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  1. Except in this case the team killer hunted my squadie back across friendly lines twice before sidling up behind him to start shooting. The second time it happened I rammed him to stop the TK attempt. It clearly wasn’t a case of mistaken identity or cutting across a possible kill by accident. One flight maybe. Two flights in a row, not a chance.
  2. When it’s difficult people complain. When it’s easier people complain. Imagine being a Dev trying to find the middle ground in all of these shenanigans!
  3. Ssssoooooo awesome. I’m about theee years out but I’m taking the dive after relocating. Allows the tech for both VR and motion to mature a bit and about the time I will be ready for a new computer as well. I watch with both amazement and anticipation!
  4. Support is just one or two guys - sometimes they are quick and sometimes less so. Have some patience for your own sanity if they lag a bit.
  5. At least some of that is attributable to angle. The game prop is set to flight. The original photo is set to full feathered. If you look at the blade on the far right, especially, it is nearly parallel to the ground/flat. Bit of an optical illusion in the original.
  6. Outside of full auto, which the FN wins due to the pistol grip control, the M14 is a better shooting platform. Frankly, except for specific mission parameters, they are both poor weapons for modern combat anyway.
  7. I don’t have my resources atm but I think a D-13 would be a good add for a Berlin module along with La-7, Ta-152 H and C, very late Spits, Mustangs, etc. I’m pretty sure some D-13’s were delivered with the square tails. So between the airframe and armament changes she’s a good candidate for interest/inclusion. Maybe less so the D-11.
  8. It's innovative and interesting. Not much more than the DOF Reality P3. I won't be in the market unitl I'm in the new house in a couple of years but I'll keep an eye on this one as well.
  9. That’s innovative. I’ll watch it in full screen when I get home.
  10. motion Sim looks impressive but also appears to be focused on commercial sales and very cost prohibitive.
  11. That’s what she said. and by that, I mean my wife, and not necessarily in a good way
  12. Need to do some research but the DOF Reality P3 might hit the sweet spot at $2500. Curious about how many degrees from center it can achieve. Has pitch, roll and yaw included. https://dofreality.com/#p3
  13. Yeah, I'm not looking for 360 and can live without yaw but 30 degrees seems a bit limiting. 45 would probably do the trick and 60 would be awesome. Now, can it be done for less than say 2-3k USD? Time for the pregame nap. Do continue without me, I'll check back in later.
  14. When a boy starts dreaming............. http://www.motion-sim.cz/new/?page=home&article=9&menu=34 And this one looks like it would be pretty close but the company doesn't look like it ever got off the ground after the grad work was completed at SJSU.
  15. If I'm dropping a couple of grand on a motion sim it better have a good four or five point harness
  16. Morning Jason, Any of those companies in the consumer price range and more than 30 degrees of motion?
  17. Yes and no. Link in my post above................
  18. Jason just posted this............. Which got me thinking/looking again.
  19. Not looking for 360. Just smooth and more than 30. (Hoping for 60-75 or so someday)
  20. It’s on the DEV’s to do list but there is no stated timeframe.
  21. Anyone using a motion simulator, either with monitors or VR? I’ve searched in the past and never really found anything suitable for flight on YouTube. With Jason’s announcement I searched again today and see the motion rigs have improved over the last couple of years but most/all of the commercial rigs are really geared toward racing and only move about thirty degrees from center or so. Is anyone making a consumer rig for flight which fits the bill yet?
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