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  1. I found, after recording and reviewing with an outside view, I did not have my nose high enough on my single seater flares. It felt fine from the cockpit but was 10-15 degrees low in the nose. I was creating pilot induced oscillations during wheel landings. The Messerschmitt was far less forgiving than the LaGG at this. Now that I keep the nose up, even if u screw up the sink rate or flare too early the messer settles down in one bounce and nothing gets broken. Landing it cleanly is still a challenge but very satisfying now. I feel more pride in a bounceless Messerschmitt landing than a multi-kill sortie! Keep the nose up and three point those single seaters. Congrats on the Pe-2. I haven't tried her yet.
  2. First thing that crossed my mind too. Someone get a set and make a clone. Or update it slightly with 3d models and make it new again. You might not sell to anyone other than flight sim guys but hey, there's a few of them/us out there. Hopefully for less than the $700 originals. I'd have fun playing against my four year old daughter. She'd really get into it.
  3. Thanks guys. She's actually the techie and also the cheapskate in the house. Her comment was from the hip and I just wanted to verify my earlier decision to go with the TI. FM are you running twin 780ti's? After she said the above I looked at possibly twin TI's as well. I think I'm in, however, for a single card for now. Twin TI's might be an upgrade in a year or two.
  4. So, I'm going to drop a bit of cash on a monster rig to coincide with the commercial release of BOS. My intention is to get a 780ti video card. My wife, who is usually quite frugal, suggested going with the Titan to future proof the computer. I usually do a new rig every 3-4 years and upgrade components once or twice in between. The question is: is there (will there) be any NEED for a card of this magnitude or is the 780ti plenty as I suspect? Of course everyone wants the Godzilla of vid cards if available. I'm not much of a gear-head and the extra money is a bit of a stretch. The birthday is not far off and also coincides. So, I can justify it, if only in my head. Also, I'm driving a 42" Samsung tv/monitor at 1920x1080. And it looks like they have/will enable SLI and I may be able to postpone the purchase for a while now. My twin 460 cards may now be up to the task. Previously I had to run at reduced resolution on the big screen for good frame rates.
  5. Andy, Never thought about it before but zooming in for airport diagram is a really good suggestion.
  6. Welcome, From a playing/combat perspective it is really all about keeping your ENERGY up. Beware the endless turn fight. Join a squadron and get help from teammates. Again, welcome. *Posting this in the other guys new from WT post as well
  7. Regarding OP: Hate to be a stickler but isn't it a Bf 109?
  8. Phew!! Thank goodness this has been addressed!
  9. My generic setting for the 109 horizontal stab is between the 2-3 for level flight at 2450 rpms. Adjust as necessary to match your speed. Add that the tail wheel must be locked for take offs and landings. @Bucksnort There is no official documentation for the alpha yet. This is Pierre's unofficial documentation. And thanks to him for it. ~S
  10. Remember a couple of things; The map is small and they are stress testing a LOT of things on purpose. Lots of aircraft in a furball will do that even if it is lopsided. Bigger maps and more balanced fighters are on the way. Try to be patient, fly with teammates, and kill the little buggers
  11. Isn't that where the community voting/vetting process comes in? I also really dislike the no custom skins path we've taken. I think it's a big mistake and easily solved via ROF's existing system.
  12. They'll get the baseline right. Just give it some time. I'm not particularly concerned about it yet as we all know 45%, WIP etc. I just think the randomization at the edge of the performance envelope would be a cool and realistic feature.
  13. "Oh and about random damage and wear. Devs stated that every time you hit Fly/Start the plane is factory fresh, no wear and tear." Yes. I essentially said the same, although, I paraphrased is differently. And as a former military mechanic I can state emphatically there are good mechanics and bad mechanics. There are plenty of dud mechanics which directly contribute to mechanical failure through shoddy work. Aside of that, thoroughbreds running at high RPM's also fail regularly. Look at how many turn-backs there were during the war for mechanical troubles and how many race cars break in a weekend of racing.....at any level; amateur - F1.
  14. Quite agree on it not being specific to one engine. I almost mentioned it in my previous post but it was already getting a bit wordy. I think the randomization should apply to all of the engines. Say, plug in the nominal value (time) of that particular engine and then the randomizer (85-650 percent) comes into effect for that round. The next round, same base value affected by a different randomization. Of course getting the base value right is the most important thing and then determine what range you want for the randomizing. I don't care if it's a DB, Merlin, Fiat, Allison, PW, Nakajima or Shvetsov. OR whatever your favorite aircraft is powered by. Any programmers out there? How hard would this be to implement?
  15. I think the failures should be randomized. Firstly, exceeding the limits for a few seconds here or there should not, for the most part, cook your engine even if you exceed the one minute mark. Some engines WILL fail depending on tolerances and if your mechanic was a dunce or the top guy at the airfield. So make them fail between 0:59 seconds and say, perhaps, 6:59 (or whatever random number is chosen) when run beyond the manufacturers limits. It happens all the time in car and motorcycle endurance racing. Same vehicle race to race or opposing vehicles from the same team run better or worse based on a number of factors. I listened to a 109 pilot last year at Planes of Fame, Chino, tell the story of chasing a Mosquito for a very long time in his K series at max throttle. Ultimately he never caught it and shredded his supercharger instead. He caught fire and had to bail but he was running it well beyond spec for (don't quote me on this last bit but I seem to remember) upwards of 20 minutes. His radar operator urged him to try and the pilot even said he was pretty sure he would damage his aircraft in the process. Wish I could remember his name. He had some funny stories as well but that is for another time/thread. I'm not a programmer. How hard would it be to implement randomizing failure times? I don't want random failures within operating limits and the Dev Team has already said they won't do this. But rolling the dice on your motor makes for some interesting combat. Can I close the distance on that adversary or will I grenade my motor trying? Can I run at max to extend away and end the fight? Must have happened to more than just one pilot IRL I would think.
  16. Maybe what we need is a list of long standing fueds..................................naw, JK. Don't ban me bro.
  17. Agreed. There have, in the past, been some really vicious flight sim forums. I blame the freewheeling comments section on CNN and YouTube for such poor behavior. Shop around, some of those forums are still in exsistence. While there are some A type personalities here and a bit of intolerance (by me even, on occasion) there is usually information to be gleaned. And the mods tend to be really good about controlling the vitriol around here. Being of Irish descent I can appreciate a bit of sarcasm and bitter humor. Now ask your questions but Get Off My Lawn!
  18. Where is the throttle limitation check box? I couldn't find it in any of the settings tabs.
  19. N8, you just do good work.
  20. Create and save your own profile(s) within TrackIR. I use the same profile for every flight sim and just keep it as the default. I didn't modify mine until I changed physical position within my home office.
  21. Conserve your E. Straight vertical defensive maneuvers died in SWOTL in 1992. You can outrun and out-climb anything in the game with the Friedrich. The only caveat to this is if you start at a significant E deficit to begin with. Shallow out your climb slightly and let the other guy bleed off his energy while trying to match you. Turn back into him after he turns away. Stop PULLING SO HARD
  22. Yes, it has been addressed by testers a couple of times. I'm sure it's on the debug list.
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