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  1. While there is a difference between my wishlist and my speculation list, I suspect they will draw from: Yak-3 C-47 Spit XIV B-25 The fighters keep near parity performance-wise with the Germans and the Yak-3 would be very welcomed by our Russian clientele. The 47 makes sense on both fronts where the Li-2 variant doesn’t exactly and the B-25 is, in fact, low hanging fruit. I’d prefer to see the Mosquito included but find it unlikely at this point in time.
  2. You heard it here first; next collector is..... IJN Akagi! You're welcome. Oh, I hope not. I am still campaigning to cut icon distances by half and reducing the flags to the original (EA) smaller size as well.
  3. There is a whole slew of static objects I’d like to see including: livestock, beasts of burden, wildlife, civilians, ground crew at rest, play and work. None of it needs to be animated.
  4. Isn’t East Front the most popular maps because they are currently the ONLY maps? 😂🤣😂
  5. I'm totally in for PTO but Those allied entries would sell the module even if you don't go with a few Luftwaffe exotics. Just sayin
  6. Too niche, along with all of the other lesser known battles. Put it in with Spanish Civil War, Balkans, Winter War, etc. They aren't unimportant by any stretch but they wont sell. I'd like to see an Italy/Sicily map to get the 410 and all of the Italian jobs vs unused Allied types like B/C Mustangs etc. You can easilly get to 8+2 plus some of the already produced AC in that Scenario. It probably makes more sense to go there then BoFoR but the idea, here, was to be inclusive East/West and not exclusive of either.
  7. Where else can you get a two front East/West battle? I'm open to suggestions. But then we lose my crowning achievement/acronymn......... BoFoR!
  8. It is admittedly plane set driven and not map or scenario driven but it would sell like hotcakes. It would be another great filler and AC are being produced by sub-contractors already. It wouldn't necesarilly detract from any other installment other than the map. Truth be told, I can't imagine the DEV's don't already have a roadmap and have at least preliminary research done on the next installment(s) anyway. We are just waiting for their post BoBP announcement and this is my wistful wishlist to wrap up the war in the ETO/EF. Don't forget the "sell like hotcackes."
  9. They've done a couple one off premiums. Maybe that is a stand alone sales item? Or flip it with the Il4 but it's in there for reasons already so I'm a little clingy.
  10. Oops, no Ju388, I thought there were still provisions for a bombload. Guess it's back to the 188 or 217. And no Soviet only planesets. The whole point of BoFoR is to engage as much of the player base as possible and not alienate anyone. Spit XIV is easily the most asked for Western plane at the moment and served to the end of the war. I have no problems with a G6 late. Whatever gives a blistered 109 (AS/ASM/Late) the best performance. And yes PTO or bust.........................or just in case. Mosquito FB VI it is. Me410 and Ar 234 were already eliminated for cause. I like the idea of the Il10 but I think Il4 sticks because I've seen more requests for it that any other Soviet bomber. It was produced through 1944 so it fits. Yak 9 or La7 but not both or the planeset gets way too fighter heavy. Do I sense a poll is imminent? So, Allied 1. Yak 9U (or La7) 2. Il4 3. Spitfire XIV 4. Mosquito FB Mk VI Premium: Yak 3 Luftwaffe 1. Bf109 G-6 AS 2. Fw 190 A9 3. Ju 188 or Do217 4. He 219 Premium: Ta-152 H and C *minor edit
  11. I don't really want more jets and the 335 gets us kinda close to a SWOTL feel. I'm not completely opposed to the 335, considered it early, and honestly forgot about it when I got around to writing this. I think Berlin and Moscow may be closer to on the table with some of the graphics improvements/optimizations that seem to be happening in the background. There will be larger cities on the Bodenplatte map............so, maybe.
