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  1. I'd be very surprised if it didn't come with at least a couple of Soviet skins to go along with several Brit and Commonwealth schemes.
  2. I actually wasn't being snippy with you at the time. The cockpit's have good architctual/layout fidelity already so I assumed you meant bringing them up to 4k. But I think Jason has, again, cleared up any question you may have had.
  3. I didn't become an Anton devotee until I saw the Janes WWII Fighters promo on a sim magazine cover. It was an extreme closeup from about 1 o'clock and she looked wicked. Tried to find it just now in a web search but nada. I'll try to see if I still have the hardcopy lying around.
  4. The D9 and Late war Mustangs have been my favorite looking airframes since I was a wee lad. One sings "fast" and the other screams "deadly!"
  5. D9 is absolutely a 190. Same fuse, tail and wings with only minor differences and a small extension. Engine is obviously different but she is still a boom and zoom monster when used correctly.
  6. Ah, we have found another my way or the highway adherent. Epee is correct, the DED EU Official server has icons and during most European hours has twenty to thirty flying at a time. Last week the numbers were solid even into the early evening hours in the US. There are both novice and some really excellent pilots in the server. Don't let people shame you for flying the way you want. Not everyone has the time, eyes or interest to fly full real.
  7. Ballistics and survivor mentality do not change. The only factor which could, in a single seat fighter, is the ability to control bleeding.
  8. In terms of ballistics, and outside of a CNS shot, FBI/hospital statistics show survivability with pistol rounds is in the low 90 percent range and rifle rounds are high 70's. I don't have the charts in front of me but it has been quoted to me many times at tactical police trainings and I've seen the PowerPoint presentations. Surviability also has a lot to do with mindset and how you react to emotional shock (as opposed to blood loss shock). Some people survive head wounds and others die from a bullet through a buttcheek. People who go into a fight believing that they will survive are remarkably resilient. Mindset is directly related to survival.
  9. The point some are trying to make (perhaps a little hamfisted), and make mention specifically of the above photos, is those are absolutely optimal shots under very controlled circumstances. Very few air to air shots are going to hit square on a wing spar or something structural and be a one hit wonder kill. Most shots will be sub-optimal at best, glancing for the most part, and if you are me, 95.4% misses. Strengthening of the main spars and more detailed progressive failures are both excellent and long awaited features. I for one am delighted and hope the end result is as good as the intended result.
  10. I am far more successful in the 190 - all versions - than I am in the 109. The 109 may be a scalpel but I'm kind of a club guy. Start high, hit hard, run and reset. Not much for operating in small spaces or proving my SA and maneuvering is superior to anyone. My wingman prefers the 109 so I get tons of time in with the scalpel as well. Still prefer clubs.
  11. While technically correct, the most common nomenclature for the Invader is the A-26. Specifically to avoid confusion with the Marauder. But by your handle, I suspect you know that. *also, still voting Mitchell regardless.
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