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  1. Was just happy with the psuedo Easter Egg. The images are all stunning. Can't wait, it's re-energized me a bit after the long wait for this entry into the series.
  2. Just set Glamorous Glen as my desktop and noticed, in full size, the wheels from the 262 tumbling away in the mid-upper left of the pic. The map, models, burning "kerosene" and just the overall view is amazing.
  3. First? *edit: Nope, second. Shoulda opened the site then made breakfast, not the other way round. Beauty images BTW.
  4. Don't engage him, it is folly and he borders on trolling regarding anything other than "his" way.
  5. The short answer is.............probably. There is a desire by the DEV's to introduce drop tanks but there is no timeline at present. Switching will become a thing when that is implemented. Again, there is no promise and no timeline. As to putting out fires in a dive, that is already implemented. I've never done it but others have and I think it was mentioned in a DEV diary somewhere pretty early in the development cycles.
  6. Icon distance is currently set by the DEV's. Dead tanks lose their icon but usually smoke or burn before popping out. Overall, however, the general feel is mixed icons won't work. Thanks for the input. I'll pass it on. Murf
  7. Would that make it more interesting/challenging or less fun? Would all icons ON be better? It is a Normal server so all icons OFF is not an option.
  8. Luke, Look, a cart before the horse .gif
  9. I wouldn't get too far out ahead of ourselves until there is an official announcement. I'm not saying it's not happening but Daniel discussing potential AC types plus translation issues does not an announcement make. Til Han or Jason says it's so, I'll take this with a sprinkle of salt.
  10. To clarify; easier to hide if they are ALL on or easier to hide if the player controlled tanks are NOT on? Most ground and waterborne objects will be on for this map.
  11. I am assisting in design ideas for an icon's ON server. We are looking at ways to get combined arms to be an integral part of the build. If we did icons ON for AI tanks but OFF for live targets would that be desirable? Apparently, we csn assign no icons to live tanks without affecting the rest of the visible ground objects. (There are already hidden ground objects as well.) The thought is, AI such as tanks, arty, etc would be ON as they would be on any Normal server. So most ground/surface targets would have icons. It seems a little silly, however, for live tanks to know exactly where everything is; particularly live tank opponents. On the other hand, icons ON is the norm for pilots in this build. The third consideration is that it might give live tanks more longevity - as the spotting would be much harder from the air and may also require closer cooperation between air and ground forces. If you are a tanker sound off. Would this interest you at all or just a wasted effort? Happy to hear from pilots too but this is mostly for the ground guys and ideas how to get them to populate Normal(ish) servers. Lastly, if you are a tankie, could you direct your friends to this thread even if they have no interest in a Normal server. We'd like to get as much input as possible. I'm just an ideas guy, not the builder, and am only assisting with gameplay theory. My/our input may or may not be implemented either in whole, in part or not at all. Murf
  12. Rani, you play in the trees much more than I am comfortable with Nice flying.
  13. These are two completely different issues. I agree with your gameplay analysis, to an extent, but wholly disagree with your moderator position for the reasons stated above.
  14. Disagree. When you look around at other companies' offerings over the last couple of decades, I think $20 bucks is right in the sweet spot for cost adjusted pricing. The more complex AC should probably be priced HIGHER. And yes, the G-6 is worth it but you have to set your expectations correctly and most importantly, EMPLOY it correctly to get the best from it. She is no world beater but in the right hands she can be formidable - as was the case IRL.
  15. Guy's, I love you both but the 262 clearly broke the server. The 262 is a wonderful aircraft and has a place in Expert Servers, Offline and Scenario based play. With an icon based server, however, it was simply overkill. You know I'm a dedicated Luftie so this is not an Allied or Allied vs Axis argument from me (until the American iron hits anyway - then probably 50/50). I think the bans for you (Ray and Cujo) were wholly unjustified and I'm very sorry it was abused. I think it was more reactionary to the AC, not to you individually. Accordingly, I don't anticipate any further ban wars and know from discussions that there shouldn't be any further AC restrictions beyond the 262 either. In the long run this is not a purely historical server and gameplay/action is the overall guiding principal. There is balance with the prop AC lineup because each side has a focus on different capabilities and pilots can find success when they fly to their AC strengths - regardless of side. Prior to the 262 you knew you had a fight if you could handle your plane, even in/vs most of the twins. Opinion: DED Normal needs moderators to fly on the server, even if it's only part time volunteers, to ensure there is some civility to the gameplay. Maybe have access to server restarts and have Ban/UN-ban authority. We have drifted closer to the WT crowd, personality wise, in the last few months. The taunting and poor sports have fractured the DED Normal community much more than the 262 issue. This is even more disturbing than the inclusion/exclusion of a particular airframe. It is, without doubt, the primary reason I have flown so little in August. I wonder if they would be open to Community Moderators? I can think of a few good candidates (I might not be one as I can get a little chippy at times as well ) Back on topic: The DED guys can't address FM's as that is up to the Dev's but they can keep a sense of fair play regarding aircraft sets. The Spit overperforms but so do several versions of the 109. Again, that is a Dev issue, not a DED issue. The 262 just takes this to the extreme, performance-wise, and it was not good for gameplay. We have, generally, had a very good community on this server. I enjoy(ed) flying with and against almost everyone here. A few interlopers (both pilots and AC type) have come into the fold and disrupted this. I'm hoping to get back to a sense of chivalry and good gamesmanship as we have had, generally, up to a couple of months ago. I'm taking a break until the new American rides arrive and will re-evaluate at that time. I hope to see all of you guys again and I hope to see you having fun on the server. I am always happy to wing up with you, steal a kill or give a kill, and chat you up either here or there. I'm hoping you feel the same. Murf
  16. Aircraft are designed in parallel. That is why we will get the P-51, P-38 and possibly the Tempest at the same time. It is not a linear process, either individually or collectively.
  17. That’s for the model. All up with FM, alpha and beta is clearly longer.
  18. I think there is enough observable/anecdotal data to say single engine aircraft built by the Dev team is in the five to eight month range. 3rd party is probably a little longer but will decrease with further collaborations.
  19. Save an iconic PTO aircraft for a Pacific expansion......
  20. As much as my heart desires her.................I doubt you will see a PBY until we get to the pacific. I have an entire thread on PBY's and gameplay.
  21. I’m positive we aren’t going East for a while and would bet a two cheeseburger meal it is either PTO or another European release. That said, to keep our Russian friends engaged, I agree a top notch Russian performer would be an excellent choice. As suggested earlier, I’d go with the Yak 3. It’s the closest thing the Russian’s produced performance-wise during the war compared to the Luftwaffe. I’d prefer a C-47 as well but the B-25 seems the more likely candidate for obvious reasons.
  22. You can fly AGAINST any aircraft and on any online map because the game is unified. You can only fly those aircraft you have purchased (Bodenplatte vs Stalingrad vs Kuban, etc) and only fly those maps you have purchased, offline, because offline is played as if it was stand alone. I think you can fly against every aircraft both online and offline but I don’t remember because I own it all. I await Luke’s horse for any clarification.
  23. While there is a difference between my wishlist and my speculation list, I suspect they will draw from: Yak-3 C-47 Spit XIV B-25 The fighters keep near parity performance-wise with the Germans and the Yak-3 would be very welcomed by our Russian clientele. The 47 makes sense on both fronts where the Li-2 variant doesn’t exactly and the B-25 is, in fact, low hanging fruit. I’d prefer to see the Mosquito included but find it unlikely at this point in time.
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