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  1. My initial response was pretty early in this process. I now land all of the aircraft with castoring tail wheels without any throttle after touchdown. I can generally let all of the fighters rollout with only rudder input and coast to a stop - except the Bf 110 which requires some brakes at the end to control the nose.
  2. I guess I'm gonna have to update that Motorola flip now.
  3. I think it's cost/weight/benefit/availability. Not just one or two factors that generally reserved it for jabo's. Funny this topic came up. I was just doing some light reading on the matter independently.
  4. Re-checks own credentials: Whew, none of the accusations are confirmed. Pilot; check, dozens of actual physical fights; check, combat service; check, big unit..........well, three outta four ain't bad.
  5. Call Raaid, Code 3 response please.
  6. Cowards? Risk? In virtual combat? On a computer screen? In a game?
  7. I'm with Raven on this one. There is not enough information to really make any type of determination about energy states. The camera angle on the 109's final climb could easily make it appear to to accelerate in a way it actually isn't. Lastly, the Mustang driver appears to be pulling really hard at the top of the loops and is off screen for some other maneuvers. If the 109 driver is being really efficient he may have rope-a-doped the other pilot and leveled or reversed the overall E states. There just isn't any data to make an trully informed opinion without TacView or at least camera angle closer to the fight.
  8. If you are having difficulty with gunnery, I wouldn't mess about with the convergence. Don't change parameters while seeking consistency (in general). Pick a good medium range (300 is good) and stick with it until you get some consistency. Then experiment a bit to see if something above or below that suits you better. I wouldn't change more than 100m at a time.........generally.
  9. I thought there was a DEV comment about taking away the autonomy of the gunner in certain scenarios already. Maybe in the 4.006 thread. I wouldn't discourage you from sending a note to them or posting it in the comments/suggestions thread.
  10. Il2 '46 FM's were universally borked for the late war aircraft in general. Some of them were literally copy and pasted. Never use that as your basis for aircraft performance.
  11. Brief description: Heavilly damaged D9 engine spews oil (correctly) onto the bubble and angled glass. No oil appears on the forward armoured glass (incorrect). Detailed description, conditions: Quick mission/Moscow Summer 4v4 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): In my sig
  12. The only think that is odd about the reflections for me is they are overly bright while below an overcast sky because they are set for full sun. Not a game breaker but it took a minute to get used to that.
  13. I can't even find the realism settings. Where is that located?
  14. Careful what you wish for
  15. Lots of people here to help. No need to pull the plug.
  16. Because it wasn't available but also because they had it drilled into them through direct supervision of a highly skilled instructor pilot who would sh!7can them for any minor discrepancy on their flight or fitness reports and it would kill them if they didn't? I don't care one way or another but this is a game - regardless of who calls it a sim. Even when it is labeled a SIM. People are here to have fun and waste a little time. Being good at this game doesn't make you good at flying combat aircraft anymore than watching Apollo 13 makes you an expert at getting a disabled spaceship back to earth. Your argument holds no more water than those who are opposed to deleting the tech snippets.
  17. Luftwaffe Unicorn. Only has nine spirals because minengeschoss.
  18. Waiting for VR to mature a bit more then I will check to see if the consumer version of this big brother is out:
  19. It's probably closer to priority 27,032 or 27,033
  20. No, just no. Someone, please make it stoooooppppppppp. Signed, HerrMurf Luftwhiner level 6
  21. Not quite yet, but the next generation of gaming will put some digital print artist out of business when you can just frame a screenshot of the game you are playing.
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