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  1. 50 minutes ago, Elem said:

    Yes, and that's an issue that needs to be addressed.

    It's a decent compromise as I doubt they have modeled - the now unbalanced crankshaft shaking itself to death, throwing rods and eventually breaking the engine free from the mounts thereby changing the COG and the aircaft suddently pitching violently upwards at such a rate as to render you uncounscious...............

  2. 8 hours ago, CUJO_1970 said:


    Go "fly it on larger historical maps or offline". So, people who fly Normal settings are simply invited to leave? Wow.


    That's no solution at all.


    "Here's a box full of Mustangs, Tempests and Lightnings boys, along with all the 150 grade fuel and +11 lbs boost you want. Fly it to your heart's content! As for you Axis flyers, we won't be allowing the 262 here because it's too fast so go fly somewhere else if you don't like it"




    No one in this thread is inviting you to leave. Everyone who is opposed to the 262, in this thread, is actually not defending the unjust banning that took place either. You are more than welcome to fly the very competitive German AC without having the 262 which is so far off the performance scale it is in it's own category. And while we are at it, over my and other's objections, the 262 is again available in limited numbers on OMD.

  3. 262 and P-51 on 150 is no comparison at all. It just isn’t - historically or in game - unless the 262 is on short final. I don’t want Gladiators or Mig-15’s or F-35’s either. There is no viable reason to see props vs jets until we get to Korea sometime in the distant future or we suddenly get waves of viermots blackening the skies.......also unlikely in a Normal dogfight server. I respect you as a pilot but this subject is blinding you in terms of playability for the players at large.

  4. 1 hour ago, I./ZG1_Dutchvdm said:

    I like that they are still adding new additions for the older theaters, but i can't be the only one that is a bit disappointed about the fact that all three are allied planes. I'm going to buy them nonetheless, but there are still quite some axis planes for BOM/BOS/BOK that would like to see. Like the Ju-87b2, Bf-110F2, Ju-88C6, Hs-123, Fw-189 etc. 


    Grt M


    At the risk of waking the wrath of the "not another 109" group, an E4 and eight gun Spit would be a helluva (an) addition considering the addition of a Hurricane. I'm sure we could find a suitable map to build some scenarios from that.............somehow. :) :):) 


    On 10/20/2019 at 2:55 AM, DD_fruitbat said:



    Midway would be a terrible next expansion, a battle that is so short has no depth to be an expansion. I cannot fathom requesting it as the next title. 


    Far better to do guadalcanal, and coral sea (simple map, no land required) bolted on for longevity.


    Anyway, i digress,  new planes are good....



    Give the Dev's some credit. There is no way the expansion would be Midway alone and this has been discussed to death. Midway is chosen as the title for name recognition only. It will be some combination of early Pacific operations. The original plan was for two or three expansions to cover the war in the east. I'm sure that has been refinded since then. Outside of some early hiccups/teething there have been no significant (minor, sure/significant, no) missteps from this team in years.


    While there are others, the singular MAJOR hurdle holding up BoMI is obtaining and interpreting original documentation on Japanese aircraft. There are numerous threads and Dev quotes on this. When that is cleared we will be full steam ahead.....................

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  5. 1 hour ago, EAF19_Marsh said:


    Aaaand first clear flaw in the 4-bladed prop. Do people get off on screwing with history in such an obviously retarded fashion?


    Both trailers and posters are created by people at the corporate level. They often have little relation or input from the directors and producers. Directors often complain about trailers for their own movies for this reason. While I complained when I first saw the poster several months ago, I realized some contract graphic designer with no aviation background probably put this together. The trailer isn’t great but it isn’t terrible either and can be considered the “alpha” build in our vernacular. I’m gonna watch the movie and see how it stands on its own.


    Further,  piggybacking an IL2 Battle of Midway announcement that week would be rediculously awesome if we could pull that off! Couple million dollars in free advertising - maybe a happimeal (sic) toy or Jason and Han bobblehead give-a-way. The possibilities are endless .;)

  6. 2 hours ago, 361st_Hoss said:

    Delete startup.config, and go in and reset all your graphics settings.  I'm not running AA or Vsync on nvidia settings, but running 4x AA and vsync in game only..  Have low latency set to On.. might try the Ultra though.






    I meant to put this in. Absolutely required per JonRedcorn and I forgot to put it in the initial blurb. Clear your startup.cfg. I did it once before the Windows update and again right after. You can try Low Latency on "ON" or "Ultra" different guys had success with this configuration. Some liked ON (I didn't get a noticable bump) and others swear by Ultra. Ultra worked for my setup.

  7. Hey,


    I scoured the forums for fixes to the vicious stutters I was getting. There is a lot of info out there and I picked from what seemed to be the best/most logical resources. I am a total Neophyte at this stuff so I looked at Nvidia settings, game settings, and even one of the VR threads despite running TrakIR.


    Jason is, of course the best resource but JonRedcorn, Slap, Thad and Therion (and others) also had input in my tweaks. It's maybe not final yet but I went from heavy stuters and frame freezes every 60-90 seconds to just a few micro stutters per sortie and a very stable 60 fps online. These settings are working really well for me personally in the same two servers I was struggling mightily in just yesterday. Your mileage may vary.


    I'm running a 1070ti card and the rest of my specs are in my sig. This is a mid-level to mid-high level rig now-a-days. It was mid-high to high when I spec'd it a few years ago.


    I'm going to post my settings first for the TLDR crowd and then post my process - so far. I have a couple more things to try but so far I'm VERY PLEASED with the result. Surprisingly, Distant Landscape to x4 and Horizon to 150 works better than trying to limit them. Not sure who I picked that one off from, I think it was in the VR thread, but it totally worked for me.


    I've tried Vsync in two out of the three possible configurations. Nvidia ON only which didn't work for me. BOTH Nvidia and game settings ON which is my current setting and working great. I still have to try game ON and Nvidia OFF. I'll let you know how that goes later. 





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  8. 6 minutes ago, TAFFY said:

    why do they have a packard engine in the p51?????    so tired of these F'n guys !!!


    It is the correct engine. Packard license built the Rolls Royce Merlin under. All P-51’s flew with Packard Merlin’s.

  9. 2 hours ago, LukeFF said:


    Unfortunately, the one thing about the book (Band of Brothers) is that the author was a known plagiarist and was very sloppy with some of the details he included (such as the note at the end of one episode about how Albert Blithe died in 1948, when in reality he didn't pass away until 1967). 


    Ambrose is more lazy with citations than outright plagerizing. Most of the other's after Wild Blue (which he did cite but also did lift) are considered "similar" as opposed to being used directly. It's hard to write much that is completely new when you are documenting facts as opposed to fiction. Similar to writing music. Every note and single measure has probably already been written long ago. It's only when you start combining measures that you can get into trouble.


    Regarding Blythe, Ambrose only stated a sniper shot him in the neck. He never says anything further about him in the book. Anyone reading the book could draw any conclustion from that passage they want. The producers put in the blurb about never recovering from his wounds, got called out by Blythe's family and later appologized.



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  10. "This largely has nothing to do with the American bombing, at least in Europe. The American bombing was dedicated to precision bombing of legitimate strategic targets. With some exceptions."


    While largely true, the bombing of Hamburg and Dresden were dedicated to the destruction of the cities and the AAF was complicit. "With some exceptions," doesn't really cover the scope of the civilian casualties inflicted. Let others gloss over their histories, we should not. We generally stayed true to our stated goal of military industrial targets but we have to own our mis-deeds as well.

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