  12. Well, I haven’t written a diatribe or love letter in a while, so, here it goes. I’ve been thinking about the future, as have many. There is a little bit of hope and a little bit of a war about where this series goes next. I’d like to throw my two cents in and suggest, if we don’t make it to PTO on the next phase; Battle of……………… Fall of the Reich. We shall call it BoFoR! How’s that for a period appropriate acronym? Rather than having a Western or Eastern specific theater, combine them. Set the map in Germany with Berlin as the focal point. It would allow you to have late war allied aircraft from both fronts and has a little wiggle room for late war Luftwaffe as well. I think BoFoR has the potential to have a really interesting mix of AC and satisfy both hemispheres pretty well. My suggestions for the AC set is as follows; Allied 1. Yak 9D (Maybe La7?) 2. Il4 3. Spitfire XIV 4. Mosquito FB Mk IX Premium: Yak 3 Luftwaffe 1. Bf109 G-6 AS with high boost 2. Fw 190 A9 3. Ju 388 4. He 219 Premium: Ta-152 H and C Avoiding a true East Front or Bagration scenario allows western pilots/customers to remain engaged. The late war map allows the allies to close on Berlin from both sides and can accommodate multiple tactical scenarios. It allows the dedicated Soviet pilots to get their hands on late war Russian AC. Both sides get to up their game with a heavy fighter - and the He 219 has never been done before as far as I know. The 219 would allow the Dev’s to start developing in-aircraft radar for a potential Korean expansion which Han wants to do. The Mosquito give’s the Allies another fast bomber and the 388 does the same for the Lufties. I don’t remember if it was done in the original series but she is a very interesting bird. The Russians have been asking for the Il4 and I’ve included it though she is slow by comparison. Though the glazed nose versions of the Mossie (love the PR's in blue) is my favorite twin engine AC of the period I think the FB has more playability and pairing it against the 219 could be fun. I considered and excluded the Ju 188 and D0 217 for speed considerations. The 388 only has a crew of 3 and is quite a bit faster than the others. I also reserved the Me-410 because my last true European wish is for a Med/Sicily/Italy expansion but more on that in another wistful wishlist. She also doesn’t really fit the scenario, though, I have seen calls for her inclusion as a premium on the forums. We are, of course, a little limited with the remaining Messerschmitt and Focke Wulf entries. The G-6AS and A9 are worthy inclusions otherwise. I really like both of the potential premiums. Very fast fighters. The Allies get keep their nimble types with speed (Yak 3 and Spit) and the Ta 152 is largest single engine German fighter of the war. I think the Yak 9 or La 7 are great as the final developments of their respective airframes. The map and planeset should be enough to satisfy both camps. Outside of heavies, which are not forthcoming (and please don’t campaign for them in this thread), this would be a great conclusion to the European side of the conflict. BOFOR! What do you think? Murf
  13. Hey, I've long considered renting a true server but I'm not currently able to do any mission building. I've run teamspeak servers in the past but I do not know if a game server rental is cost prohibitive. Any interest in partnering up with me an your FMB capable buddies? I'm already fed up with the 262 and this may be the push to rent an actual server. I do have a few ideas as to what makes a good map, and find some of the DED philsophies wanting, but I'm willing to work with a team towards a good and steady server. Murf
  14. Man, some people can be childish. The irony here is astounding................
  15. I also asked him to tone it down on a couple of occasions to no avail. It was a continuous juvenile demonstration which made it un-fun for everyone. In the end it is a game and nothing more. Particularly on the Normal server where many styles operate at the same time. There are plenty of lone wolves and a few of us who fly with dedicated wingmen. In the end, everyone should be having as much fun as possible or the server dies. This is a point I’ve stressed numerous times. There are a number of excellent pilots and, contrary to popular belief, this is anything but a strictly novice arena. It is a little arcade with all of the aids but it’s primarily a dogfight/maneuvering fight server. RK didn’t get any of those points and he was both coached and chastised before the ban. I don’t have a problem with either Vasilij or Ray. I have a great time with both on the server and hope to see them both again next week. I said very early on that the 262 would ruin this server. The server is actually pretty balanced as Soviet and German AC have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a major aspect of the BoX series that each AC has its own distinct personality and you can find success even with a lowly LaGG. The 262 misses the mark from a playability perspective - even if it’s on the mark for historical accuracy. I hope to see its use severely restricted going forward and I fly almost exclusively Luftie. It’s not history, it’s not reality, it’s not war. Competition is fun. What the 262 brings is anything but competition. IMHO, It’s mostly a technology demonstrator for future expansions. RK is a good enough pilot to find success in any number of Luftwaffe fighters. Hopefully he will read this post and find a couple of points of interest/guidance/humility. Failing that, I see a string of bans upcoming. It’s a game, despite anyone’s opinion otherwise, and poor behavior should not be tolerated - in no small part because what irritates my friends irritates me. Even if they fly for the ‘other’ side.
  16. Well, I got the fail to update. Followed the rec and am playing now with my old settings.
  17. It’s funny though, the Spit has much softer lines. The Mustang is kind of angular overall. If they didn’t hang all those drag inducing paraphernalia on the Spit’s underside...... Yes, I know there is more too it than that.
  18. Shouldn’t be. Just review the original A3 data. Bah bump bump
  19. I've had this discussion with Jason in the distant past. I was actually pro holding back an aircraft for a few weeks at the time. Unless something has changed in their business model there is not and will not be any holding back of content. The team cannot afford to do that for a laundry list of reasons. I think what we should take from this statement is that the content is pacing to be ready at nearly all the same time and releasing it together makes more sense than multiple mini releases in a very short period of time. I do not speak for the team in any way. Just based upon history and reading between the lines a bit.
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