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  1. It all depends on the process and whatever hiccups they encounter. Items routinely move up and down the to do list. Any of the BoN AC could be accelerated or delayed. AC release when they are ready and not on a fixed timeline.
  2. Hey, Anyone, particularly our Czech brothers, have info on the builder and location of this AC? It's a one off Bf 109 but the best looking one I've ever seen. I am getting ready to order a Titan T-51 next year but I'd change that up for a 109 in a heartbeat. It's built around a Rotax motor so the performance would be lower than the Titan but I'd be happy to putter around in this just for how beautiful it is and the novelty. I know the builder/AC is in the Czech republic, it seats two (adults?), and is built around a tubular frame. I'd really like to open a correspondence with the builder. Also the sound is completely dubbed over with a DB soundtrack. No rotax sounds like that She shore is purdy!
  3. The Conquering Tide. Not quite as good as Pacific Crucible but what middle book is as good as the first? Still engrossing and I've found my Pacific knowledge is almost as lacking as my Eastern Front knowledge was - at least my 42/43 knowledge.
  4. I think Jason and Co have proven, if you are a supremely gifted modder there is room for you to take up some work - possibly for pay. Getting every town on the map or even getting ever detail right is not realistic. Make a stunning portfolio with in game modifications/FMB that don't bog the playability and see where it goes from there. The screenshots are a nice start but the quality probably has to be bumped up a bit to qualify. 4K skins by ICDP and other talented modders, careers for pay by those talented with the FMB, and the Velikiye Luki map are prime examples.
  5. What is your chipset and ram? I'm running a 1070i with a refresh rate of 60 on a 1080p monitor and it's smooth as butter. Specs in my sig.
  6. It's a compromise, as is everything in every flight sim. There are bright metal AC and worn out hack aircraft schemes. The shine isn't a deal breaker for me on flat camoflage but to get that right, the bare metal AC and bare metal parts would appear overly dull. It could probably be tweaked by the DEV's have already improved it significantly from EA and I'm fine if this is so far off the to do list as to be written on a napkin.
  7. Yes, but sometimes there is a slight delay getting it to the Steam platform.
  8. Challenge accepted I've always thought a Mustang/Malcolm was a trully beautiful sight.
  9. Just call it BoFoR and get the double entendre out of it. Battle of the Fall of the Reich. (Yes, I've proposed this before.)
  10. The most interesting thing about the Angels is they brought a portable/ground based arrester system and anchored it to the runway every year. Never used it but always set it up.
  11. I flew out of a mixed use military base for years and the F-18's that flew in there routinely did high speed break turns over the centerline to set up their landings. When the Angels were in town it was suprisingly by the numbers and full pattern landings.
  12. How is Sywell? I was very disappointed our trip across the pond for my first ever FL was thwarted by a microbe. Maybe this year but probably next for that trip.
  13. I must be using it wrong. I use it very much like an Anton and don't seem to have the stall problems as listed. Granted, I'm no dogfighter. I pray to the gods of BNZ.
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