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  1. It is a tragedy on so many levels.
  2. I remember Bill and Larry saying they were on board. George was a little iffy on the Merlin.
  3. *picks up mic......... A true laminar flow wing offers upwards of 20% better efficiency. The Mustang wing was probably not a true laminar flow wing but offered somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5% better efficiency contributing to a remarkably efficient overall design. Hence it was able to take the bombers to target and back and fight any contemporary fighter design on equal terms. Clearly not a mistake by any reasonable standard. *carfully places mic back on the mic stand where it belongs.* Two readily available paperback sources are Planes and Pilots P-51 Mustang From 1940 to 1980, isbn 2-913903-81-9 and Squadron Signal P-51 Mustang in Action, isbn 0-89747-114-8. I'll go through my hardcover stuff if you need anything more detailed.
  4. It was, in fact, an Air Ministry recommendation. I’ll look for a citation tonight.
  5. While a fantastic shipborne AC, the F6F is outclassed by both of those AC in most respects. Generally speaking, shipborne AC didn't match overall land based performance until the Bearcat and Seafury. *yes, even considering the Zero’s climb and maneuverability.
  6. This does not conform to literally hundreds of texts on the development of the Mustang. The Americans and Brits shared a great deal of data between them. Then as they do now. This isn’t directly spec’ing or designing an aircraft. The Merlin was an absolute game changer but this has nothing to do with the airframe or original spec. It should also be noted that later versions of the Packard Merlin and Rolls Royce engines shared less than ten percent of common parts. Both engines were refined on different continents, largely independently. Late add ons, such as bubbles and gunsights, also have nothing to do with designing the aircraft at the concept phase. The original order was to Curtiss for P-40’s which Curtiss couldn’t hope to fulfill as they were at max production capacity. Curtiss farmed the order out to NAA who had capacity. NAA then upsold the Mustang which EXCEEDED the British spec on paper. Once delivered, it was widely recognized as a substantial improvement over the P-40 though still lacking a supercharger. The Brits suggested the Merlin and NAA realized bolting a supercharger to an Allison would take too long. It was a spectacular marriage and a world class fighter was created. I seem to think the air ministry may have also bolted up a Merlin to an A model but I’m away from my sources for the moment. There is no doubt NAA used combat and technical data in making design decisions. They’d be fools not to. The end result was an AC nearly every Allied Air Force adopted during the war. *and I’m not even a Mustang won the war guy. This info is easily accessed in any library with a modest aviation section. To state otherwise is naive at best and trolling at worst.
  7. Even in a slip she's hard to slow down. I use a mid-field break turn to downwind and slip in the sim regularly to get on the deck quickly from speed.
  8. Even if you are too lazy to pick up a book, Wikipedia has the answer. Where do some people get their information from? The Mustang history is extememly well documented and available to anyone who takes half a moment to look for it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_P-51_Mustang
  9. Anecdotally, the 51 is now the hardest AC in game for me to slow down in on landing approaches. That honor used to belong to the 109. She is one slick b*tch.
  10. It seems the Collings Foundation lost it's B-17 today. No reports on injuries yet. Terrible terrible loss. Hoping it was only the aircraft as it is used for tour rides. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/02/nyregion/plane-crash.html Update: Landing accident, not take off or airborne. Six injured. https://people.com/human-interest/vintage-wwii-plane-crash-bradley-airport-connecticut/
  11. Are you in Arnhem? I stopped by yesterday in my Tempest but same thing. Probably best to call ahead next time.
  12. Not to worry. I have often been corrected on these forums. As long as it is respectful it is both part of the learning process and community building.
  13. Tempest was never really equipped with rockets outside of a few field trials.
  14. 25 lb boosted Spits are gonna be a major PITA now. Good thing I'm splitting my time between D9's and Mustangs now
  15. With the release of the Arras map, haven't they outdone themselves in SPADs?
  16. Really happy about occluded icons. Makes them more of an aid and less of a crutch now. Bounces will be possible now. With all of the improvements, the next update is almost a new game as opposed to an upgrade. Bring it!
  17. Every game I've ever owned has had this problem with TiR. I was even one of the first to suggest to them to allow the centering key to be placed on the stick. For the record, at the time, they told me it wasn't practical and they weren't interested in researching dozens of different joystick manufacturers . I probably still have that email somewhere. I just set it up now and re-centering is part of my regular routine. I re-center often during any given flight, especially if there is combat involved. It's almost subconscious at this point.
  18. Where is your sensor placed? It should be as close to eye level as possible. Are you using Track Clip Pro or the hat reflectors. If you have the clip you need to put the sensor slightly to the left or it will lose the signal when you turn to the extreme left because your face gets in the line of sight between the devices. Also, adjust your TIR before you fly as above; *The six keys are for position. Mouse wheel is for zoom. AAANNDDDD, you have to repeat this process for every AC you fly. It's not universal between AC but it is permanent once you hit F10. Lastly, I have a dot on the bottom edge of my monitor which is my "true" center. If I slew the TiR off center in a heavy maneuvering fight - I look back at my centering dot, click the programmed recenter on my hotas, and I'm back in business.
  19. What, I thought it was Scandanavian Airlines System?!
  20. Glad you boys came along. On a quick flip through the DEV images I thought it was just a lowly Hetzer
  21. I could have sworn there was a DEV post about two versions of object placement options regarding this specific question. It’s late, I’ll go dig around for it tomorrow.
  22. The fact you know what this is probably means you already were
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