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  1. In mountain rescue I’ve heard the figure of 35 feet being the 50/50 mark of survivability. Depends on angle and surface of course. Landing on your head on concrete is certainly different than landing on your back on manzanita bushes. FTR I fell 35 feet and survived. One of my rescuers related the 50/50 comment. I was very broken but overall still in tact at the end. One major surgery and about two years to be fully “normal” again.
  2. I will hit a downed airplane if he is just hanging around well after the landing. I always wait to see if he pops out first and sometimes text a warning to despawn before giving him a little love. If it appears the player is doing any sort of forward air control he’s a fair target. There is a player who regularly crashes bombers near our airfields and shoots up spawning players, however, who gets no love whatsoever.
  3. A dev has stated it’s difficult to program gunners to miss. I’m thinking two things could make it more realistic. Adding dispersion to flexible mounts and changing the acceleration when pivoting the weapon - like the camera acceleration in cinematic mode. (Acceleration, though may be the wrong term. I’m on my phone and can’t look at the GUI) Add a little lag compared to the movement of the AC it is attached to. That’s more for you guys than me. I don’t have major problems with the current implementation of aiming.
  4. Diverse, yes. Superior, not so much
  5. Because they already improved it once and adopted some of my original suggestions three years ago. The suggested improvements are relatively simple and and would improve the experience for a segment of their audience. If the argument is that a minority (Normal) has no bearing on the game, then online players (with or without icons) should have no voice whatsoever. Relative hundreds (online) vs tens of thousands (SP). That is the general argument you are making, yes? BTW, I didn’t revive this thread and if you read it all, I’ve conceded some points earlier for ease of implementation. The game should improve for all segments of the community. It doesn’t have to be equitable and it definitely shouldn’t be catered to only the loudest voices. It is what ruined CLOD and almost killed this one as well. Minor improvements within the framework of workload and overall vision where they are able to squeeze them in help form cohesion amongst this disparate rabble.
  6. XB You can cherry pick time frames all you want. I play when most of Europe, where the current majority of players are participating currently, are awake. I’ve never played war thunder btw. Also, 1946 AAA server was always packed it was 72 ppl, SoF was always packed it was 64, SoV was well attended it was 64, and Spit v 109 was awesome but I think it was only 48. There are plenty of people who play a style other than yours and enjoy it. Can it be improved with a couple of minor tweaks? Immeasurably so. So, your opening statement is patently false. Not sure why you keep popping in here. Clearly you are not the target audience for this thread and just like to troll.
  7. Your opening statement is patently false.
  8. It's evolution resulted in the Sea Fury and she is lovely indeed. I have yet to see one fly but am hoping to next year as I will be attending the Duxford show.
  9. Weird, I've been playing with the same 40-60 guys for almost five years now.................and that doesn't even count Coconuts Normal Server which has it's own following.
  10. Yes, we are all aware of your "there is only one way to play the game and anyone who doesn't play my way is terrible," position.
  11. My only complaint continues to be the survival rate of gunners. Landing multiple hits in the crew compartments of a Pe2 or Il2 often has little to no effect on gunners. In reality it was a very lethal position in any bomber and survival rates were very poor. In game it seems less so over many hundreds of "combat" hours. I don't really have any problems with their accuracy and use decent tactic to avoid their fire. Once in a while I get sloppy and pay the price but take responsibility for my own actions there.
  12. Bearcat was closer to a shipborne Fw-190 than an F6F if we’re doing comparo’s.
  13. Put the 51 B/C back in and I’ll vote for you
  14. Fair enough. Just wanted to paint a fuller picture as we address this approximately every ninety days (minutes?) in these forums.
  15. 90 percent true but one of the developers did say the B-17 was exponentially more complex to model than a single or twin engined aircraft. Building it would take the design cycles to complete a full set of fighters and is not worth it ecconomically. (Second sentence is paraphrased as I don't remember if this was printed or a live conversation I had with a member of the team.)
  16. If they do Korea there will be helicopters. Then they can go backwards or forwards to their hearts delight.....
  17. Glad you found a solution. I’ve found Milan to be very attentive to any issue that comes up. Glad to see he still values customer service as much as he has in the past.
  18. The initial ship pack will likely be limited to four or five classes of ships. I think Jason said that in a thread somewhere. One fleet carrier type for each side and an as yet undecided set of combat and support ships. Certainly not the plethora of Japanese carrier types at the outset.
  19. We always seem to get wound up about the ‘Midway’ title. They should just rename it Battle of the Pacific, Carrier Ops or Battle of the Early Pacific. It would tamp down 60% of the arguments about it. The map will not be Midway Island alone. That makes no sense whatsoever. This team has had a couple of hiccups in the early going but I don’t recall any WTF moments over the last two or three years. Have a little faith that when it is done, it will be done well. I have faith that it WILL be done at some point.
  20. The pic is not really a fair comparison. The position and angle are significantly different from a normal pilot's seated position, there is no hood installed, no gunsight, we already know refraction is not modelled, and cameras are not eyes and never will be. Even the improvement of the mod is minimal. Good work as it's something I can't do but this is not some monumental step forward and the stock cockpit is pretty amazing, overall, as it is.
  21. I think you are misquoting Jason. I agree the series is most likely moving to the Far East and probably some more western theater stuff as well. I’ve never heard him say anything resembling he’d “ had enough of” the Eastern Front. I am quite sure he would not alienate his crew or an entire community by saying such a thing.
  22. Was no one in this thread, unfortunately.....
  23. I told him to stop several times and tracked him for several minutes. I waited at least two minutes while he intentionally closed with my squadie (his intentions were clear and verified shortly thereafter) , I asked for a kick vote, and waited for him to fire. Then I cut his legs out from under him til he quit the server. I hate to be the bully but that behavior has no place in our community. I’m usually the guy who is there to help anyone on a server and forfeit my own mission to clear a teammates tail. I gave him MULTIPLE opportunities to discontinue TK’ing.
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