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  1. Two is still a good answer. 2,3 and 5 are really just refinements of the two primary designs.
  2. Seems a bit contrived to make a point by pumping the throttle. It's the first thing I noticed as well. The fuel cutoff stops the fuel at or near the tank. There is still fuel in the lines and pumping the throttle would drive the residue forward. I've had the motor run on for a several seconds after full shutdown but nothing that would alarm me. I've had the 109 E do that as well. Even if it is a bug, it's a pretty minor one. If you've ever driven a pre-70's car, you know shutting down doesn't always mean shutting down. Mountains out of mole hills, this one.
  3. Nah, that’s a feature. They’ve modeled a nineteen year old panicking at the controls of an aircraft disintegrating around him. Just like I’d do in that situation.
  4. It's like I have ESP(N).......... This times infinity
  5. Not being a hardass, and not sure why we've moved on to insults, but simply regurgitating well known info from elswhere on this very site. Take it as you like. I'm done with the give and take. This topic is well worn over the last five years and the info is readilly available. There is no intention of anything beyond twin engine bombers at the moment. The DN engine is excellent for flight modelling and tactical warfare. It is not well suited to blotting out the sun with viermots and the DEV's have never pretended otherwise. Trying to change that in a forum is a folly.
  6. Maybe you should read what the dev's have already said about this topic before proffering your ideas for how complex the modelling is and how the game functions. It is exremely complex compared to it's predecessors and not currently possible. The AI is the bottleneck, each gunner does, in fact, have his own script, and no heavies are planned. It's a simple as that. Soon, BSR will be along to tell you, "if you can design it better you should start your own company."
  7. EVERYTHING in the game takes CPU power............................ Then multiply that at by 6+ gunners and multiply that times X number of aircraft defending against X number of aircraft and all of the angles, damage, physics, etc. It builds up very quickly. The computations for a single aircraft in a dynamic physics program are significantly higher than most (all?) of the other flight games out there. Where's my dead horse?
  8. Not an engine guy by any stretch but doesn’t this firing order essentially make it a very exotic four cylinder? Also, I thought there was an engineering reason for odd numbers of cylinders on a given row for radial engines. (Cleaned up my double post)
  9. Devs have mentioned it in the past but it is very low on the global priorities list. I think they are subpar as well considering how scrumptious other visual aspects are but totally understand considering the pace of development. It may be placebo but I think they are a little better than the EA period. It’s not game breaking for me, just a minor visual nuisance. Don’t see this changing anytime soon.
  10. It wasn't ever changed. D-25 was a typo. It's always been the -15. Ha!
  11. Approach is 220, cross the fence around 200, flare 180, stall into the three point at 167. It’s relatively the same for engine out or 1500 rpms. I think below 1500 rpm’s probably gives you flat plate drag.
  12. Bug squashing and feature tweaking are evolutionary. This team does an adequate job of addressing both of those with each update. Jason, literally, just had a post where you could address your singular "biggest" gripe for improvement, less than a month ago. I took advantage of the offer as I'm sure many other did as well. Outside of that, the team is well aware of both what the most pressing issues are and where they fall in the grand scheme of things (internal roadmap). They have made that abundantly clear over the course of development and work on them where they can afford to spend design cycles. They also, if you choose to read it as it comes up or between the lines on occasion, communicate all of the above fairly often.
  13. When do we teach him about slippinig to scrub extra speed/height if he's carrying it on final?
  14. Stats have been down for about a week. I was checking early last week with no problem. AAA is set to expert on both of the Stalingrad map, though, I don't think they are labeled Stalingrad. One has trains and the other does not. It is very dangerous to fight anywhere near the front or the airfields on those maps - regardless of flight profile or altitude. It is set lower on other maps and is more managable. Even on those maps, however, it it very dangerous to make more than one pass - as it was in real life.
  15. Remember, even doing that you will still have to be active with the rudder pedals and stay ahead of the nose swing. Mobile: I won't challenge your technical expertise but in the common vernacular, deadstick is a landing with the engine out. It may not be technically correct but it is linguistically correct. Icky Atlas: I've found if I nail the perfect landing I can simply roll out on any airfield without applying the brakes. Even the short strips are long enough - at least in all of the German crates.
  16. I consciously avoided the phrase. Be sure!
  17. January is a typically slow month for news around here. Holidays and vacations wrapping up while the team ramps back up. Just relax and give em a little breathing room. I'm sure the next DD will be awesome as usual. Next week..................
  18. First thing is to keep that stick all the way back "in your belly" after your plane is settled. Keep it there until you are fully stopped. The up elevator will help keep your tailwheel planted and less likely to come around on you (until you run out of airspeed). You need to anticipate the swing of the nose and stay ahead of it by moving the opposite rudder a little early.
  19. Ah, I see. I missed it in the interval between the first posts and getting up this morning and going to the last post first. Also, it wasn't in green. Time for coffee
  20. Good article. Where is the original Dev/blog post?
  21. Hmm, at work ATM. Maybe the game reads it automatically now?
  22. Make sure you have your up/down optimized. It’s critical to good online performance. I’ll post the link when I get home. Online numbers are already considerably improved. Three years ago there were 80-90 people at peak. This weekend it was over 300. Not great but good. I think BoBp will be a good draw and we’ll likely see an American server or two. I’ve posted a few times that I’m willing to fund (rent) a server if I can find a talented guy who’s solid on the ME and willing to cooperate on mission design. *Found it; The network settings for up/down is contained in Dev Blog 65
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