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  1. Just a question. In the Kuban map at high altitudes near the tree border, shouldn't there be needle trees instead of deciduous trees?
  2. Sure hope this little guy caught the lots. Btw it's the BOM map I was referring to. Your picture makes clear we might expect a lot of boulders on the riverbanks of the Kuban map. Above: stock-photo-russia-krasnodar-region-city-of-apsheronsk-and-the-river-pshekha-drone-photo-616717763 Typical example of a meandering river. The steep and the opposite slowly descending riverbanks.
  3. Compared to another game it might look good. In reality the inner curves of the river are shallowest and the outer curves of the river bed are deepest. Also the outer curves of the riverbank are steepest and smoothest. Vegetation emerges on the "sandy" inner riverbanks and is swallowed up from the outer banks.
  4. Sure you can do without several grass qualities, and even without insects. But I got the impression the developers are trying to make a realistic looking environment. The clouds, the water and shadows look quite good for a videogame anno 2017, but the rivers just don't match that overall quality. They look childish hand drawn and their curvature doesn't simulate the laws of physics like most elements within the game do.
  5. Look really nice these new screenshots of Kuban. However, I just wonder why the riverbanks and lake shores do not have any vegetation like reeds? The folds look unnaturally if you ask me.
  6. Great another update. Although for me the real good news is the game runs smoothly in ultra mode on my, yes indeed, Imac again! Thanks to bootcampdrivers.com. Cheers.
  7. Thanks a lot for your post. I agree on your call to be realistic about Apple's support. I did search the internet for alternative ways to install the AMD Windows 10 driver and encountered www.bootcampdrivers.com This site contains downloads and instructions how to shortcut Bootcamp and to upgrade to the latest AMD driver. Currently I have latest crimson 17.5.1 installed. However the problem of particle renders remains. Perhaps the site is more useful for your work though. I won't give up on this and try to figure out if it's just a software problem. It might be that Apple alters the hardware specifications of AMD video boards, to be able to fit them in these too slim Imacs. I will indeed ask the support team to shed some light on this. Thanks again.
  8. It's not about MacOS as you suggest. It claims that Windows 10 is supported. My IMac, like most modern Macs runs Windows 10. BOM ran without any problems in Ultra mode smoothly while 2.009 was installed. The 2.010 upgrade requires third party drivers that aren't available for Boot Camp. Because of this internet rules all policy, you can't roll back the game to the previous version and await a third party driver update.
  9. Thanks for your supportive reply. One remark though. I think it's not about 1000 platforms. It's about Windows 10 and Windows 10/ Bootcamp drivers. NVidia and AMD. I gather that shouldn't to be too hard to anticipate on. Finally got a mac fast enough to play IL2 smoothly and now this. I certainly gonna try to install the AMD drivers with the cmd line as you propose. Although I have to figure out how that works first.
  10. I am seeing the date right.4/5/2016. And I am not so convinced it's not their fault. In fact the update adds new requirements to the operating system. That Boot Camp drivers fall behind is no surprise. Thing is because the internet game setup forces you to update, as a customer you no longer can choose to play the previous version and in case of Mac Boot Camp users wait for a driver update to arrive. The game is killed right under your nose. Another thing is that I preordered BOK. The current update promises even before it's released BOK neither will be playable. I doubt it's fair policy to change the requirements of an operating system after you sold the game. It should stay compatible with the operating system at any time. In case of a preorder you should adjust the requirements of the operating system in advance. In my opinion IL2S is obliged to find a solution, and if that is not possible do a refund.
  11. Thanks for your reply Quax. The latest AMD Windows 10 driver for Boot Camp is dd 4/5/2016. So you mean the game is killed for all Mac users?
  12. I already use the latest AMD Boot Camp driver. 15.301.2101 etc. Manually updating by downloading the latest Windows 10 driver form the AMD site results in the following Set Up message: "Error 173- AMD installer Cannot Continue Since AMD Graphics Hardware Was Not Found" A weird message because the AMD Auto Detect function does recognize and describe my AMD GPU accurately. If indeed it's a driver issue, it looks like update 2.010 rendered the game unplayable for me and probably for all other Boot Camp users.
  13. Hello, Just updated to 2.010. Sadly the start up screen graphic (the hangar animation) has lots of noise now. Big colored blocks are mixing with the usual graphics. The in game gun tracers or smoke trails really look like confetti. The cockpit and the landscape look normal though. I didn't change any settings since the 2.009 update, which worked fine. Imac i7 4.0 R395x Bootcamp Windows 10 Any ideas to correct this? Thanks in advance.
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