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  1. I am 100% sure he is incorrect about that......................
  2. I love the B but I can live without it until we get a different theater to fly it in along with Razorback P-47’s. (I’m looking at you Italy!) Edit: And don’t hold your breath for anything resembling strategic bombing in this sim. Though no Dev has said it, this is a tactical simulator. There is plenty of room for low and mid level combat within that realm. We will get no heavies with this version of the Digital Nature engine. The Devs have said that much.
  3. No, fortunately you have BoFP, Funeral Procession and you have a hasty ceremony with the AI priest and amazingly intact bot dead because this game isn’t rated M for Mature.
  4. Gold = Premium, purchased in EA Silver = Standard, purchased in EA Bronze = either addition, purchased after module full release Mods and Testers also have badges.
  5. There is no intention of implementing this. It has been argued dozens of times in these forums since the game was released in EA. The DEVS have said no. Just let it die already.
  6. Answered in the Russian forums. It is an error and will be addressed on the to do list. It is still very early in the Dora's development.
  7. For anything on the ground which is straight or adding throttle you should be pulling the stick into your gut and locking the tailwheel. You should only unlock it for turns and off throttle maneuvers. When unlocked you need to "stay ahead of the aircraft" with differential braking. S turns can be done on the ground but are not for the novice and should be done at very minimal throttle settings.
  8. The 190 A is exceptionally stable in the air for straight and level flight. It uses the absolute least amount of rudder input of any German AC in game. Trim input on the pedals even on climb out is minimal. You can fly almost feet off between 300-500 kph. If it is continuing to pull left in flight it is either a pilot or control issue despite it not affecting other aircraft in the sim. If we are talking Dora you have more of a case regarding slow speed handling only.
  9. You are not pulling the stick back far enough to engage the tail wheel lock. Also, if the tail wheel start far to the left or right it can skip the detent when the tail wheel spins through. Use a small amount of throttle with the stick full back and use differential braking. If you get small or no swing you are in the detent. If it continues to swing catch it with differential braking again. Release the back pressure and repeat application of the back pressure. The tail wheel needs to be relatively straight and not “swing through” to engage. When it is, it will be very obvious and the tail won’t swing. Additionally, the Dora requires significant rudder on the initial rollout like a 109 to counter the Jumo’s High torque. This is very different from the Anton’s. You can back off the rudder as you pass through 90-100 kph and it starts to fly more like the A series. The Dora is fun to fly and has her own personality but is not difficult to get a handle on if you’ve flown the A series.
  10. It seems a bit unusual but it's also still in development. Make a note of it in the FM section to get the ball rolling but remember to lodge a full complaint/FM suggestion you will need a lot more research that we have here so far. They may not see your concerns in a "fan" thread for some time here in General Discussion.
  11. No, I try to run at max continuous even during combat and be pretty conservative with WEP. MW50 for emergencies only. I try to have significant motor left for extending from fights or use during dashes for friendly lines. MW50 is always a last step for me.
  12. Twenty to thirty? My experience is a delay of 5-7. Noticeable but not catastrophic.
  13. Nope, 42-43 gives a planeset which is more balanced and different from what we are getting in Bodenplatte. You can then use the maps for anything you like, including 44.
  14. Yeah, but losing 30 and gaining thirty years? That's a helluva trick!
  15. Hope someone can help you out. I do not have this problem at all with TiR5.
  16. Not in oppostion to your proposal. I'm liking it more after looking how a vertically oriented map would work as opposed to a traditional/horizontally oriented map. You make the P-51B work by being tangential, like our original Fw-190 was to the Stalingrad map.
  17. Go a little later and there is more variety in Sicily/Italy - any British rigs you want plus razorback versions of P-51, P-47 and later marks of the P-40. And all of the Italian jobs plus a lot more scenery. Maybe Malta within that package if the long axis of your map is vertical.
  18. I think the main problem with going to the early Pacific without carriers means you burn much of the planeset you'd otherwise use in a fleet setting. Oddly, I feel less concerned about doing it the other way around (ie carrier to island module). re: Spain and Finland, I mostly agree. Berlin a little less so - you could do a pseudo-SWOTL (without going full Go-229 etc) vs late war Russian (Yak 9, La7, IL 10), maybe some of the last minute American upgrades, and it would probably do pretty well. France would do well with early English and German designs plus a French fighter (or two). Both compared to Malta, that is. You can sneak a Blenheim and Do-17in there as well which would be tasty for the mud movers. Italy, however, is probably the best early to mid-war scenario for generating income and continuing to expand into the North American/Western European markets. The German lineup is largely done and you easilly upsell Allied AC vs a whole slew of Italian marks - some of which are competitive.
  19. It will be a step back for spotting but there are plenty of really good pilots available.
  20. II/JG17 Zot and I are on Sunday's and Monday's noon PST. We fly fighters and Jabo but no medium bombers. Easy to fly with, fly exclusively for K/D and are not afraid to let a guy go to fight another day. Pretty causal on exclusively Normal. We fly on the official TS (Axis 2 Portuguese - but English speaking only. Channel is always open) give us a look.
  21. Well done. Sorry I couldn't stick around longer the other night. I need to learn how to actually dogfight one of these days.
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