Camel despite my craptastic flying skills. Looking forward to the release of the rest of FC vol 1 aircraft. Lots of potential. Camel vs flight of Pfalz Quick Mission video
  6. Even if we don't follow the devs posts, I presume that once they release a plane or feature for Early Access, it will simply show up for use in the menu for those of us with EA.
  7. Kind words but in reality it is more than likely I would simply be gunned down like a stray dog.
  8. I think FC is off to good start. Of course there are lots of improvements that need to be made (bullet impacts, DM balancing, etc) but its Early Access, so I expect those things. In time they will get more planes in the sky and iron out the wrinkles. I hope someday they revisit the AI and also put a serious SP campaign in it but I will only expect what the devs promise.
  9. That did it, Hillbilly. Thank you! It just must be launched from Steam instead of from the normal IL2 BOS desktop icon. I like the new Digital Warfare engine. Seems like a good start for rebooting the series.
  10. Bought it direct. My profile says I have the Flying Circus Early Access key and it is activated but when I fire up IL2 BOS there are no FC planes (Fokker or Spad) under Quick Missions or Missions. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or missing, please? [edit] The Fokker and Spad are listed under enemy planes, but not under planes for the Player. I have verified my FC Early Access key says that it has been activated. I bought ILS2 BOS on Steam evidently but I bought FC direct from the website. Is that possibly the issue?
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