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  1. You got a U2Vs to 151 knots? That is a crackup/ROFL
  2. It's lighter than the K4, turns and climbs well, faster than the 14 at certain flight levels (on MW50) and has the standard 20mm ammo loadout. I like it better than either of our late war 109's unless I'm running on the deck and out of go juice.
  3. If we are going tanget on the 109's I'd recommend the G6 Late. She slides in nicely between the G14 and K in overall performance when equipped with MW50. I'm not accurate enough to use the Mk 108 so prefer the 20mm for both accuracy and ammo load. I'm finding quite a bit of success online and I'm an Fw driver by trade.
  4. I would kill for a Fall of the Reich module with all of the "near SWOTL" prop aircraft. La7, A-26 Invader, IL10, Ta 152 C and H, Sea Fury, 190 A9/F9, Beaufighter, P-61, He-219, P-51H, etc, etc, etc
  5. Should they be the S2 hedgerows of 3 feet or the actual hedgerows of 10-12 feet?
  6. OH YEAH! I dare you to let me sneak in a fighter bomber on a marshalling yard like that with only two AAA emplacements.
  7. We all know that but it's an A-6 thread so................
  8. I'm having more success, even in late war maps, with the A-6 than I ever had in an A-5. She feels lighter on the controls and just a hair faster than the A-5 while extending from a dive. I've been better at rolling scissors for sure. Really enjoying it along with the 109 G-6 late as long as there is MW50 in the tank. I feel confident in both, even in late war maps against anything but Tempests.
  9. Not a big DCS guy, other than helo's, but I'd buy an F4 and Vietnam map in a heartbeat.
  10. That was my first thought. They were also there for the bi-plane era which goes along with the wing loading theory. It's possibly dual purpose. It the first photo I though they were farther back and you could launch AC ahead of them. The second photo shows that is not the case. This one is pretty standard scale at 1/350. There is a 1/250 out there as well. This one is finished really well. I watched Run Silent, Run Deep the other night and it got me to thinking about all of the large scale ship models I'll never actually take on
  11. I'm going with Blitz on this one now that I have a broader view of the flight deck. They are too far forward to launch AC ahead of them.
  12. Yes, I meant to protect AC and crew behind them while the ship is turned into the wind, launching the AC forward of them. The "almost JBD's" are about a 1/3 of the way down the deck.
  13. I'd like to see your source for a 12 minute engine change. I've been in aviation a long time and just getting the panels on and off in 12 minutes could be considered something of a feat.
  14. Anyone know what the "almost JBD" panels are for? Is it just to keep wind off the aircraft/crews while flight operations/launches are carried out forward? They were part of the original three deck arrangement and carried over for the refit.
  15. It's not really vapor ware. It is a partially released module of an existing whole. Some planes are available now and others will be shortly. The map is in Alpha and screenies will be available in a week or two if the schedule holds. I understand if you don't want to jump on EA for this single module but your evaluation is a little off base.
  16. It’s called TacView. Third party software. I don’t think it is available for offline anymore but you can still use it in quick mission.
  17. 109's are definitely easier to fly. You can use a 109 mostly like a 190 and find success but you will struggle mightily to use a 190 like a 109.
  18. Absolutely, and that is why it is vital I get my Ta-152 C series as soon as possible to counter all of these pesky Tempests! I'm off to start six closely related threads on the matter now. Standby.....................
  19. I don’t have any of those issues. All of my throttle, mixture, cowl flaps, etc work from AC to AC. Some controls like elevator trim are different with intent - electric vs manual etc. I’m sure someone will be along to help but it genuinely sounds like it’s on your end and not a game problem. It is definitely an atypical input issue.
  20. Just playing devils advocate here; my pilot has survived hundreds of high speed rollover crashes that should kill a mere mortal in numerous gruesome ways. I am, however, on board with pilots popping up in an inflatable as opposed to always drowning while strapped into the plane.
  21. I haven’t done any mapping through TARGET on my Warthog. There are three columns and the option to delete inputs through the game GUI. The problem is there are different operating mechanisms for different things; electric vs manual vs hydraulic, etc. So, while some of the inputs are redundant some necessitate different inputs. It may take a while to sort it out but I’m pretty happy with my setup now. Just in time to dump my Warthog for a Virpil setup too Oh, I set my zoom in to graduated on a hat and back to regular cockpit view on the opposite side of the hat. I’ve never had use for a
  22. Not everyone is on one side or the other. That is a patently false dichotomy. The "you are either with us or against us," mentality is a wholly destructive thought process. The majority of the people seem to be in neither "camp" and believe the DM is decent to good with room for improvement. I'd even venture to place the Dev's in that "camp." The pure vitriol of those who think the DM is fataly flawed is, at times, outrageous. The accusations and conspiracy theories against Dev's who work their a##es off to bring you the best product they can is exactly what got threads locked.
  23. It is almost word for word, exactly what I said the answer was likely to be. They will go back and review when they have overhead to do so. They don't right now, so they CAN'T right now.
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