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  1. Needs a 109 E-4 as a collector plane. Leaving the E-3 for Battle of France module
  2. I have it on good authority Blue Lead is a pretty stand-up guy
  3. Slightly off topic; have you tried Gimp? It's pretty powerful for freeware and improving pretty consistently as well.
  4. It's not a great image but early B is on the left and has no tank. Later B is on the right and the tank is installed.
  5. Yeah, I'm out. I've been a member since the second day of this games promotion. The proliferation of speed hacks, aim bots and use of tacview export data into a real time cockpit radar has killed this game for me. The ability of those doing it to just use an alias after banishment to come back into the game and shamelessly continue to hack it is literally psychotic. It has been mentioned that since there is no real anti-cheat in place there is no point in NOT doing it. That is so beyond the pale I can't..............(word fail me here). I've donated multiple hundreds of dollars of give-a-ways to the community and supported the development of this game on a multitude of levels. It's time to pull that support both monetarilly as well as morally. It was fun for a very long time but it's completely out of control. Murf
  6. Looking forward to both the increased performance and the refining of the flaps on the P-47. Hoping she will be more competitive down low.
  7. Just guessing but I suspect there will be a review of the DM for the fuel systems as well.
  8. The later in the war the younger they got. December '44 it was approaching critical for 'manpower.' Kid on the right doesn't even have a uniform belt. Trou is held up by rope. By May of '45 they were scraping the barrel. These two are probably younger than 17 but tough to say how much.
  9. Most of the recruits were 17-18 years old in 1944. NCO's and cadre were older and drawn from other SS units - primarily LSSAH.
  10. The fuel load is so large on the Mustang that for online/dog fighting 35% is usually all you will need for a 45 minute timed map. I always run out of ammo before I run out of gas anyway - even with the additional ammo selected.
  11. Yes, please. I always heard having a 16 inch shell pass by sounded like a freight train and had the weight of a small car. I'd like to see this in action.
  12. I fly with a standard Warthog (center bump) and no curves whatsoever. I can boom n zoom her or turn fight in her well enough against human competition online. You can haul her around the sky pretty well as long as you fly coordinated and you have emptied/an empty center tank. The information presented in paragraph one abobe, however, is not entirely correct. I agree you generally need to be smooth with your inputs and the pop bottle whistle is helpful but the rest just not true at all.
  13. Seems pretty disrespectful of someone who shares all of the same dangers of combat as you do in very close proximity.
  14. I bet you could count the number of these Thunderbolt field mods on your digits without even resorting to counting toes.
  15. Dude........... DUDE! He was kidding.
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