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  1. Purely guessing but the Dora is probably out in one to three weeks considering it’s in flight beta. That said, there was a horrible rollout on a weekend way back in EA. I don’t see them ever repeating that error. Rollouts will usually be near the front of the work week.
  2. Tracers follow a different trajectory as they lose mass unlike everything else in the belt. Many pilots complained about it during the war as they were not a good marker for anything but relatively close shooting and lousy for judging lead/convergence/impact on moderate to long distance shooting. They also give your enemy a visual clue if you initially miss.
  3. Not sure why people are freaking out about the P-38 dive brakes. They are clearly modeled (outline) on the underwing shot (#2) in the Dev blog.
  4. I’d have to look at a chart but it’s a big heavy round moving barely faster than a good 7.62 round. Why would it fall less?
  5. A little off topic but related; I bet you could convince GVL to make a Mustang quadrant if they aren’t already. I’ve heard good things about those guys and will be spec’ing a custom Fw mount this summer.
  6. Some servers take upwards of a week to ten days to implement new content into their maps.
  7. Just dump the stupid flags and I can live with what we got now................
  8. Jason addressed the copyright thing a little over a year ago. It’s not going to be a problem but he asked for no more threads on the issue for the time being.
  9. Are you b@stards seriously telling me you would deny me my Seamew?
  10. Unless things have changed, turning down the in game volume means you lose certain effects. Keeping it at 100% and adjusting it in Windows means you keep the effects and still adjust it to match your TS preferences.
  11. 100% then adjust windows mixer for game and TS volumes.
  12. I fly EuroCopter products in real life and find the Huey credible. The EC120 and AStar are a little twitchy and I've never flown a real Huey. That said, I'm pretty sceptical the Gazelle flys that way in real life. It's worse than our original A3, if you know what I mean. If it does, I'd want nothing to do with it and there are certainly better platforms for the modern military.
  13. I wasn’t questioning your effort or lumping all museums into one pile. I may actually have a turret contact for you in Stockton but it will be a bit before I can run that down. Dude has always let me clamber all over his bomber restorations and I know he has manuals.
  14. To be fair, most of the small private museums are on shoestring budgets as well. They rely heavily on donations just to keep their doors open and the work of numerous volunteers to restore the aircraft. While it does suck, they can’t operate for free and have identified a potential revenue stream selling access to their AC/cockpits. It is a business after all and I appreciate their dedication to letting me roam around their hangars from time to time in exchange for a little of my cash.
  15. Should have a third choice; Not now, but probably later into development.
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    See (directly) above................
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    The whole premise above starts with the, "Battle of Britain could be faked," visually from the German side but not from the British side.
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