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  1. Weird, I've never heard of a bar issue in any flight sim ever in the history of flight sims.
  2. I did an entire thread on seaborne SAR. Though the title is Midway the possible mechanics regarding the tech and gameplay are discussed at length. It can be found here:
  3. It’s because their pockets are loaded down with letters of complaints to the Devs. No vest could support that kind of water logged weight.
  4. Every leg? I fly helos where my hand positioning doesn't change with the seating. Even then, I'd choose to switch by the day not the hop. Or at least switch for outbound vs inbound.
  5. No, but it is Han's dream to go to Korea eventually.
  6. Three tries to get her airborne. Two long landings. Not bad for our short BoX fields so far. Need a couple 10,000' paved strips now I'm actually almost done flying her, though, sticking to my loves; the prop jobs. When they get to Korea and both sides are more balanced with the kerosene burning monsters, then I'll get back in the jet saddle. *wink
  7. It was up this morning but back down by the time I downloaded 3.101 and was ready to fly this afternoon, sigh.
  8. It's been quite some time, the community has changed since EA, and we all have more experience with the game and how it looks overall. Maybe it is time to conduct another poll. And it's another time where I kinda agree with Sharpe. We need a universal user made skin file. Updated quarterly, or so, with well made user skins and some sort of approval process. Maybe a vetting process through a Dev approved group/moderators to keep the workload off the offical Dev team's plate. Pic the best 20-25 and pass them along to Dev's for final approval and upload to an offical file for inclusion. I don't want everyone to have a vote or rely on polls - more like a representative democracy
  9. At the risk of becoming the echo chamber......agreed.
  10. TS is really easy and mostly intuitive to set up.
  11. Reworking the skins likely means redoing a small parch/area to a single layer. Probably two minutes per skin by a skilled skinner.
  12. I voted "nothing" and still trend that way. I have always considered it very odd. One of the few things I decidedly break with the Dev's over.
  13. Something on your end. I can start the game with or without TiR in place. No issues with TiR and BoX from day one.
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