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  1. Thats not quite the way I read that when taken as a total. His replies taken together seem to indicate all of the aircraft are in progress and will be released as they are completed. They may be released together if that’s how the timing works out or they may be released individually for the same reason.
  2. I agree and I’m a dedicated Luftie. Stick to the prop jobs and leave the jets in the barn. The Normal community is small enough. Don’t push out the regulars.
  3. With all of the combat evaluation on the .50’s during the war you’d think it wouldn’t still be the norm for jet combat over Korea.......
  4. All Yaks matter. That’s why some want them -9’s for Berlin *BTW, I’d call it Fall of the Reich, that way you can have several late war scenarios and all manner of Allied AC.
  5. Outside of the obvious copyright issues, BoX models are created from original documents.
  6. Seems a little early for that. Isn’t the full release aiming for end of the year? While I’m pretty sure the internal roadmap is probably firming up and documentation is being gathered, I’d be surprised by any public announcement before September/October.
  7. That is definitely NOT what was said. Pacific, at last mention, was delayed - not canceled. Specifically for both original Japanese documents, where available, as well as a paid professional interpretation of those documents.That is why Bodenplatte was implemented; to keep the series rolling/player interest and maintain a steady income stream while continuing development on future releases. Until there is something definitive from the DEV’s otherwise, those future releases include PTO.
  8. That is how we do it around here.
  9. You won’t for the most part. That is not how the mechanics of this forum operate. Most communication from the devs is by way of the Developer’s Diaries. They may choose to interact with forum posts, of their own volition, but they rarely respond to direct questions in these pages for a variety of reasons.
  10. We are coming in for next years show. Can’t find dates yet. Is it always second week of July or does it move around a bit?
  11. Wild-Fink this makes my heart sing!
  12. End of the Reich allows you to have Russian and Western Allies - and therefore some semblance of parity from a technical/equipment standpoint. This engine will never be more than a tactical simulator. Just have to deal with that aspect until there is a complete overhaul for generation IV of the Il2 series. Oh, and I’m totally OK with that
  13. I’d do the Fall of the Reich and get the epitome of both German and Allied AC. Leave the Centauro out in favor of La7/Yak9/Il-10/. Late Spit, late Mosqito fill out the allied side. German side is a little tougher but Do-217 and both the H and C variants of the Ta-152. If I had the reins I’d do a ‘43-44 Italy with early American marks, mid-war British marks and a slew of Italian jobs. We have the Me-410 and several German AC to recycle on top of that to complete the theater.
  14. I’ll betcha a two cheeseburger meal at McDonalds it gets done sooner than Gambit’s decade prediction. But only because I have both a gambling and fast food addiction......
  15. Maybe but what do you get, scenario-wise, that CloD doesn’t deliver? I wouldn’t expect BoF unless BoX tackles BoB.
  16. More pure, yet educated, guesses; I think there is enough expertise, now, to produce a stunning Normandy map and Italy is doable with the Kuban experience behind them. Italy, though, unlike Normandy, would require a whole new set of research and building/object types so it is a much bigger undertaking. Normandy would be easier to follow BoBp for sure and has a TON of name recognition. $$$ Midway (Pearl/Wake/maybe Aleutians) is a good bet to follow. They should have been able to complete their research (or used some frog DNA to get their dinosaurs) to get us some good FM’s and satisfy the rivet counters. I’m willing to bet we get some version of the Solomon’s as chapter two after the blowback on Okinawa. And we probably shelve that original “second” installment completely. There is enough interest in Bagration or Fall of the Reich to justify its existence and I don’t underestimate the will of the silent Russian partners’ influence over some of the dollars and decisions at hand. There are still a few airframes to fill it out plus a unicorn or two. Jason and Han seem to have an excellent relationship and I think Korea gets done for profit potential, technical curiosity, and out of respect for their happy marriage. I’m hoping to see the jet age realized over there and stick with prop-jobs for the remainder of our WWII adventure. As to another poster suggesting a pure deep dive into the code, it’s not happening and it’s not necessary either. They will never take a full design cycle to do that. It would end the series cold and the whole project would fold. They take periodic dives into the code during every cycle as it is and the game is maturing nicely overall. It’s not as fast as some would like but it is evolution over revolution. *edit Okinawa not Iwo Jima*
  17. Nor is Korea in the foreseeable future. I’d guess Korea is in either the third or fourth position behind; Europe 2: Either Normandy or Italy Pacific Eastern Front part 3 Korea likely fits in between Pacific and EF3 or after EF3 as a Natural progression. Even with a third party doing some of the heavy lifting. Pure (educated) guess.
  18. The reason it’s not a total waste is both BoX and FC1 are the same game. So the work on WWII fatigue automatically ports over to the WWI stuff.
  19. It would be exhausting to refute this point by point so I’ll just sum it up with, “no.”
  20. I’m also fine with tracking a hero or a few central characters. It’s just too bad the dialogue was genuinely horrible and every military cliche known to man was uttered in the aforementioned dialogue.
  21. It’s not CGI and effect for the sake of CGI and effects in that clip though. It is period correct and lends a bit of historical realism to Battleship Row in both films which I appreciate. (The Ticonderoga class cruisers not withstanding of course - how did that happen? ) I am not defending Pearl Harbor overall, mind you, but it has some good stuff in isolation. I will wait to pass judgement on Midway until I can take it in as a whole. The original also has a moderately hokey love story and some of the acting does not hold up well in retrospect but it’s among the classic WWII movies of that era. Gets a viewing in this household every couple of years on the ol’ DVD player.
  22. It’s always interesting when the sky is falling crowd are directly refuted with posts, content and links, yet they cling to their own opinion and tell everyone else to butt out with their stupid facts and stuff......
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