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  1. Yes i know of trackir gone be fore squad, because you can play sqaud already i love to know if you get it play whit eye traking now
  2. Love to play Sqaud whit it , only dont see it stand on there game list there yet I saw a possiblety to reqeast fore a game to play whit it . I wondering how manny reqeasts it take before they ad a game to the list ,or if the game dev team need to give there approval. Mvg. NastyDog
  3. Love to see normal whit no icons so i need to spot enemy plane and ground targets by my self ,and on the main time dont have to check my engine management ,because still have problem whit that , i hope some squadrons who build missions now fore expert put a sever up whit there missions in a normal mod ,only than whit out engine management
  4. I think you have this problem ,here a forum link how to fix it http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/10893-anyone-have-problem-flightfx-after-update/
  5. Dont need to become a member fore donation, like it more if they setup a flightschool fore people like me who they teaching to fly whit full engine manement / find your way whit map and landscape /and some atacking move,s love to donat fore that kind of thing
  6. What i want to know ,fore future onlocking is. If i have onlock everything , and my pc craching because of a virus / broken HDD,SSD or someting els , after re-install of the game i have to do it all over again ,or is there gone be a cloud saveing in my profile here on the site ,like you have in steam /or orgin whit other games . Fore the love of this game let it be something of cloud saves, because people go nust if they need to do it everytime again after a pc problem . NastyDog
  7. I think the problem is that older gamers are tyerd of the word unlocks in games it self , they dont give Sxxt fore that type of a bonus ....The game bonus they want is a fantastic graficsh blast ,stady game whit nice fps ,in sp and mp..... nice tools to do extra stuff like skins or a mp compain making ...they never ask UNLOCK STYLE alla call of duty or warthunder . so i can understand why some people here go nuts here on the forum ...fore my self i smoke a nice green one in the paper i buy in the coffeeshop last night here on the conner
  8. works fine fore me whit flight fx Installed it with nvidia expierience.
  9. WoW respect fore this man , no guns in the wing and than flyging over Germany .
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