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  1. As I stated, I believe Tank Crew is compatible/merge-able from the web store to Steam. Cliffs, however, is not merge-able in any form. They are different generations and different game engines.
  2. Wait for a more informed opinion but I think TC is just an expansion. If you have Stalingrad on Steam and buy TC from the webstore I'm pretty sure it just merges with your Stalingrad.
  3. I'm with ya. Can't imagine the work involved in modeling the Fritz and in-cockpit controls though.
  4. I would love an Italy/Sicily map but with the Normandy and Bodenplatte modules we have most of the AC we would need for it other than Italian rigs. I think Berlin (Secret Weapons of........) or an Early Battle of France module would complete Western Europe at this point without stepping on the TF guy's toes in London and the Med. Probably need to go either very early in time or very late to have much to work with at this point.
  5. Jason said he was hoping for first releases to be in Q1 2020 but did not mention which AC or commit to that. Q2 is a good bet. Q1 if all goes well. Differences betwen Fw A models can be found on Wikipeida with the usual wiki caveats..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190#Fw_190_A G6 is probably first as it largely shares the airframe with AC we have already. The B model is a nearly full departure from the D so it will have to be built from the ground up. Not as well versed in the Thunderbolt but I suspect the same is true.
  6. Trip is nice. We get double and a half. It's a good bump in the check just before the holidays.
  7. You should tuck that in. Your sexism is showing a little. My AAA travel girl is toe dragging boys and going bar down weekly. She’ll never make the NHL but is tracking for elite amateur status as a 10yo. #wheelsnipecelly
  8. Cops don’t get holidays. Only one more, though, and I’m back in the private sector!
  9. It’s the crew scripts (gunners) not the pilot scripts or FM’s that are resource hogs.
  10. I’d guess more than a hundred buck would price you out of the gaming market. You’d make more money per license but sell considerably fewer units resulting in less revenue overall. I’m not terribly concerned, though, this team seems to have a very good handle on their market/audience in this regard. It, also, doesn’t seem that finances are an obstacle for the project unless something has changed recently. It’s still the technical side of things. A better question is what would you be willing to allow the team to extrapolate on the technical side and still consider the Japanese AC to be ‘high fidelity?’ Actually, I think I might start a thread with this as a premise. Back on topic, I voted a hundred bucks even though, from a marketing standpoint, it should be $99.
  11. I don't think new rendering tech will include a change in DX any time soon. I think it alludes to better graphics optimization for the moment, though, I do see a need to improve the engine to get more objects rendered and AI scripts handled for the longevity of the project somewhere down the road. I started an Other Topics thread on the subject of DX earlier today.
  12. Anyone know which DX version the new Microsoft FS will be running in? Will it be 11 or 12? I've dug around a bit but can't find an answer. Curious if it will have implications for our current game going forward and if it is worth it to build a new engine around it. All of the current Great Battles models are spectacular and should be able to be ported over if the DEV's chose to do so.
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