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  1. Sure, but I had to peek. We are switching coasts in about 60 days, so it will get ordered after we land in the new place.
  2. What book is this from? I don't think I own it (for shame, for shame).
  3. They need to know if Virpil is the actual manufacturer and what metal is used for the mounting bracket. So weird but they have their answers. Hopefully it get's it on the way again.
  4. All of my Virpil products are currently stuck in France awaiting customs clearance. Sucks because my first order was completely flawless outside of waiting for the backorder, which I anticipated both times. At least FedEx is actively working on it and called me to answer the customs enquiry.
  5. Actually, most commercial deliveries take place on Tuesdays, with more days added if volume requires. If you are looking for things that are difficult to obtain Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the better bets. (Wednesdays because it often takes time to get things from the loading dock into inventory)
  6. How much did we pay for the Ju-52 again? Considering the B-25 is largely finished and paid for, less the interior, I wouldn't pay more for it than the Ju-52. Structure, DM, AI scripts, and FM is already done. So, less than $50 for sure.
  7. I’m on TiR and find if I don’t delete inputs for camera and view I get occasional unwanted crossover.
  8. 3.23, I'm personally bringing the average down a tad.
  9. Thomas the Flak Engine cracked me up. Someone needs to Photshop that image immediatley.
  10. While I agree in principal, doing Solomons first completely eliminates a new Japanese planeset for Midway/Pearl/Wake. It would largely make M/W/P a map and ship module that wouldn’t sell. The same original/current document issue would remain for Japanese aircraft as well. really like Solomons but I’m not sure it makes sense from a long term sales point of view to lead with it.
  11. I wasn't being literal but if we are going there, every aircraft to date in this series will be available which still puts us in .30 to 37mm territory, generally.
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